Sunday, November 2, 2008

I Approve This Message



I can remember the first time I thought about politics, it was when I was about six years old. I was thumbing through an encyclopedia and looking at the Presidents. It amazed me, it consisted of mainly portraits, but a couple photos. I gazed at Washington and thought he looked like a nice man, but I thought he looked funny with his white hair. I had heard the story about the Cherry tree, and his wooden teeth. I counted my way through the Presidents, and was stuck on Abe Lincoln. I thought his portrait looked very distinguishable, and read a little about him.

Our 16Th President, during the Civil War. I thought what a time to be president, and with slavery going on! Then I read about his tragic death, and that he was popular in Illinois. My home state, and that I wasn't too far from where he was a Lawyer, and later became a Congressman. His Ideas, and actions really resonated in my soul. Then to be shot in Fords Theater by John Wilkes Booth, leaving Johnson in charge!

I made my way to Both Roosevelt's, and found good things about each man. Then I made my way to John F. Kennedy, and I looked at his portrait, and began to read more about him. I was impressed with his Idea of the Peace Corps, and memorized his quote "Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!" Later I learned about Bay of Pigs, and the rumors of M. Monroe. When I was at that age, I was impressed by many simple things, but was stuck on November 22, 1963! We has lost another Good man to an assassins bullet, and learned that his brother Robert was shot too. He would have made an even better President than most, including JFK! I'm not forgetting the other tragic losses in time, but merely discussing the Presidents. I made my way to Jimmy Carter, and was favoring him, because he was Commander and Chief when I was born. Plus there was something to be said, about him being a peanut farmer, and I loved peanuts.

I learned later in life, that what they taught us in school wasn't always the truth! That in history, it is usually written by the victors!

I learned more about the power of the position, when Ronald Reagan was President. He was the man who affected my life more than those in the book. He was showing America how Reaganomics worked, and how many of his people face criminal trials. I asked a lot of questions, concerning the trials, and the wrong doings. Many adults would say I was too young to understand, that when I got older, I would see the big picture! I may have been a child, but I saw the impact from the Reagan Administration. Many people starving, and being put on welfare, and having to use food stamps! Broken unions, and the lack of good jobs. How some parents had to work two jobs, and miss out on ballgames and family functions. I noticed they had lavish engagements at the White house, while Americans suffered. Having to eat powdered eggs, and mix powdered milk with regular milk. Going to second hand stores, instead of regular stores.

That's why when I look at pictures of kids from this time period, we look like we are from the 1970's. All wearing plaid, or corduroy pants, with generic tennis shoes. We had to learn about the Iran Contra scandal, good old Ollie North. We watched him fall asleep during important televised events! His dealings with Nuclear arms, and his reactions to the Aids epidemic. His actions were pretty clear when it came to the Earth's pollution, and here is a quote by President Reagan in 1980.

"Approximately 80 percent of air pollution stems from hydrocarbons released by vegetation, so let's not go overboard in setting and enforcing tough emission standards from man-made sources."

You can break down old walls that separate people, but put up larger ones that are invisible! I could go on about all the "Positives" and Negatives, but will say that Bush was his second in command. He was just as responsible for the economy, and the decline of America as President Reagan!

Then came the election of 1988, Bush verses Dukackis. I remember it well, I assisted on the canvassing for Micheal Dukackis. My siblings and I went around the Bartonville, Illinois area to hand out literature. It was in the fall, and I could smell some leaves burning as the chilled air nipped our noses. Overall most people were friendly, but some were plain rude! I had someone spit at me, and tell me that my family were cowards for sending me to their door. I tried to state my point, but they slammed the door.

Nobody would believe a kid my age would want to partake in a civic duty anyways! I was proud to be part of the 1988 election, and to help our country shed the Reagan administration. Like I said George Bush was a big part of our times, and we needed better for children, and their families. I know at the time I was too young to understand why Dukackis lost, but can remember seeing him in the tank with his helmet. People had a hay day with that, and focused on it till the end of the election. I was reminded of the same kind of coverage, when Howard Dean went, "Heeeeeeeeehaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwww!" To this day, I will never believe that a man ahead by that much, and nobody near him points wise, could suffer over a holler?

I was proud of our efforts to get some new blood in the oval office, but that was when I learned about political defeat. It was one of my first times I tasted false hope, and realized that I could make a good President. I practiced my hand shakes, and signing my name years before. Now I no longer wanted to be a ballplayer, or a magician. I wanted make great changes for our country, and the world. I would be the greatest President ever, I would break the barriers that existed between all people, I would join together The People Of this Nation! I'd fight all Injustice and end all wars, especially the Weaponless Civil war that was still ramp it. I desired to heal all sickness by spreading the wealth. Instead of letting people become Billionaires, I would encourage them to donate some of their fiances to Great causes!

Together we could solve world hunger, together we could save the planet from greed's destruction, and yes I did talk like this as a child! I can be honest, I thought of this stuff on my own. (My Father did teach about manners, and introduced me to Nature!) If I did get some guidance, it was from some of the worlds greatest leaders in history. John Kennedy, Robert Kennedy, Martin Luther King, GANDHI, and Jesus! I had good intentions, and wanted to guide our Country to a better tomorrow! I did grow up watching "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" and thought that I could be Jimmy Stewart, but stay true to myself and Country! HA HA

When I was Finally 18, I was so excited! I would get to vote for a President, and other political issues. My voice could finally be heard, and I could be part of a greater change. I could participate in electing some new Hope, and start my political ambitions.

I deeply cared about the environment, homeless, unions, and education. I cared for peace and togetherness, which I rarely have seen in any election. My first Election I was able to vote was in 1996, Clinton verses Dole. I was so sure that Clinton would win, I wanted to vote for Ralph Nader, but didn't. (Nader bit us in the behind later)

I stuck to my environmental heart, and voted Clinton. Even though I know he betrayed the Union, over at Caterpillar. He shook hands and looked those workers in the eyes, and told them all that he cared, and that he would help them! They ended up getting the short end of the stick, and that is what pisses me off about that blow job! People lost focus on the mans actions as a Politician, and spent all that money on an investigation! Almost impeached in the house and senate. When we have had a President do much worse to all Nations. I can prove it to you, a list so big, that your head will spin, but I hope you can use some common sense! Open your eyes, and shut off the guilt inside, if you voted for him!

Count the troops lost in the Iraq war, when it was Afghanistan who was responsible. It was convenient to go get Saddam, for the Twin towers, when Bush Sr. could have and didn't years before! I used to know the total of civilian deaths in Afghanistan, and Iraq combined. But the number got so high I Lost track, but know it is over the casualties lost in New York. I know that in 2000, the American People did not want him in office, but the Supreme Court ruled in his favor. That was My wife's first time getting to vote, and that was truly a wasted vote for her and for most Americans. Yes I said It, A WASTE OF VOTE! The only happy people were people who voted for Bush, when no matter your opinion, he lost that race! He was handed the job by the powers that be, and it was not the PEOPLE!

"Too Close To Call"

I still cringe at those words today, and they will forever haunt my head! They will pain my heart like the rain on President Clinton's last day as our Nations leader. They burn in my memory like the day President Bush laid is hand on the Bible, to become Our Commander and Thief!

I thought for sure in 2004, that the American people would not allow him to have another chance. Just like this election, and most elections, John Kerry was not my first choice! I just knew that our Great Country would face a horrible future if he won again, and then came the words "It's a time to heal" My heart cried for too long, and my soul knew that the world was heading in a economic spiral!

It was heading in an Environmental collapse, and the world was mostly willing to improve their efforts, but he ripped up the Kyoto Treaty. It wasn't perfect, and I forget all the facts! But nobody can tell me what Bush has done is better! I have told you I belong to NO PARTY, and don't know everything! I use my heart and mind to discover truth, and common sense!

I had an Idea some years back, it was to collect information from all the newspapers, magazine's, and the News on television. Sit down add all the numbers up (The War Spending, and all Bills passed) and put the truth in order! Ha Ha

I could mention several times when money turned up missing, or how the Reasons for War changed! Who was a "traitor" for using the Freedom of Speech, and how people didn't support the troops, if they opposed the War. (When in fact it was the politicians who denied the troops proper gear, and Life Saving equipment! It was so damn hard to keep up with the lies from the Administration, and the Media! I compiled so much information, I had to get a storage unit! My friends and I went through so much information, that it would blur, or it would feel like your head could explode. The spending numbers never added up, and it was impossible to track exactly where the money was truly going?

We have all witnessed things in the last 8 years, that are criminal, and unjust! (Katrina, The war, Corruption, Environmental Crimes) We the People have allowed many people in the Bush administration, Democratic and Republican parties, Corporations, Pharmaceutical companies and other Countries POISON OUR CHILDREN! Poisoning them with Pollution, Greed, Hatred, and Toys! We have allowed places like Walmart sell faulty products, for far too long. Have you ever went near the back of the store to read the recalled products? It is usually electrical products or Baby/Child products, and it has been going on for years! Don't you think that POLITICIANS KNOW ABOUT THESE ISSUES?

We have allowed these people to touch Our Constitution, and pass laws that take away OUR Rights. I will admit that with time comes change, but will continue to state that The United States was significantly changed by the 2000 Election, and has paid the price every since! It has cost us many Liberties, Soldiers lives, Our Economy, Children's Education, A Cleaner Earth, and Millions of Lives World wide! I have noticed over the years that other countries, Stand up for their rights, and seem to have more freedom from courage. I'M A PACIFIST, I do not believe in violence, unless in SELF DEFENSE! I mention Freedom In Courage, when I see other Countries Rise to the Occasion, and March together for all causes!

When John Kerry said that "It was a time to heal" he should have said, Put your head between your legs and bend over! I don't belong to a specific Party, so if any one reads this an thinks, I'm a"Liberal piece of shit" YOUR WRONG! I have voted for a republican before, on lower levels of politics. I will admit all these people were never my first choice, and I could find better candidates in this country. They are too smart to want to be President, for the President is just a puppet! Senators and Congressman usually just fuss and fight, and give themselves raises. Put horrible things inside good Ideas, and make a point to mention that so and so, didn't vote for this bill. But fail to mention that inside that bill was hidden spending! They do that to persuade good people to vote for bad things, and if they don't vote for it "They don't care for the American people!"

They would rather honor people by naming a Street or School for an individual, instead embracing that persons Ideas. It easy to say that you believe in something but harder to hide the truth by your actions! If people believed in MLK, then why do we have leaders and a Country that still flames the fires of hate. If most of the World believes in Jesus, why are we still fighting these wars, and why does our Country fight healing lives?

I could go on about many people from both parties over the years! I know that within politics there are some Great decisions made by good people, and some needed laws passed! I know without law their would be disorder, and without Puppets there would be nobody to blame! It has been very difficult these last couple decades for me, I wanted nothing more than the betterment for mankind. I wanted to be a Great Political Leader, only to Discover that "Mr. Smith Goes To Washington" is the overall truth in Politics. I still am proud to Vote, and excited about the political process, but try to put the CHILDREN FIRST on Voting day!

I just wish that We The PEOPLE would not only vote to clear our conscience, but vote to remove the People Responsible from their elected positions. I wish WE THE PEOPLE would not have waited this long, to take action! I hope that the American people will (Wake Up) and not wait for the moment we swear in our New President, to STAND TOGETHER.

NO matter who wins, we need to challenge them to make the Right Decisions! We need to make sure the Future of the world is stable enough to survive the coming years! It is not too late to make things right, It is not too late for a Healthier Environment.

I know that when I saw Barrack Obama on July 5, 2005, he was outside talking to reporters by his SUV. When I was selected, I asked him my questions about the Environment, he really didn't give solid answers.He said that we need to limit people from driving Gas hogs, and that there was no proof that droughts and bad weather was due too pollution. He defended McCain and Lieberman on a bill they were trying to pass, that he cosponsored? He did say that we needed to come up with new technologies, to curb our dependency on Foreign oil. I had heard all this before, and wanted something more!

If you were wondering my questions or more about this day, you'll have to wait till a later entry! This was before he announced that he would run for President, yet after the town hall event the Local News papers were saying this could be our next President?

I have followed McCain for some time, and used to like what he stood for? Years ago I would have maybe voted for him, but things change, and so did he? I do agree with Obama when he brings up the fact that McCain has voted with Bush several times. I saw an add where McCain says "I voted with President Bush more than any other member in his party, about 90% of the time"????

Like I have told people for the longest time, that these candidates were not my first choices, and will vote for OUR CHILDREN'S future! I will vote for the environment, and for the betterment of mankind! I will not sit back and watch the World crumble any longer, we need change! We need somebody who will not continue to run this Country into the Depression it is heading! We need leadership that can put a dent into the damage caused by President George Bush, and lead (Our World) into a brighter hope for tomorrow, and a cleaner place WE THE HUMANS can peacefully coexist with all LIFE! A healthier place to call home, and a Future for OUR CHILDREN!

Whoever wins on Tuesday is obligated to the World to Begin the process of Change! They are expected to Deliver the Hope that they PROMISED THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! They must not forget WE OUR THE PEOPLE, and that we will Challenge them to do what is right this time!


Loren Wesley


Beth said...

You know how I voted, Wes!

Lisa said...

Wes, this is an excellent entry today and I read every word of it. You raise so many valid points - I was recalling times & Presidents in my mind as I read.

Looking forward to the next segment.

I hope Lisa is doing well, I thought about her since reading about her fall.