Friday, November 28, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine


On this morning I awoke from a restful night. I fell asleep holding my child and wife. I woke early to one of natures delights. The morning hues were dark blue almost black.Light shining through with a lighter blue. A whitish blue and blue gray. Behind the treetops beyond the houses. The sun lit the early sky with a hint of yellow and gold. A faded orange with a brighter orange as the sun rose. I stood outside in the cold morning. I stood outside slightly shivering in a thankful silence. The approaching sun revealed a thin frost on the ground. I was like a shaking statue watching the Fall sky. I waited for the glorious star to punch through the horizon.

I said to myself " I can feel joy overtake me! I can clearly see the Earth and Life's beauty! I feel the thrill of the morning chill."

It was a still quiet outside. As the seconds passed I remain motionless, I stood peacefully at ease. Then suddenly the morning sky turned silver and bright! It was a shame my camera's batteries were dead! No matter, it will play over and over in my head. For in my minds eye, I will remember this day. In my heart I will remember this sky! The rays of the rising sun allowed me to feel alive. Surprisingly refreshed in so many ways. Getting up before Five O' clock and without Coffee?

On this day I think about friends and family. Of all the memories and joys I've known. I can't help but think of those who have passed or moved far away. Happiness mixed with yearning for those I miss. Still my heart and mind is smiling from this morning. I think and thank life for the gift of living. My soul is surrounded with love and peace. I was casually content on this Thanksgiving still shivering in my pajamas.

I heard a soft sound from a short distance. It was the sweet sound of MJ waking. I dashed to greet her, and felt the warmth of the house envelope my body. I then stood over the bed and saw her smiling face. Snuggled next to her mommy under comfy covers. The bed looked more inviting than the Sunrise.

Although their beauty resembled the morning sunset. I stood there silently and noticed their white lights. With layers of hue and a warmth that touches the soul! Then suddenly they were both awake with a smile. We giggled, we laughed. I was reminded a loving laugh outweighs words, or a photograph.

Our baby girls innocence is so sincere and pure. We love her dearly and will love her always! With a love as bright as the sun and endless as the sky. We will love her with tight hugs and soft kisses. She will always be a baby in our minds eye! These are just a a few of the reasons why I was thankful today. I wish to state that my family's love is so bright, that it will warm your heart on the coldest days.

I wish to thank my family for the delicious meal today and for the love, happiness, and memories! Thank you All! :)

Blessed Be,

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fourteen Steps and A Baby

The last few days I have been moving stuff back and forth. Getting all the things in order for our move to the new place. Dealing with the Electric, Gas, Water, Garbage, and Cable company. Getting the address switched and discussing some repairs with the Landlord. Cleaning the place and shuffling the furniture around the boxes. Weeding out the items that are no longer suitable, now that we are parents of a very curious and mobile child.

I used to want to be an Antique dealer, or do the EBay thing. I have a wide range of collectibles, paintings to several types of glass ware. Most of the glassware is going, but I don't want to give away thousands of dollars in stuff. Especially, when I need some cash with the holidays coming up. When we need so muchfor the Apartment and for our future. A few years back I donated several old books from the 17oo's and some Glass items, that valued to over 10,000 dollars. I just don't have the time right now to separate, and look up the current values in this weakening economic market. It is hard enough just getting the many things done for this move, MJ requires lots of attention! It is mostly just me doing all these things while I'm watching her. Lisa is working like a dog, and getting little sleep right now. She is stressed about the money, and there is talk of a Lay off after the holidays? I will remain positive and hope for the best.

Tomorrow I have to wait for the Gas man, from 12:00 to 4:00? There goes most of my day just waiting, I might try to put some shelves together? Lisa and I put one together last night, it would have only taken about twenty minutes. Twenty minutes turned into over an hour, MJ was trying to help! It was so damn cute to see her grab a tool and try to assist us. Still, she is too young and would not play with her toys. She would not watch a movie or eat snacks. MJ wanted to help her Mom and Dad! :)

I have been trying to catch up on laundry and keep packing boxes. It just seems like I'm fighting the current right now, but the place is shaping up! It has and will take Baby steps! I realized (I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF)! I could name all the nick knack stuff to the Antiques, but I have been collecting Sports cards, Autographs, Comics, etc. I have been lugging these things around since I was 5 yrs. old and sometimes I feel like I no longer need them.

I also have the responsibility of holding onto family keepsakes for most of the family. I proudly keep what is left of my Brother Don's stuff, until his Daughter Emily Jaye gets old enough to care for them properly. I love my niece, but until she moves out of her Moms, I will hold onto it!

I came to a decision (NO MATTER HOW OLD OR COOL SOMETHING IS I WILL NOT TAKE IT FROM FAMILY) right now! Unless, it is one of my Grandpas Grandfather Clocks. :)

I have loved those since I was very little, and can remember marveling at them for long periods of time. Trust me when I say I could go on about the items in hand, but I will leave it with the memory of the clocks. I do thank you for listening to that little rant about material items. (Mostly Crap)

The funny thing is just before we found out about MJ, we decided we would go out into the world and help people. We would put everything in storage, or sell it for the finances to travel the world. What was left we would donate to families that needed things, and the Antiques to Museums. It sounded great, and one day we will continue with the plan. We must wait till MJ says "Mom and Dad I want to go help people too" or she grows up.

I will always look back on the day I found out about Lisa's pregnancy as one of the greatest days of my life. It goes along with the day MJ was born. Right next to the day I married Lisa, and the day I gave her my telephone number. There are so many good memories to mention as I sit and write them on the computer. So, I will stop before they flood this screen like they have my heart and soul. It is a good flood, the kind that wets the river of my soul. It is the kind of emotions that I will undoubtedly cling to when the sky's are gray. They are my sunshine in my human mind, and my warmth inside my heart.

I'm one of those people who appreciate the little things, but also accept reality too quickly. Over time I have become a realistic dreamer, but still dream of pulling a "Ben Stein". For the people who don't know who he is, don't loose sleep and give yourself red eye. In my opinion he is true Jack Of All Trades, he was a speech writer, Author, Actor, and Game show host. I know I have forgotten other accomplishments, but would like to leave you with one his lines "Bueller, Bueller"

I know with life I will have to take it one step at a time, and do one goal at a time. Especially now that I'm a father and a Husband. I'm sure people feel this way who are not, I think it is just motivation mixed with urgency, and a little confusion. I would like to add a quote by Dr. Leo Marvin's book and Bob Wylie reaction "Baby Steps, Baby Steps"
Quote from "What About Bob" Ha Ha ;)

I have no Idea what I am typing right now, it is though my fingers and mind are working together. While I just sit here and stare at the keyboard, so bare with this cluttered ramble. I just wanted to say a simple Hello, and to keep some people posted on my last couple days. I'm so sick of the steps to the apartment already, there is only FOURTEEN, but lately it feels like more! It would not be so bad, but I must lug MJ in one arm and a small box in another! (I mean lovingly carry her in my arm) while I carry a small box.

I get more things done when she naps, or goes to bed. MJ has been having some sleep issues, she has not been going to bed very early. The earliest the last couple weeks was tonight, it was about 1:30 this morning? I do love how she went to bed tonight, she came into the computer room all wobbly. She mumbled something and gave me a hug. I hugged her tight in return, and softly said "I love you little girl, now please go into your bedroom and go to sleep." Malayna Jane went into her room, and went to sleep. But not before I sneezed a few times and she said Bless you, and went to sleep.

I love it when she says Bless you, or uses manners in general. I always told people that my children would be well mannered above all things. If they were the rest would come easy and I would be truly happy to see them act as I was as a child. I'm so proud of her theses last few days, and of her mother. They have been putting up with me zigzagging all over the place. Putting up with me all jacked on coffee and talking at super speed.

I just want to have it all done on time, and have most of it done before Turkey day! I know now that it is an unlikely task to complete without much help, so I will go a little easier on my self. (Who needs exercise machines when you got stairs, countless heavy boxes, and heavy furniture?)

I thank you for stopping by my place and wish you all a Wonderful Day today! :)



Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yesterday Is Today's Future

On November 22, 1963 a great man was shot in Dallas, Texas. The man was John F. Kennedy, and he died soon after. For many years now there has been many theories, and I don't no which one to believe. It has been said it was Lee Harvey Oswald who acted alone, but will we really ever know? I wasn't born yet, but many people in my family were. They can only tell me with certainty that it was a sad day in American history. That the United states wept tears of rivers, and was slapped in the face with a bitter sting. I once did a report in school and I asked my grandmother "Who her favorite President was?" She responded with "It was John F Kennedy, because he was so young and tried to solve the many problems that faced this great nation at the time." She added "In the 1960's with all the tension and divide in the country, it was JFK who touched her, and got her to vote regularly. It sparked a passion for politics inside her, and was saddened later by Robert Kennedy's death as well."

Throughout the years I have researched much information on President Kennedy, and have watched numerous footage. I have made it a point to discuss it with my older relatives, and friends. It brought me to the conclusion, that he was an imperfect human like the rest of us. That this man who became President, was a very passionate man. He helped put this country in the direction it needed to go, but was robbed of his true success. I believe had he lived, we would have ended the war in Vietnam sooner. Many human rights issues would have ended earlier than they did. I could go on with speculation, but feel like it would be pointless. The bottom line is he helped this country in so many ways before is death, and with the help of his brothers, and did many great things.

I have met Robert Kennedy Jr. and was impressed. His father was a strong man as well, and believed in nature too. I believe had he not been robbed of the chance to lead this country, it would be a better place today. I'm not going into much detail about the Kennedy brothers, for most people no more about them than I do. I just wanted to pay tribute to JFK and to express my thoughts about the man. I wanted to remind people to remember the good things about him, and provide you with some of his quotes.

I would like to state that he would be proud to see that the American people voted for Barack Obama, despite of the color of his skin. He would be pleased to see that a Black man will be in the White house. I'm glad to see that people can get along sometimes and hope for a better tomorrow. I sincerely hope that society has embraced love and not hate for him and his family. I wish with my whole heart that we the American people can see the change that has been promised, and more importantly President Barack Obama's heart will stay strong. That he will be able to witness the better future that he helped create. May love bless him and his family! May the World be a kinder, better place for all.

JFK Quotes:

"If a free society cannot help the many who are poor, it cannot save the few who are rich."

"There is inherited wealth in this country and also inherited poverty."

"I am certain that after the dust of the centuries have passed over our cities, we, too, will be remembered not for victories or defeats in battle or politics, but for our contribution to the human spirit."

"Our national strength matters, but the spirit which informs and controls our strength matters just as much."

"No problem of human destiny is beyond human beings."

"One hundred years of delay have passed since President Lincoln freed the slaves, yet their heirs, their grandsons, are not fully free. They are not yet freed from the bonds of injustice. They are not yet freed from social and economic oppression. And this nation, for all its hopes and all its boasts, will not be fully free until all its citizens are free."

No one has been barred on account of his race from fighting or dying for America-there are no "white" or "colored" signs on the foxholes or graveyards of battle."

"Peace does not rest in charters and covenants alone. It lies in the hearts and minds of the people."

"Never have the nations of the world had so much to loose, or so much to gain. Together we shall save our planet, or together we shall perish in its flames. Save it we can-and save it we must-and then we shall earn the eternal thanks of mankind and, as peacemakers, the eternal blessing of god."

"All of us do not have equal talent, but all of us should have equal opportunity to develop our talents."

"I believe this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him home safely to earth."

"Now we have a problem in making our power credible, and Vietnam is the place."

"Once you say your going to settle for second, that's what happens to you in life."

"With a good conscience our only sure reward, with history the final judge of our deeds, let us go forth to lead the land we love, asking His blessing and His help, but knowing that here on earth God's work must truly be our own."

If you have a favorite memory or a quote, or just want to state something that you liked about JFK. Please feel free, and please have a wonderful Sunday!

I would like to leave you with a poem that I penned on 11/22/93


He was a man who knew many things
When he ran for President.
When he gave a speech,
we knew what he meant.
What he stood for.
What he would teach.
He wanted peace, and intended to stop the war.
In so many ways, he contributed to this country.
One of his wishes was to help end racism,
even when others said it was out of reach.
Without men like him where would we be?
The day he was assassinated,
many said it was the day America lost it's innocence.
But, I feel this country has felt this pain many times before.
It is proven in the past, as it was in the 1960's.
What we lost was another good hearted human being.
The years have proven that we have not forgotten.
We the people remember!
One of our greatest presidents in history.
It still brings tears to Americans today.
It may always remain a mystery.
To the question, who killed JFK?


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Marie-Antoinette A Real Person, A Real Award

Until I figure out how to do all this fancy computer stuff, this will have to do!

If you see the list of followers in the right hand corner of my place, I nominate all of them!

I would like to mention that Bucko put my name over at Bucko's World, so I would like to thank him for doing so.

This is just a tired person trying to remember all of your first names, not in any specific order!









I would like anybody who does not know who theses wonderful people are, to please go have a look see! They all have unique qualities, and something special inside them. I can mention them specifically, but will let you discover them for yourself.

I want to thank everyone who stops by my place, and then decides to comes back again! I just want you all to know that this Lo Tech guy, with his Lo Tech site, is appreciative. Until I can get my Labtop, or I learn a few tricks, my words will have to paint you my pictures. My feelings and thoughts will have to be my computer extras! :)

Once again thank you for stopping by "Life's What It Is sometimes"

I wish you all a GREAT day today!



Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Stars Fall In November

Time is our music in life, it can be emotionally rewarding. It can reveal the truth that our soul has been aching for. What I mean is the answers to questions that has alluded our reach, when we required the meaning. Sometimes we are not supposed to have all the answers, we were meant to learn from our circumstances. By not knowing the meaning to our grievances or dilemmas, it has allowed us to grow.

Allowed us to become who we are today, time has revealed our current image in the mirror. Revealing our true light inside our body, and provided the answers we need to help others, before they duplicate the choices we've made in our lives. The hands on the clock can tick so loud in our brain, that we stay trapped in our bodies. When in reality, the tick tock in the clock is our rhythm to the beat in our hearts. It is the beat to our life's journey, it plays, it sings to our soul. Time speaks to us, it whispers to our heart.

Motivates us to get out on the dance floor, we call living. Every person has their own tunes that touches the heart. We as individuals, are the worlds conductor. Together we can play sweet music, together we can share life's stages in harmony. Time is not our enemy, it is our own fear that denies positive actions. Fear can prevent a person from moving forward, and halt humanities momentum. Think about it if the majority live in fear, that only leaves a minority who picks up an instrument to play in life's orchestra.

I'm not saying that people who live in fear don't help humanity, I have always tried to help others first. Even if I allowed time, fear, or myself get in the way of my own happiness. I would envelope my emotions by doing good deeds, because it took away the hurt inside my heart. I think no matter what I do in this life, I will still carry some sadness. But will try not to let the fear, or societies madness interfere with my path.

For some time now, I've had great positivity in my life! I have had a wonderful wife for almost a decade, and have had beautiful children in my life. I have a couple nieces, a nephew, and now an amazing daughter! Some of my family has kept my souls candle burning, but for some time I have been lighting the candles myself.

It feels good to have love, faith, and hope in my heart. I know I sound like a touchy feely Guru or something! I only speak the truth that I have discovered on the journey I've shared with those who have wandered onto the path I take. I love the souls that have touched my life, no matter their reason! I have gained so much strength, in such a short time.

Sometimes fear still tries to dig holes under my fence of faith, it tries to cross the bridge to my heart. Sometimes it does get in, but I sick my dog named strength to chase it away from my soul. Fear can be like a hungry animal, circling its prey. It waits to pounce, when we let our guard down. We must not fear, fear itself, but feed it love. Quench its thirst with courage and strength!

Just like time, fear can be a part of the music. But we should only allow it to be a small part of our opus. When we finally reach the climatic finish, we should be elated.

I would like to share a couple poems I wrote on November 18 in my life.

The first one I wrote shortly after my Brother's passing, and have used parts of it in many of my friends and families Eulogy's. I put it in an entry called "Just Think About Flowers" on 8/25/08


From the second we are born.
We are dying.
Time casts its shadow over life.
Father time continues in full circle.
Life's hands fold as hands do with prayer.
Picture one hand as life.
The other hand as death.
When you pray to your god,
realize despite all cries.
They are joined together.
So, I ask can courage cover the eyes of fear?
We are born to die.
Acceptance and faith is key.
The body is motionless,
but we are now free!


I looked up many miles away.
At the fading fall sky with wonder.
What a wonderful show, meteors pierced the heavens.
Shooting across both dippers, and right through Orion's Belt.
The frost nipped at my fingers and creeped into my bones.
Standing Still,
I could not take my curious eyes off the Earth's Television from above.
One after another, whizzing, zipping through the moonlit sky.
Vision is so overlooked.
I feel lucky to be alive!
To have witnessed such a splendid scene.
To hear natures feathered audience applaud with a whistle.
One after another chirping and cooing, up in nature arms.
There was another!
Did you see it?
Right passed that ball of cheese.
I will remember the quiet that put me at ease.
The frost traveled down to my little piggies,
yet I did not go home.
Star bright, star light, one of natures delights.
All the shooting stars, rather meteors!
I gazed above, I was lost in thought.
A million falling stars.
A million wishes.
I made enough to last my lifetime.
At this point I could not feel my fingers,
only a slapping sting.
In life there are tough decisions,
and speckles of regret.
As the cold touched my head to my toes, I made a final wish.
I know customarily it's supposed to be a secret.
Just this once I will let it slip.
I wish for World Peace!
So, that our children's children will get to see beautiful things too.

I thank you all for stopping by my place, and reading this early morning ramble.
I wish you all a fantastic day and a beautiful evening!


Monday, November 17, 2008

Hear No, See No, Speak No...

It has been a busy weekend for my wife and I. We have been hauling stuff to the new apartment, and packing. We have managed to find some time to relax and enjoy MJ. She is getting big and I mean fast! Outfits I bought her not even a month ago aren't fitting her. I knew this happened, but not this fast! She will only be 20 months old on the 22ND, and she is already been a tad bit over three feet. I will have to go get her some more outfits for the rest of Fall and Winter.

She is enjoying all the new space, and the echo effect of the apartment. The last few weeks have been entertaining with MJ, she is mimicking just about anything I say or do! At least when other people aren't around, it never fails. If I get her to say certain cute phrases, she will make me a liar almost every time. The downside to it is I really have to watch what I say now. I don't want even a humorous comment about a certain family member to get back to them. I don't curse that often, but do sometimes, so I take extra steps not to use them in front of her. I use words like "Darn it to heck" "Oh fooey" "Fudge it " "Oh Thumper's Mother" she did say that "If you don't have anything nice to say. Don't say any thing at all."

I noticed years ago that kids are like animals, and right now we have a little parrot named MJ. Your children will investigate things constantly, and get into the things they are not supposed to. Kids will test their boundaries, and your patience. You are not really in control, they only allow you to think you are sometimes. I'm not saying I sit a food dish on the floor, or give her a flea bath. I don't have one of those leashes for kids, that I have seen at the parks or the mall.

A leash for children, I knew they existed, but never saw one in use. They are almost like a choke chain, at least that is how some parents use them. I have been half tempted to go put a parent over my knee, and spank them. (Only the good looking ones! HA HA)
No, seriously if you have one, or think that they are good. Please don't treat your kid like a dreaded pet! I think the next time I see a parent with one, I will ask them can your kid do any tricks? Or will they chase this ball if I throw it over there? I wonder what they would say to me if I really did ask them that? All right enough with the rant, I will just stick to talking about our beautiful little devil. :)

(No she is an angel who can act like most adults sometimes)

Malayna is a joy and a motivator at the same time! She can make the most negative days seem a little more optimistic. Still I try not to think about her future, because it unknown like ours. I try not to think too much about time, when it comes to her. I try to just live in the moment, and plan for our future as a family. I can be one of those people who converse with someone about movies, and catch myself thinking "That movie was 20 years ago, Wow!" I have been guilty of listening to music and recalling a concert I went to 15 years ago, and wondering where the time went? It is magnified with a child in the family, or from a kid you used to babysit. So, it is best to to keep focused on the moment, and then look back years later with a smile.

I will admit it is tempting to have her quote parts from certain movies, or have her sing some mature songs. But if I did I wouldn't tell you! (WHISPER WHISPER) We have secretly been quoting Tarantino films, or listening to Lenny Bruce stand ups. Watching the Exorcist and Cheech and Chong movies! :) Ha Ha

We have been just enjoying life for what it is sometimes, and have the most fun that we can in this wonderful world.This weekend was pretty good Lisa, MJ, and I laughed lots. We played games and did some crafts for mom. Ended up watching a couple movies in bed "Cuddly, comfy, and cozy" style.

I hope that you all have good day and even better night!


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Howdy All

It has been a crazy November, and I want to let everyone know that I will try to get back to your journals. As you can see I can barely find the time to get to mine! I have been helping family out, and boxing some stuff up. Also dealing with many things at once, and trying to keep positive. Trying to keep sane in this maddening planet we call home, and raise our daughter. Going to storage and digging out the Christmas stuff, and our winter things! I know I said it WINTER! My mind still has not made the adjustment to the clock being set back yet.

The last few days I have been checking out some apartments. Some have been good and others have been awful! I had been looking for another house to rent, but no luck. For some time I thought about buying a house, but not in these times. Once the economy gets healthy again, I hope to find a decent house for my family. This will have to do for now, and they will accept our Morning Dove Birdie and Froto the ferret. I talked them out of the year lease, and that pleases me. If I can get out of the lease, that allows me to move to somewhere else sooner. It all seems OK for now, and I will bust my butt to make things better.

I have had some computer problems as well, I have tried to reach some journals. When I start to read them they freeze or my computer wants to shut off? Once I figure out the new bills, and get moved I will get me that lab top. This will do for now! The last few days I started writing some kids books again, and some very serious stuff. I'm waiting for some research to make into my hands, and I will be ready to go. My family is doing OK for now, and MJ has been amazing!

I miss reading all your journals, and hope everything is going well for my cyber friends. I want to thank Beth, Ken, and Indigo for stopping by the other day! It meant so much to me to read your comments! :)

I hope life has been "Marvelous"for you all, and that your days have been peaceful! Bless your Hearts, Souls, and Minds. Bless you and your days! I also wish to Bless your Families lives as well.


Mr. Mushy

Sunday, November 9, 2008

He Was A Good Man

Born: 5/14/76 Died: 11/08/98
Love your family!
Rest In Peace & Love.
Your Little Brother Wes

Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Approve This Message



I can remember the first time I thought about politics, it was when I was about six years old. I was thumbing through an encyclopedia and looking at the Presidents. It amazed me, it consisted of mainly portraits, but a couple photos. I gazed at Washington and thought he looked like a nice man, but I thought he looked funny with his white hair. I had heard the story about the Cherry tree, and his wooden teeth. I counted my way through the Presidents, and was stuck on Abe Lincoln. I thought his portrait looked very distinguishable, and read a little about him.

Our 16Th President, during the Civil War. I thought what a time to be president, and with slavery going on! Then I read about his tragic death, and that he was popular in Illinois. My home state, and that I wasn't too far from where he was a Lawyer, and later became a Congressman. His Ideas, and actions really resonated in my soul. Then to be shot in Fords Theater by John Wilkes Booth, leaving Johnson in charge!

I made my way to Both Roosevelt's, and found good things about each man. Then I made my way to John F. Kennedy, and I looked at his portrait, and began to read more about him. I was impressed with his Idea of the Peace Corps, and memorized his quote "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!" Later I learned about Bay of Pigs, and the rumors of M. Monroe. When I was at that age, I was impressed by many simple things, but was stuck on November 22, 1963! We has lost another Good man to an assassins bullet, and learned that his brother Robert was shot too. He would have made an even better President than most, including JFK! I'm not forgetting the other tragic losses in time, but merely discussing the Presidents. I made my way to Jimmy Carter, and was favoring him, because he was Commander and Chief when I was born. Plus there was something to be said, about him being a peanut farmer, and I loved peanuts.

I learned later in life, that what they taught us in school wasn't always the truth! That in history, it is usually written by the victors!

I learned more about the power of the position, when Ronald Reagan was President. He was the man who affected my life more than those in the book. He was showing America how Reaganomics worked, and how many of his people face criminal trials. I asked a lot of questions, concerning the trials, and the wrong doings. Many adults would say I was too young to understand, that when I got older, I would see the big picture! I may have been a child, but I saw the impact from the Reagan Administration. Many people starving, and being put on welfare, and having to use food stamps! Broken unions, and the lack of good jobs. How some parents had to work two jobs, and miss out on ballgames and family functions. I noticed they had lavish engagements at the White house, while Americans suffered. Having to eat powdered eggs, and mix powdered milk with regular milk. Going to second hand stores, instead of regular stores.

That's why when I look at pictures of kids from this time period, we look like we are from the 1970's. All wearing plaid, or corduroy pants, with generic tennis shoes. We had to learn about the Iran Contra scandal, good old Ollie North. We watched him fall asleep during important televised events! His dealings with Nuclear arms, and his reactions to the Aids epidemic. His actions were pretty clear when it came to the Earth's pollution, and here is a quote by President Reagan in 1980.

"Approximately 80 percent of air pollution stems from hydrocarbons released by vegetation, so let's not go overboard in setting and enforcing tough emission standards from man-made sources."

You can break down old walls that separate people, but put up larger ones that are invisible! I could go on about all the "Positives" and Negatives, but will say that Bush was his second in command. He was just as responsible for the economy, and the decline of America as President Reagan!

Then came the election of 1988, Bush verses Dukackis. I remember it well, I assisted on the canvassing for Micheal Dukackis. My siblings and I went around the Bartonville, Illinois area to hand out literature. It was in the fall, and I could smell some leaves burning as the chilled air nipped our noses. Overall most people were friendly, but some were plain rude! I had someone spit at me, and tell me that my family were cowards for sending me to their door. I tried to state my point, but they slammed the door.

Nobody would believe a kid my age would want to partake in a civic duty anyways! I was proud to be part of the 1988 election, and to help our country shed the Reagan administration. Like I said George Bush was a big part of our times, and we needed better for children, and their families. I know at the time I was too young to understand why Dukackis lost, but can remember seeing him in the tank with his helmet. People had a hay day with that, and focused on it till the end of the election. I was reminded of the same kind of coverage, when Howard Dean went, "Heeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww!" To this day, I will never believe that a man ahead by that much, and nobody near him points wise, could suffer over a holler?

I was proud of our efforts to get some new blood in the oval office, but that was when I learned about political defeat. It was one of my first times I tasted false hope, and realized that I could make a good President. I practiced my hand shakes, and signing my name years before. Now I no longer wanted to be a ballplayer, or a magician. I wanted make great changes for our country, and the world. I would be the greatest President ever, I would break the barriers that existed between all people, I would join together The People Of this Nation! I'd fight all Injustice and end all wars, especially the Weaponless Civil war that was still ramp it. I desired to heal all sickness by spreading the wealth. Instead of letting people become Billionaires, I would encourage them to donate some of their fiances to Great causes!

Together we could solve world hunger, together we could save the planet from greed's destruction, and yes I did talk like this as a child! I can be honest, I thought of this stuff on my own. (My Father did teach about manners, and introduced me to Nature!) If I did get some guidance, it was from some of the worlds greatest leaders in history. John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, GANDHI, and Jesus! I had good intentions, and wanted to guide our Country to a better tomorrow! I did grow up watching "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" and thought that I could be Jimmy Stewart, but stay true to myself and Country! HA HA

When I was Finally 18, I was so excited! I would get to vote for a President, and other political issues. My voice could finally be heard, and I could be part of a greater change. I could participate in electing some new Hope, and start my political ambitions.

I deeply cared about the environment, homeless, unions, and education. I cared for peace and togetherness, which I rarely have seen in any election. My first Election I was able to vote was in 1996, Clinton verses Dole. I was so sure that Clinton would win, I wanted to vote for Ralph Nader, but didn't. (Nader bit us in the behind later)

I stuck to my environmental heart, and voted Clinton. Even though I know he betrayed the Union, over at Caterpillar. He shook hands and looked those workers in the eyes, and told them all that he cared, and that he would help them! They ended up getting the short end of the stick, and that is what pisses me off about that blow job! People lost focus on the mans actions as a Politician, and spent all that money on an investigation! Almost impeached in the house and senate. When we have had a President do much worse to all Nations. I can prove it to you, a list so big, that your head will spin, but I hope you can use some common sense! Open your eyes, and shut off the guilt inside, if you voted for him!

Count the troops lost in the Iraq war, when it was Afghanistan who was responsible. It was convenient to go get Saddam, for the Twin towers, when Bush Sr. could have and didn't years before! I used to know the total of civilian deaths in Afghanistan, and Iraq combined. But the number got so high I Lost track, but know it is over the casualties lost in New York. I know that in 2000, the American People did not want him in office, but the Supreme Court ruled in his favor. That was My wife's first time getting to vote, and that was truly a wasted vote for her and for most Americans. Yes I said It, A WASTE OF VOTE! The only happy people were people who voted for Bush, when no matter your opinion, he lost that race! He was handed the job by the powers that be, and it was not the PEOPLE!

"Too Close To Call"

I still cringe at those words today, and they will forever haunt my head! They will pain my heart like the rain on President Clinton's last day as our Nations leader. They burn in my memory like the day President Bush laid is hand on the Bible, to become Our Commander and Thief!

I thought for sure in 2004, that the American people would not allow him to have another chance. Just like this election, and most elections, John Kerry was not my first choice! I just knew that our Great Country would face a horrible future if he won again, and then came the words "It's a time to heal" My heart cried for too long, and my soul knew that the world was heading in a economic spiral!

It was heading in an Environmental collapse, and the world was mostly willing to improve their efforts, but he ripped up the Kyoto Treaty. It wasn't perfect, and I forget all the facts! But nobody can tell me what Bush has done is better! I have told you I belong to NO PARTY, and don't know everything! I use my heart and mind to discover truth, and common sense!

I had an Idea some years back, it was to collect information from all the newspapers, magazine's, and the News on television. Sit down add all the numbers up (The War Spending, and all Bills passed) and put the truth in order! Ha Ha

I could mention several times when money turned up missing, or how the Reasons for War changed! Who was a "traitor" for using the Freedom of Speech, and how people didn't support the troops, if they opposed the War. (When in fact it was the politicians who denied the troops proper gear, and Life Saving equipment! It was so damn hard to keep up with the lies from the Administration, and the Media! I compiled so much information, I had to get a storage unit! My friends and I went through so much information, that it would blur, or it would feel like your head could explode. The spending numbers never added up, and it was impossible to track exactly where the money was truly going?

We have all witnessed things in the last 8 years, that are criminal, and unjust! (Katrina, The war, Corruption, Environmental Crimes) We the People have allowed many people in the Bush administration, Democratic and Republican parties, Corporations, Pharmaceutical companies and other Countries POISON OUR CHILDREN! Poisoning them with Pollution, Greed, Hatred, and Toys! We have allowed places like Walmart sell faulty products, for far too long. Have you ever went near the back of the store to read the recalled products? It is usually electrical products or Baby/Child products, and it has been going on for years! Don't you think that POLITICIANS KNOW ABOUT THESE ISSUES?

We have allowed these people to touch Our Constitution, and pass laws that take away OUR Rights. I will admit that with time comes change, but will continue to state that The United States was significantly changed by the 2000 Election, and has paid the price every since! It has cost us many Liberties, Soldiers lives, Our Economy, Children's Education, A Cleaner Earth, and Millions of Lives World wide! I have noticed over the years that other countries, Stand up for their rights, and seem to have more freedom from courage. I'M A PACIFIST, I do not believe in violence, unless in SELF DEFENSE! I mention Freedom In Courage, when I see other Countries Rise to the Occasion, and March together for all causes!

When John Kerry said that "It was a time to heal" he should have said, Put your head between your legs and bend over! I don't belong to a specific Party, so if any one reads this an thinks, I'm a"Liberal piece of shit" YOUR WRONG! I have voted for a republican before, on lower levels of politics. I will admit all these people were never my first choice, and I could find better candidates in this country. They are too smart to want to be President, for the President is just a puppet! Senators and Congressman usually just fuss and fight, and give themselves raises. Put horrible things inside good Ideas, and make a point to mention that so and so, didn't vote for this bill. But fail to mention that inside that bill was hidden spending! They do that to persuade good people to vote for bad things, and if they don't vote for it "They don't care for the American people!"

They would rather honor people by naming a Street or School for an individual, instead embracing that persons Ideas. It easy to say that you believe in something but harder to hide the truth by your actions! If people believed in MLK, then why do we have leaders and a Country that still flames the fires of hate. If most of the World believes in Jesus, why are we still fighting these wars, and why does our Country fight healing lives?

I could go on about many people from both parties over the years! I know that within politics there are some Great decisions made by good people, and some needed laws passed! I know without law their would be disorder, and without Puppets there would be nobody to blame! It has been very difficult these last couple decades for me, I wanted nothing more than the betterment for mankind. I wanted to be a Great Political Leader, only to Discover that "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" is the overall truth in Politics. I still am proud to Vote, and excited about the political process, but try to put the CHILDREN FIRST on Voting day!

I just wish that We The PEOPLE would not only vote to clear our conscience, but vote to remove the People Responsible from their elected positions. I wish WE THE PEOPLE would not have waited this long, to take action! I hope that the American people will (Wake Up) and not wait for the moment we swear in our New President, to STAND TOGETHER.

NO matter who wins, we need to challenge them to make the Right Decisions! We need to make sure the Future of the world is stable enough to survive the coming years! It is not too late to make things right, It is not too late for a Healthier Environment.

I know that when I saw Barrack Obama on July 5, 2005, he was outside talking to reporters by his SUV. When I was selected, I asked him my questions about the Environment, he really didn't give solid answers.He said that we need to limit people from driving Gas hogs, and that there was no proof that droughts and bad weather was due too pollution. He defended McCain and Lieberman on a bill they were trying to pass, that he cosponsored? He did say that we needed to come up with new technologies, to curb our dependency on Foreign oil. I had heard all this before, and wanted something more!

If you were wondering my questions or more about this day, you'll have to wait till a later entry! This was before he announced that he would run for President, yet after the town hall event the Local News papers were saying this could be our next President?

I have followed McCain for some time, and used to like what he stood for? Years ago I would have maybe voted for him, but things change, and so did he? I do agree with Obama when he brings up the fact that McCain has voted with Bush several times. I saw an add where McCain says "I voted with President Bush more than any other member in his party, about 90% of the time"????

Like I have told people for the longest time, that these candidates were not my first choices, and will vote for OUR CHILDREN'S future! I will vote for the environment, and for the betterment of mankind! I will not sit back and watch the World crumble any longer, we need change! We need somebody who will not continue to run this Country into the Depression it is heading! We need leadership that can put a dent into the damage caused by President George Bush, and lead (Our World) into a brighter hope for tomorrow, and a cleaner place WE THE HUMANS can peacefully coexist with all LIFE! A healthier place to call home, and a Future for OUR CHILDREN!

Whoever wins on Tuesday is obligated to the World to Begin the process of Change! They are expected to Deliver the Hope that they PROMISED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! They must not forget WE OUR THE PEOPLE, and that we will Challenge them to do what is right this time!


Loren Wesley