Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Christmas

Since our move some time back, I've been using a pen and paper. I can't complain we have ball point pens or pens with a good grip. Our paper is clear and crisp, with blue lines. I try to mix it up and use plain white paper, sometimes computer paper. (To feel more modern) :)
A step above leafs and ink dipped feathers. My hands are the keys and the paper my screen. My brain is my Internet helped by the knowledge I pull off my bookshelf.

I thumb through my books, I see my quote books, and novels. Pondering which one to read, then I spot Charles Dickens. Browsing through its pages, I recall how his work was genuine. How he described the times with great detail mixed with struggles of mankind. In his writing I find truth with a twist of fiction. The time period he wrote about is very reminiscent of our present.

Think about our global economy, and the harshness of winter. The division of classes, and the struggle to survive the chaos. The journey to stay true to ourselves, and find love in this seemingly heartless world. I see society's hands reaching for coins, while the Wall Street Big wigs carry their wealth with heavy chains. The Super Rich don't realize that the weight from greed will pull us all down.

Tiny Tim walks with a limp, while the greedy CEO's pockets bulge like "The Goodyear Blimp"

This is the Tale of countless cities. Where is the Love?
I can see the Christmas Ghost of Past, and the Christmas Ghost of Present standing. But where is the Ghost of Christmas Future? Hell, where is our children's future heading?

I'm mixed with emotion every Christmas, but this one is a Sleigh ride in a blizzard. A sleigh ride without horses, a driver, or reins. Our country is heading home for the holidays with Our Nuts roasting on an open fire. At least for the people who can pay the bills for their cash devouring house.

I'm not trying to be clever or coy! I'm not trying to depress anyone, merely letting my thoughts and prayers bleed onto paper. No specific point or order, I'm just calling it how I see it.

I can remember a time when a gift was from the heart. Not just from a store, or a plant in China. A time when we expressed feelings to our loved ones, from our lips arms, and finger tips. Not from a mass produced greeting card, fill up with words from a starving writer. The words were created from our own mind and heart. Plus some of those cards are just not meant for anybody I know. Too little are to much! I stick with blank inside or write something myself.

Don't think I'm Christmas harping, I'm no angel myself. I too politely plow through the so called courteous people.

After all tis the season! Ha Ha

Trust me I'm a very caring and positive person. I try not to let others bring me down to their selfish and rude level. Has anybody noticed how discourteous some people can be be this time of the year? Is it just me that can see that during the holidays people can be hateful? I'm trying to stay focused on the joy and the real reasons for the Holiday.

I love Mankind, Candy Canes, and Hot Cocoa. Christmas tunes, A decorated tree, and Mistletoe. :) The whole ball of snow!

I love celebrating with warmth and love. That includes Hannukah, Kwanza, and Christmas! (All Holidays) I may not be black and I might be a Jew, but I love Christmas! I love it for all the good that is shaken out of the pockets of Scrooges. The Holidays reveal the true misers, stinges, and stooges.

It shines the truth of so-called Religious folks, and allows us all to see more clearly. Our wants and needs, or what really matters in life.

I wish I had all the fortunes of the Wall Street type Scrooges, so I could give it all away! I'd kiss the worlds ouchies, ans say its going to be OK. Open a box of band Aids, and gently place it on the wounds of Earth's children. Even the misers, but I would hope that next time they would buy the biggest birds in town. Then knock on the doors of the "Working man" and give their families a real feast. Deliver wheel barrels of coal with a genuine goal of compassion!

Once again I ramble with my words, but with a message of hope and good intention. I do apologize if I came off as Anti Christmas, or an unrealistic dreamer. Please know that I'm thankful for the many things, and for the love I receive in my life. I just want to give the world a Holiday Hug, with a dash of loving understanding. May this Holiday be what your soul needs and the coming year be kind to your hearts.

I must get back to the family gathering, I' ll have a couple more post soon. Trust me one of them will be more uplifting.

Merry Christmas to All and all a good night!

Wes& Family

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Happy Birthday Mom


Thank you for everything you have done for me in this life. I know you tried the best you could in this unpredictable world! I wish to say that I love you and hope your day is well! Try to stay warm and dry in Ontario, and enjoy your wonderful day with your loving husband Reijo.

If anyone reads this entry, please wish my Mom a happy 50Th Birthday today! :)

Thank you All,


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Hot Dog

I don't have much time, I feel a little like the Rabbit in "Alice In Wonderland" these days. Life has been going well for us, but it could always be better! I watched "It's A Wonderful Life" a little while back, and always feel blessed to be alive! What a story! I still can't believe that movie was a flop in it's day. It is my (All Time) favorite movie, then "The Grapes of Wrath".

I love stories that convey the way life is sometimes. If we could all be like the leads in these films, the world would be the place. In many ways we all have the heart of George bailey, and the will to make a difference. It just sometimes we don't realize our impact on the lives of others.

I know my life has not turned out the way I envisioned it to. But I know I'm on my path, and that just around the corner is my "Bedford Falls".

I can see that the way the country is going we will all wish for a "Savings and Loan"

It is a real shame that I can't do my impressions of this film, I can do almost everybody. I can quote every part. I do tear up at the end, like many others do! I'm not afraid to admit this. If only the majority of the world would do so.

I can't help but think of all the people in need of help in this "Mr. Potter" world. I wish every one this season could help their angel get their wings. My heart goes out to humanity this Holiday season. (Just like every day!)

I have read other entries that pulled my heart strings for the Holidays and for my family. I think of my past and all the Christmas's. I can only laugh and smile at the memories. I can only feel a sense of happiness, I recall every person. Every person who has now passed and those who are here now. Even the worst Christmas joins the best ones in harmony, as we sing our songs.

I remember the sleigh rides at my Great Uncle Jim's house and the long walks in winter with my Brother Don. We felt no cold on the toes as we journeyed in our 100 acre woods for hours. We skated on the family ponds till we could no longer feel our butts. I can remember the long talks with my family as we devoured our meals. I could go on forever about the joys of the my past, but must stop myself before I really ramble.

I'm sure you all have a wonderful memory you could share with me, so feel free!

I just wanted to deliver a message of appreciation and love! I sincerely wish you all an Amazing Holiday, whatever you have planned this year. I want to relay a message of hope and warm thoughts for your upcoming year.

Please be safe with the arrival of Winter and the fruits of its bountiful cold and snow!

Wes& Family

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hey Now

Everything has been going OK this last week. I have been enjoying my family every chance I get, but MJ is still sick. Lisa and I have a touch of it as well, but the show must go on! We received about an inch of snow last night. MJ was very pleased to see the earth lightly covered with white delight. I bundled her up warm and tight, to allow her to dance in the snow for a second or two by the door. The littlest thing pleases a sweet child, we as a adults look at frosty weather as a chore. A chore that includes scrapers and shovels, but deep inside my inner child screams for snow ice cream and a speedy sled. I will make a snowman with MJ and Lisa, when we get enough snow. I got up early and captured some beautiful snow and ice covered window shots. We watched Curious George together while we ate cereal on this glorious morning.

A couple nights ago I put in a double record f Ray Charles for MJ and I to listen to while we colored and doodled drawings. She loves blues and Jazz like me, so we boogied down to the Genius! It will be a memory that will last for eternity, our smiles and laughs accompanied our silly dance moves. After we were done MJ got tired, but it took quite some time to get her to sleep. The wind banged the windows and howled like the scene in the film "The Grapes of Wrath". When he returns home to discover that the farm was gone, and talked with Casey. Any hoo, you would have to know the the film, so I will say it was a constant eerie wind. Needless to say after her fear subsided and her eyes closed, she fell softly a sleep in her warm bed.

I'm just about caught up with most of the little things in my life right now. Life has been pretty good for me and my family. I can't complain too much, for I know other people have it worse than we do. The world we share together and the times we as a society live in are tough right now. We should count our blessings and enjoy every moment for what it is. No matter what tomorrow brings we should keep hope alive for all who need help this holiday season. We should give what little we can to others everyday and keep the promise of a kindness to our fellow man.

If we could all be like "George Bailey" for there are too many "Mr. Potters" in this cold world.

I hope that life is going well for you all! I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a great week! :)

Wes, Lisa, and Malayna Jane

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Busy With A Capital B

I'm still here! Please bare with me, I'm extremely busy with the finalization of the move. I can't get computer service in the new place for days. I will be back to reading your journals and writing entries soon. MJ has been really sick with a cold, and I have been helping my Dad out around the house. I have to go to a Memorial this weekend for a Good Friend. Finish up with many loose ends. I sincerely hope All IS Well for everyone who reads this and that life is gentle to your souls! :)

I will try to get back to the swing of things as soon as possible. I miss reading every ones entries, and feel a bit lonely without your love! Until then feel free to read my older posts on both sites. I could not have dealt with a lot of stuff in the past few months without my good friends here in Cyber land. Again thank you all for everything you have done for my soul and please stay true to your selves! Feel free to send me an Email, I'll be checking those as often as I can!

Like I have said "Life is what it is sometimes" and you get the privilege to share friendships with wonderful people like you! :)