Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Hey Now

Everything has been going OK this last week. I have been enjoying my family every chance I get, but MJ is still sick. Lisa and I have a touch of it as well, but the show must go on! We received about an inch of snow last night. MJ was very pleased to see the earth lightly covered with white delight. I bundled her up warm and tight, to allow her to dance in the snow for a second or two by the door. The littlest thing pleases a sweet child, we as a adults look at frosty weather as a chore. A chore that includes scrapers and shovels, but deep inside my inner child screams for snow ice cream and a speedy sled. I will make a snowman with MJ and Lisa, when we get enough snow. I got up early and captured some beautiful snow and ice covered window shots. We watched Curious George together while we ate cereal on this glorious morning.

A couple nights ago I put in a double record f Ray Charles for MJ and I to listen to while we colored and doodled drawings. She loves blues and Jazz like me, so we boogied down to the Genius! It will be a memory that will last for eternity, our smiles and laughs accompanied our silly dance moves. After we were done MJ got tired, but it took quite some time to get her to sleep. The wind banged the windows and howled like the scene in the film "The Grapes of Wrath". When he returns home to discover that the farm was gone, and talked with Casey. Any hoo, you would have to know the the film, so I will say it was a constant eerie wind. Needless to say after her fear subsided and her eyes closed, she fell softly a sleep in her warm bed.

I'm just about caught up with most of the little things in my life right now. Life has been pretty good for me and my family. I can't complain too much, for I know other people have it worse than we do. The world we share together and the times we as a society live in are tough right now. We should count our blessings and enjoy every moment for what it is. No matter what tomorrow brings we should keep hope alive for all who need help this holiday season. We should give what little we can to others everyday and keep the promise of a kindness to our fellow man.

If we could all be like "George Bailey" for there are too many "Mr. Potters" in this cold world.

I hope that life is going well for you all! I wish everyone a wonderful holiday season and a great week! :)

Wes, Lisa, and Malayna Jane


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sorry to hear that the team is sick, but better to get it out of the way now, before the next set of holidays.

Glad things are OK for you during this difficult financial time.

Beth said...

I hope you all get well soon, in time for the holidays!!

Ray Charles rocks!

Hugs, Beth

Lisa said...

Glad to hear things are going good, not glad to hear ya'll aren't feeling well though! I hope everyone gets better soon. Nothing like boogie-ing down to Ray!!!

Melissa said...

Wes, You are such a good Daddy to your little girl. It's the things like dancing and just spending time that will pay huge dividends as she grows up. You should be proud.