Thursday, December 31, 2009

To Good Times

It's that time of the year again! When we break out the new calendars and ponder about our life. Another Christmas has came and went, the holidays have filled our bellies. Long distance friends and relatives have spread the cheer by sending greetings by computer,phone, and U.S. mail.

For my family we shared a small thrown together meal. You see our oven went out a week before Christmas day. We still had to bake our gifts for all the family, we made due with toaster ovens. They turned out surprisingly well, we even enjoyed some ourselves.

It would have been nice to have the landlord call us before he enjoyed a feast at his family in another state.

Like I said we made due, we had a Cornish hen with butter, savory, and rosemary. I made some deviled eggs,red roasted potatoes with red peppers, with sugar snap peas. Lisa made some stuffing and crescent rolls. Lisa, Malayna, and I shared a good warm meal together.

Malayna got sick just before Christmas and both us shortly after. So, we had plenty of tissues to go around.

Later that evening we watched "It's A Wonderful Life" it is our favorite holiday film. I usually discuss this film in depth, but will let it speak for it self this year. I really enjoyed Charles Dickens this year, "A Christmas Carol" really touched me this year. More than most years, I guess it's because I feel blessed to have friends and family in my life.

For the first time I was able to read "The Night Before Christmas" to M.J. She asked me to read it twice, Lisa enjoyed it too. We allowed Malayna to open 2 gifts, she was overjoyed by it. It was a bit of a task to stop her after two, even more so to get her to sleep. Eventually she crashed, so we placed the cookies and milk out.

Then from the top of the roof we heard a clutter and Santa delivered her gift. We told Santa it was about time and went to bed.

Late afternoon we opened all the gifts and documented the occasion with cameras and video. Lisa got me a "Doctor Who" book that I wanted and I put together an album of our family. It contained photos of her youth, photos of things we did before M.J, what I like to refer to as B.M.J.(1999-2007)

I placed her baby belly photos with some birth pics, and countless photos that have been stuck on my cell phone. They have been on it since 2007, I had won the battle and retrieved them all.(Another long story.....) I had prints made and surprised her with this family album. :)

My father and stepmother Kay stopped by and handed out more gifts. We had a good time and they were off. They left to prepare for the get together in Pekin, IL. They booked a Hotel for a couple days and threw a bash for the closer relatives. It went well, we shared more memories, food and gifts.

The trip home was nerve racking, the roads were covered with snow. The three lane interstate had only half of a lane cleared enough to drive. There was no drifting and it had stopped snowing, but they never cleaned the roads? I think it was a money issue that caused the madness for the holiday drivers. It didn't help that the majority was discourteous and I had my wife and daughter in the car.

I was fearless in my youth, but having loved in your life can alter your behavior. Most of the time it's for the better! :)

I do hope those who read this entry had a good holiday. If anybody would like to share a memory, feel free.

In the last year my family has dealt with cancer. My Dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and has recovered for now. My wife and I had dealt with a miscarriage and some other troubles. Just like most people we have grieved and celebrated the passing of loved ones. We've cherished the good through all the bad, for it could always be worse.

In life we can march to a slow death or embrace life for what it is sometimes. Maybe we don't have much to be thankful for, but we have just enough. The ups and downs of the past years have shaped our souls, the years have granted us some truthful wisdom. My wife and I are in our thirties now and have to start from scratch again!

Every bad year allows us hope for a new beginning, it permits us to try again. Some people say that if they had the chance to do it all over, they would, that would be me. Only I would try a little harder to remain healthy and optimistic with my life.

The truth is life's what it is sometimes and we have to accept it for what it is.

I would like to make an early New Years toast before I finish this entry.

May this coming year be rewarding and kind for all that wish it so. May the world embrace peace and love. I sincerely hope the best for humanity and the rest of this wonderful world. Let us welcome the start of the next decade and learn from the mistakes of the last one.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by my place and reading this basic blog. Maybe next year I will try to make it "Sassy" or something.

Until next time, please take care!

Peace & Love
Wes,Lisa, and Malayna Jane Ackerman

Thursday, December 10, 2009

The Lights In My Life

I do enjoy looking at the tree in the morning night. Sometimes peace and quite is more valuable than any sum. The light of the tree is bright it stands silent.Our pad is quiet, on occasion the heater hums.

The tree is decorated, dressed up for the holiday. An ornament here and there, with some spots bare. You see a small creature moves daily, grabbing a candy cane. It's not a mouse, it's a toddler named Malayna Jane.

She is sometimes naughty but mostly nice. Children too can brighten the darkest room. I look at the tree with anticipation, for my heart waits to place the gifts upon the skirt. The holiday hurries,the days pass swiftly.
Christmas morning looms!

No worries.

In just two short weeks it will be the eve of our delight. The morning will come, M.J will rip open her surprises. Each tear with laughter and sweet grins.
Whatever your reason for the season, if there is love it will be alright.
Shortly after the holiday ends our new year begins.

I look forward to the start of a new decade, the chance for another year.
Before I part, I wish to say Happy Holidays to you all.

Cheers to you my dear friends!

I wish to send genuine gratitude and unconditional love to my wife Lisa and our little girl M.J

Peace & Love
Loren Wesley Ackerman

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What Do I Know

Certain subjects are best avoided with family and close friends, unless they are like minded. Religion,Politics, and personal beliefs. I know many people who judge others by these three mentioned topics and they are usually deeply religious. The moral majority pass judgement on those who oppose the bibles sacred truths.

I believe it contains relevant stories and many ideas that should be practiced daily. It can be used for a the greater good and help people in life. I believe in Gods and that we should love thy neighbor. That we should try to be like Jesus and practice what we preach.

What bothers me is that people think it was written by God. When the fact is it was written by mankind centuries after the time of Jesus. That it was corrupted by controlling leaders and used it to benefit powerful people.

That it suggest that Women are to be regarded less than a man.

Even as a small child I could see holes in the Holy Bible. I did not look at one again until I met my wife. It was then I saw many things in it that I already believed and practiced. I did this without reading one, I did it by following my heart.

Back in the day there was no greedy churches, people went to others and spread the word. They went out and helped thy neighbors instead of praying and going only on Sundays to buy a a golden ticket.

I'm just explaining a small portion of my beliefs and I respect religious beliefs. I still love thy neighbor and I'm friends with all walks of life.

Just because I talk doesn't mean I'm always right. It does not mean anyone else is wrong.

If we could all rid ourselves of hate, we would live in a world of peace.

"People who love the same sex are sinners and should not have the same human rights as heterosexuals." Why because that is what God said? Is that what Jesus taught us?

Did you speak to God and he told you this?

"People who practice other religions are evil and wrong. We mustn't love Muslims or Atheists because they don't believe in God.

"We can't love Jewish people because they betrayed Jesus."

"People who have abortions are baby killers."

(I support Life)

If this was true than why do we prefer War over peace. Women,elderly,children, and infants die everyday in war. Mostly by military weapons and powerful governments.

This war has gone on too long, it has cost all countries involved. The price has been human lives on all sides and economic death for our nation.

People deny us fair health care because it will cost to much!

That is the typical reason people tell me.

Yes, I have asked strangers on the street about their opinions. What they would do if they were president, or would like to see President Obama do.

Many people bring up Jobs and good Health care for all.

If people support life than what about the pollution that taints our soil,air, and water. What about the garbage killing the oceans wildlife, the chemicals being dumped in the waterways, the chemicals being pumped into the atmosphere?

Big business has contributed to Earths demise more than the natural process of the Earths cycle.

The media and the Republicans talk about stolen Emails and the Liberal lies. They dismiss science when it gets in their way, but when data favors they accept it.

Most political leaders mention Global Warming because it can be discussed either way, part natural and the majority caused by man. They act as if they care, yet they propose plans that will not be quick enough.

Even President Obama has done this, he has also suggested clean coal as an option. You don't have to be a genius to know that it is not.

The truth is most people say they care when they fail to realize the true damage, the true cause. We spend way too much time talking instead of taking action.

Most of us defend and discuss fluff politics, the kind that truly doesn't matter.

Why can't we the people persuade the elected leaders to push for "Real" Environmental changes? Why can't leaders recognize the danger, and more importantly inform the public of the urgent need to fix it?

I believe it is because big business contributes to their reelection, industry provides monetary gains for those who help it. If they were push for strong laws that would make it hard for power companies, oil companies, and the pharmaceutical industry to poison the world, it would be bad business.

So, most powerful people will not wholeheartedly pursue this Idea of a safer and cleaner world. They will pretend they care and continue to denounce Global Warming. That way we can continue with fluff politics and ignore important issues. This pertains to many issues that need real attention, so that we can live a healthy life.

Both sides argue more than they contribute.

I can't recall the last time we had real unity. Some would say September 11, 2001 but that's not true. We were in shock and fearful of the reality of such a tragic day.

We took the time to notice one another and hug each other. We gathered together to remember those who perished, we mourned for the families affected by it.

In reality the entire world was changed by it.

On that day I heard panic on the radio, screams that Saddam did it! That gas was going to be five dollars a gallon and coworkers speak of killing "Those Sand Niggers!"

We did not even know what truly happened yet and the media was echoing Hussein.

The president sat frozen among the children when he should have reacted swiftly Then again look who I'm talking about a person who only acted swiftly to corrupt and destroy this country.

On that day I put the American flag at half mass with a gay man named Will. That's right he was Gay! Does that mean that he desecrated it by touch? Does that make me wrong to feel proud that we did this on such a terrible day?


I've noticed Fox News is concerned about the energy of the Obama Afghan Speech. That it was boring and lacked the charisma of Winston Churchill. That the end of it was put in for liberals, that he tried to make everyone happy.

Then we have Dick Cheney running his mouth about "The danger" and the mishandling of the Obama administration. How he displays American weakness, come on look who's talking. One of the central figures in the Bush Administration, a person who helped create the lingering mess we the people face today.

I think after all the years he spent in the white house his true motives have been reveled. I would hope the American people can see he is an evil man. He has been in the shadows of more than one President, causing only misfortune for all. Cheney defends his actions by blaming others when he should look in the mirror.

I just want to say to Dick Cheney, shut your mouth already!

Now back to the Obama Speech, it may not have been the speech of speeches, but it was important. I may not agree that we should follow the footsteps of Bush, but feel we should pull out cautiously. It lacked a real mention of Americas need for change, a change when it comes to war.

I believe most counties like Obama because he is not Bush, that he has stated that we would not continue the course.

When in fact he will briefly embrace war.

I know the main focus was Afghanistan, but I feel he should have put some attention on Jobs. That the billions spent could benefit this nation and that he was moving forward with jobs creation along with this Idea of more troops. Simply touched it more than what was said.

Why can't he Address the nation with the truth about the economy? Why can't he discuss the progress of prosperity, even if it is small.

I'm one of millions without a job and without benefits. I struggle each day to find work, it is easy to say that I should have one already. Sure if I had the cash to spend for gas,a good car, decent cloths, and didn't have medical issues that make it hard to get out of bed. I've applied for jobs that should be begging me to work, jobs that I'm qualified for.

Even past employers like The U.S Census Bureau which I had done in 2000. I passed the test and then received a letter regarding a 13 year old drug charge. I was arrested for a misdemeanor Marijuana charge, the amount would not even fill a pipe.

I was young and have paid for it every since. The strange thing is I once worked for Census Bureau and they had no problem then. They even begged me to continue until it was completed.

Now let the judging begin and say that I deserve what I get.

I've been clean as a whistle for longer than I can remember and have never failed a drug test. So, why am I treated like a child molester?

It is nothing new to me or to millions of other people who get discriminated. We make mistakes like not furthering our education and by poor choices in our youth. It sometimes can be a roadblock, but we usually find a way around it.

Every day gets harder for me emotionally and I can barely look in the mirror. I rarely like myself and try to stay confident each day.

I bring this up to partly vent and also use myself as an example of America today.
I know that life's what it is sometimes and tomorrow can be better.

Still I look at my wife and child with worried eyes.

After knowing this information about me you can understand why I try to avoid the news. Why I don't visit you as much anymore. After all many of us are only half the person we used to be these days. I know my heart and soul has not changed but I know I'm not the same.

Like I said people should not discuss certain subjects with others unless they are like minded individuals. The exception would be a person who listens without judgement and believes in human decency. Someone with a big heart would understand no matter the divisions in life.

Then again opinions are like sphincters. Everyone has one and thinks theirs doesn't stink.

Thanks for listening.

Loren Wesley Ackerman