Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Stars Fall In November

Time is our music in life, it can be emotionally rewarding. It can reveal the truth that our soul has been aching for. What I mean is the answers to questions that has alluded our reach, when we required the meaning. Sometimes we are not supposed to have all the answers, we were meant to learn from our circumstances. By not knowing the meaning to our grievances or dilemmas, it has allowed us to grow.

Allowed us to become who we are today, time has revealed our current image in the mirror. Revealing our true light inside our body, and provided the answers we need to help others, before they duplicate the choices we've made in our lives. The hands on the clock can tick so loud in our brain, that we stay trapped in our bodies. When in reality, the tick tock in the clock is our rhythm to the beat in our hearts. It is the beat to our life's journey, it plays, it sings to our soul. Time speaks to us, it whispers to our heart.

Motivates us to get out on the dance floor, we call living. Every person has their own tunes that touches the heart. We as individuals, are the worlds conductor. Together we can play sweet music, together we can share life's stages in harmony. Time is not our enemy, it is our own fear that denies positive actions. Fear can prevent a person from moving forward, and halt humanities momentum. Think about it if the majority live in fear, that only leaves a minority who picks up an instrument to play in life's orchestra.

I'm not saying that people who live in fear don't help humanity, I have always tried to help others first. Even if I allowed time, fear, or myself get in the way of my own happiness. I would envelope my emotions by doing good deeds, because it took away the hurt inside my heart. I think no matter what I do in this life, I will still carry some sadness. But will try not to let the fear, or societies madness interfere with my path.

For some time now, I've had great positivity in my life! I have had a wonderful wife for almost a decade, and have had beautiful children in my life. I have a couple nieces, a nephew, and now an amazing daughter! Some of my family has kept my souls candle burning, but for some time I have been lighting the candles myself.

It feels good to have love, faith, and hope in my heart. I know I sound like a touchy feely Guru or something! I only speak the truth that I have discovered on the journey I've shared with those who have wandered onto the path I take. I love the souls that have touched my life, no matter their reason! I have gained so much strength, in such a short time.

Sometimes fear still tries to dig holes under my fence of faith, it tries to cross the bridge to my heart. Sometimes it does get in, but I sick my dog named strength to chase it away from my soul. Fear can be like a hungry animal, circling its prey. It waits to pounce, when we let our guard down. We must not fear, fear itself, but feed it love. Quench its thirst with courage and strength!

Just like time, fear can be a part of the music. But we should only allow it to be a small part of our opus. When we finally reach the climatic finish, we should be elated.

I would like to share a couple poems I wrote on November 18 in my life.

The first one I wrote shortly after my Brother's passing, and have used parts of it in many of my friends and families Eulogy's. I put it in an entry called "Just Think About Flowers" on 8/25/08


From the second we are born.
We are dying.
Time casts its shadow over life.
Father time continues in full circle.
Life's hands fold as hands do with prayer.
Picture one hand as life.
The other hand as death.
When you pray to your god,
realize despite all cries.
They are joined together.
So, I ask can courage cover the eyes of fear?
We are born to die.
Acceptance and faith is key.
The body is motionless,
but we are now free!


I looked up many miles away.
At the fading fall sky with wonder.
What a wonderful show, meteors pierced the heavens.
Shooting across both dippers, and right through Orion's Belt.
The frost nipped at my fingers and creeped into my bones.
Standing Still,
I could not take my curious eyes off the Earth's Television from above.
One after another, whizzing, zipping through the moonlit sky.
Vision is so overlooked.
I feel lucky to be alive!
To have witnessed such a splendid scene.
To hear natures feathered audience applaud with a whistle.
One after another chirping and cooing, up in nature arms.
There was another!
Did you see it?
Right passed that ball of cheese.
I will remember the quiet that put me at ease.
The frost traveled down to my little piggies,
yet I did not go home.
Star bright, star light, one of natures delights.
All the shooting stars, rather meteors!
I gazed above, I was lost in thought.
A million falling stars.
A million wishes.
I made enough to last my lifetime.
At this point I could not feel my fingers,
only a slapping sting.
In life there are tough decisions,
and speckles of regret.
As the cold touched my head to my toes, I made a final wish.
I know customarily it's supposed to be a secret.
Just this once I will let it slip.
I wish for World Peace!
So, that our children's children will get to see beautiful things too.

I thank you all for stopping by my place, and reading this early morning ramble.
I wish you all a fantastic day and a beautiful evening!



Beth said...

Nicely written, Wes!

Hugs, Beth

Big Mark 243 said...

Nicely written and I want to say that the feelings were communicated, inteneded or unintended (per one of the emotions felt her), and recieved!

Thank you!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Time, can be be a friend or an enemy. I think now, it is a friend because you are in a good place :o)

Indigo said...

Wonderfully written hon. It was a serene read on a cold winters morn...

Thank you for sharing this! (Hugs)Indigo