Friday, November 27, 2009

Loren Ackerman Is Present

It's been some time since I posted here, but I was taught to think before I speak. For the longest time I've just wrote what I felt inside allowing the words to remain free. So, I have been writing countless pages about my feelings and my life. Almost trapped in my emotional limbo, my hearts cage.

I decided to keep those pages for me and will try my best to express myself honestly. Even if that means I lose followers and offend family.

I'm still young but getting older by the day. Just like most people I have problems, I too have loved ones pass. The car does not always run properly, the bills pile up.

The holiday puts a financial and emotional strain on family.
The best part about it is the smiles on happy faces. The stories being told, the memories being made in the moment. Sharing love with others is one of the greatest feelings known in life.

One of the worst pains in life is an infected broken tooth! I've been coping with it for too long! Popping pain pills like they are candy, still it stays. Please don't suggest going in to the dentist. It will have to wait, other things need repaired first.

A long time ago I heard that there are millions of children in need of dentistry. That there are millions of adults too, but never a mention of free dentistry. (Affordable Dentistry)

Every other night I question if I should do it my self. Just grab an ice skate and a rock, SMACK! Land on the floor, wake up and talk to a soccer ball named Wilson.

We here much discussion about Health care, both sides making points. The public in up in arms about Americans getting healthy, it hasn't happened because of money. (Then what about the money being spent to pay for war?)

Stalled because of fear brought on from false media propaganda. It has taken too long to get nowhere from the politicians from all sides of government.(What about the elected leaders being paid to destroy our country?)????-2009

If we as a country struggle to get by, then why do they get paid? Why can't they forfeit their top notch health care for their family? Why can't they forfeit their health care and salaries until we get back on track?

I'll tell you why! They don't want to suffer like our country does. They want to be separate, not desperate individuals. To remain powerful and overpaid. They wish to make proper decisions for this country and spread lies. To make promises so they might get reelected. There has been a handful of decent people who've held office. There are still a few remaining, a few who truly want good for all.

CCR once said "I ain't no senators son." This line remains true to life today. It applies with war, wealth,and health. In this world it really does make a difference in who we know.

Most of us are not from the realm of prosperity, most have had to honestly earn it.
We've had to keep on moving and stay strong. Inch by inch we crawl, step by step we walk tall. Hand over hand we climb tall mountains, but arm in arm we will right the wrongs. Together we will survive these times, as one we will overcome.

I have left out a great deal of information about my present status in life. I don't wish to overload compassionate hearts. Nor, do I wish to evoke pity. Let's just say I'm in need of a miracle in many aspects of my life. Believe me when I say it would benefit my family greatly if somebody would give me a chance to again prove my worth.

If anybody wants to fill me in on life or ask me about mine, feel free. My door is always open, as well my heart.

I do hope this Turkey Day was as splendid as mine. Love and food was passed around the table. :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Loren Ackerman & Family