Saturday, August 29, 2009

Get Your Popcorn, Right here!

With all that is going on in the world, we continue. As I press the keys, I listen to the coyotes howl and an owl hoot outside my windows.

I try to keep my thoughts organized, or in my head.

Most of us try to move forward and make the best of life, others choose to be careless.I know many people who don't have a mind of their own, they follow the leader. As if most of the so called leaders know what to do, let alone lead.

What I'm referring to is political leaders, news leaders, the decision makes. The ones who decided and decide what we should believe today. The corporate scoundrels of our lives.

Take Fox News, they claim to be the most watched? Maybe they are and maybe the sheep zombies follow. I know a good number of people who swear it's the complete truth.

When I know other wise, for example they call the media a "Liberal Media"? Why is it called that when for almost a decade it was manipulated by the last administration?

For those who don't believe me or don't remember, come on over to my house. We can watch thousands of hours of news footage. From all news networks, local to the major network's. I'll pop the popcorn, while your head explode from the truth.

It will be like that scene in "Clockwork Orange" but without the straps and eye braces.

You might ask me why, or how thousands of hours. It's simple, I put a tape in when I left the house. This went on for years, because I needed research for an Idea. It became so crazy from the ever changing facts and misinformation. That I halted my project, the TV was an insane asylum.

Does anybody remember the terror alert, Jessica Lynch, the kid arrested for a Peace shirt? Senator Daschle's comment that made him go away. Howard Dean's scream or what the Administration did for eight years?

I could write a song that even Billy Joel would be proud, so I will leave it to your memories.

I possess tapes from the 2000 debates to the Obama administration.
So, I feel I can safely say I know more than most people. You see I combined Newspapers, magazines, all news channels,and some words from politicians themselves.

Nothing added up, other than it was a waste of my time. The good thing is I can use the news for over a decade to back my thoughts up. My mouth at the very least, so bring it!

Then I have common sense and don't follow the sheep headers of the world. My own family are sheep because of Fox news. If I've been one, it's been a black sheep.

Bush supporters complain about life now, they bash Obama and the Democrats. When they had Reagan,Bush Sr., and G.W. Bush. Way to go America! To be fair We must point the finger at democrats too. They allowed it to happen, even if control was lacking.

I watched some news about Ted Kennedy on all channels the other day. Yes, CNN and some other channels praised him. They recalled the good things that he did, but brought up the question of health care. Asking if his death will effect it's fate, and some people responded. Fox News seemed heartless with coverage. Host and guest attacked politely, raising few good facts. Giraldo spoke the kindest words of what I watched, (Mr. Sandman} himself thought decent of the man! In the background, Bill O looked angry about hearing it on his show.

I support it and feel it is needed for our country. Most of us pay taxes and slave our lives away. Our friends and families pay taxes and the government has put it where they wanted. Things like war and for personal gains.

My thought is why not? A major illness or an injury can destroy a family. It could take years to pay it off, because employers have not truly cared. Pharmaceutical companies and Hospitals haven't cared. If they did, then why so much debt? Other countries use it and it works.

"Waiting in line like the Post Office."
At least people who need care will finally get it.

I don't believe the American people don't want this. There are more poor than rich, there are more sick than healthy. It's the powers that be, that manipulate the system, persuade the sheep.

Politicians say they cared about Ted Kennedy and that they are sad for his passing. Then go on to say that there must be a compromise with health care. They say they care about the American people and just don't want break the country.

What the hell are they talking about? What did the last President do and what did they do to stop it?

Nothing! They gave themselves pay raises and helped scare the hell out of the country. Misinformation and fear tactics is what they spoke about. They attacked people who spoke against the war. They took out anybody who got it the way, so they could get their way.

Don't believe me, the popcorn's popping.

Even democrats contributed to the lies and helped spread the fear.

It is the victors who write in the History books. It is the winners who alter our lives. The true losers of the political game are the people. We the people continue to struggle unhealthy and hungry. While they get the best health care and we pay for their good lives.

In regards to Ted Kennedy, he did some good things for the world.He helped shape some good Ideas, but he was FLAWED.

Politicians can do wonderful things for the world. But, spend most of their time bickering. Blaming one's party, when it's Mankind that represents it.

I'm sick of people saying that they care about the man. Then go on to say they hope that this togetherness will carry over. That each side wants to make a difference for the people, but does nothing about it. They will have their vacation that we pay for. They will continue to live a high life, while many suffer.

It should have been a done deal already!

Now, we mourn a good leader's death and the Parties will cry. Most of them for their own mortality, not his passing. They will spend the time golfing and fine dining until they go back to work. Meanwhile, the majority of the country struggles to provide healthy meals for family.

Some say that if people want it bad enough, they will get it. Then what about the unhealthy, can they work to pay for medical bills if sick? Can the children live healthy lives if both parents work? It's another double edged sword, kids don't have the family support they need. They won't have the guidance or good health mentally.

Even when parents work, the bills don't get paid. Fine, get two jobs, feed kids junk food, and never be home.

It's a recipe for disaster!

Free health care will help ease the burdens of the American family.

I feel I've touched lightly on the reality of the American life. I rambled enough without much facts. You see this entry would take a decade to educate the general public with facts.

The sad thing is that most of we the people was living it, but not watching it. "Watch what they do, not what they say."

Back to the sheep, we must be individuals, not meat. If something is true, if something is right, then you support it. I know we have the right to our own opinions, and it's our leaders who decide. So, here's your chance to be herders. It's time to demand that our civil sheep move forward.

For the sake of the future and our children, please speak your own minds. Please listen to your own heart and souls voice. It is not too late in life to be free.

If you can't see the logic in my words,or remember the misinformation. Bring the deepest popcorn bowl you can find over to my couch. The popcorn is ready!

Are you?

Before I end this entry I would like to send my love to the Kennedy family and his friends. I wish to give a hug to those who mourn the loss of Senator Edward Kennedy.

The man may no longer be in body, but his life's dreams and accomplishments will linger.

For those who mourn please remember it is to celebrate his life, not to swim in tears of sorrow. My heart will cry, yet my soul will smile.He feels no pain, he is now healthy. He is no longer a sheep, and no longer human.

Ted Kennedy is now free.

Loren Wesley Ackerman & Family

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sundials and Fine Wine

The date is wrong on the photos? It was less than two weeks ago?

The Summer is swiftly turning into another Autumn. The time has been well spent, it may not be like Summers of the past. Maybe we didn't do the things that we wanted, but I'm sure we captured meaningful memories.

It's kind of like a Butterfly collection that we keep free. As they fly we can marvel at their beauty, at the flutter of flight. Landing on the colorful flowers in bloom. Both the butterfly and the flowers may soon be a memory. We mustn't fret, they will return.

Summers sun has not set just yet. The Summer heat will still linger, we will have more.

It is just me or does time gain speed the more aged we become?

Since we must age then let us age like a fine wine. Let the flavor of our lives be sweet. May time be kind, so that we will potent. Each day be a glass that is half full and delicious.

I will spare the first time readers and admit I ramble. Even in metaphors, so I will get to the point already! :)

My Mom returned from Ontario for another visit. It was a typical visit, she enjoyed her grand kids. My Mom tried to see as much family as she could. Then made her way to Savanna, Georgia. That is where my Grandparents reside, her parents. I went there a few years back, it was beautiful.

My daughter Malayna and I was going to go with my family, but could not. My Mom took my sister Melissa with her. My Nieces went as well, it would have been a memorable trip. I'm partly glad we decided not to go. There was some good ole family friction during the trip. I won't get into the details, but will say it was a FAMILY vacation.

They made it to Florida to see my Uncle and went to some beaches. All and all they had a good time. The down side was that MJ barely saw my Mom. We had a couple discussions about quality time and such. So, she stayed a couple extra days to visit with us. I wished I could say it went splendidly, if I did I'd be lying.

We did make it to New Salem State Park. It is only Ten minutes away, and it has a decent playground. We walked the trails and visited the village. It is a replica of the time Abe Lincoln was there. In September they have a Bluegrass festival on the main stage. During the day hundreds of people sit on hay stacks, they pick and grin till dark. It is a good time, if your in the area, check it out.

Some of the photos you will see are from there.

The last two days was OK, we had good visits. I was pleased to see MJ smile with her Grandma Myra. If I could do it over again, I would be more understanding. I would just keep quit, smile more.

I love you Mom and we miss you!

Has anybody ever noticed that most family members are set in their ways. Simple conversation evolves into complex communication. It may be a news story or an opinion, it will be ignored. Why do people want to complain about life, instead of enjoying it?

I try my best to get along with others, even if we don't see eye to eye. I'm friends with all walks of life, even friendly with my enemy. Will I cater to negativity, NO! But I will help those who truly want help. Most of the time, my mind is my worst enemy. My heart is by guide in life and my soul is my best friend. Sometimes the three quarrel, creating an emotional reaction.

Uncertainty engulfs my intuition, so much that its gluttony fills my guts. In the heat of the moment, my common sense is lost. It could be in the gutter, maybe it stands beside my street smarts. Perhaps it is Major brain fart, one that chokes the heart. Thank goodness for our souls ability to recover, to survive in life.

I feel like I've spoke enough from my heart and will move on.

Other than the visit, we have been cooking some good stuff on the grill. Once I've finished my cook book I will share. I will say that I've used lots of garden vegetables! I can't give most of them away, let alone cook them all. I think I will have to can some this year, or buy a dehydrator.

Egg plant,zucchini,squash,tomatoes,cucumbers,sweet corn, and peppers. OH MY!

If you wish to read what I write about the meteor shower. Then check out "A Poet's Travels" it is one of my other blogs. Just go to my profile and click it, or type

I will be writing that poem soon, until then enjoy the poems written.

I can see out my windows that we are going to get hit by another thunderstorm. So, I must cut this short. Before I go, I wish to express my love to the families hit by the tornado nearby.It happened in Williamsville, Ill, it is only a few miles away from us. Some people lost homes and were injured. Businesses were destroyed, the good news, NO DEATHS! (I heard on the TV that is was a tornado or hurricane force winds?)

Speaking of hurricanes, I hope those impacted will be OK.

As I stated we still have the Summers sun, with it the Summer rain. May your remaining days of the season be enriched with love. May they bring you a cool soft breeze and happy memories.

I thank you for stopping by place again.

Feel free to stop by any time my fellow Lifers.

Loren Wesley Ackerman & Family

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life's What It Is Somtimes

Happy Birthday to LWIIS!

8/04/08 to 8/04/09

I could win a staring contest against my computer screen. The last few days have melted into each other, like ice in my drink. I try to come up with something witty to say, but end up with my foot in my mouth. I guess my heart has a foot fetish. :)

Here is a joke: How do you know your getting older?
When you no longer have a good side.


I can't help but get caught up in the politics of life. You see I have decent memory of the last decade or so. When Bill Clinton took over we were in a deficit, then he pulled us out of the fiscal quicksand. Then came a Blow job, it wasn't right, nor was it illegal. He betrayed his family, not the country. Then came Ken Starr and the powers that preached. They spoke of truth and adultery, when a handful of them did the same. They lied about it too, that was until the press exposed it. After the so called IMPEACHMENT, came the bill. They spent millions on the investigation, and claimed that Bush inherited a HUGE deficit?

When the People were robbed of a fair election and were force fed manure, we received G.W. Bush. The man lacked the skills and integrity of past Presidents. The man lacked the know how of many other Republican leaders, like Roosevelt and Lincoln. It is who you know in the world, when you want to get ahead in life. It sure doesn't hurt to have many political leaders on your side, all of them with pre designed plans.

Does anybody remember what Bush said in the debates of 2000? The man spelled it out, loud and clear. When he discussed military build up and dealing with the Middle east. When I heard this, I asked myself how can he accomplish these goals. I was stumped at the time, I thought to myself, only if you could rally the majority of Americans to go back there. There were many hints in his speeches that screamed tragedy.

I'm not bringing him up to bash him, only to make a couple points. After 911 happened, he spent billions for the sake of FREEDOM. The man broke constitutional laws, when he could not rewrite them. His administration would not testify under oath, nor would he? Encouraged illegal wire tapping and torture. I was once targeted by Government, by use of illegal wire tapping and have the tapes to prove it! Yes, I recorded the entire conversation. It is a long story and I fear I've said to much. :) ( True story)

His administration destroyed this country in many ways, in ways that will take decades to repair. They contributed to catastrophic destruction across the globe. Manipulated the media, like never before. It bothers me when I hear current lawmakers speak about spending and when the media caters to the Obama haters. Like I said, it will take decades to begin the repairs, let alone make major head way.

I was once a harsh critic of President Obama, I preferred a certain Dennis from Ohio. Only because I had the honor of meeting then Senator Obama, plus asking him a question about the environment. In his own words "a three fer" I was not satisfied. The bill involved McCain and Lieberman. Imagine that? My question was not truly recognized by the public or the press. President Obama did his best, considering my question was a jab at the media, Government, and specifically politicians.

Back to my typical style of ramble writing, my point in hand. I heard the other day, that his popularity in the polls is at 50 percent? How could this be, it took Bush much longer? How can a regime as heartless as the Bush administration had a higher percentage? I mean President Obama has not been in office a year yet.

Cut the man some slack already!

Get off his back about Birth certificates, he would have proved it before running for President. If you want to point out illegalities, how did Dick Cheney become Vice-president then? He magically got his residency altered over night, Bush and him both lived in Texas. It was because it is who you know in life. The average American never receives a speedy process when it comes to important paperwork, especially by Government.

I have a little trivia question for you. How many years or Presidential Administrations have Cheney, Rumsfeld, and Bush Sr. been involved? The truth will blow your minds. After you find that out, look real hard on what they truly accomplished. Look at the deficits and hardships they left behind. I can say this about many political figures in history, but feel humanity has been affected by these people dramatically. At least responsible for Texas manure that has covered Main Street and Wall Street.

If we wish for the current President to succeed, we must help clear the stink. We must work as one, without hidden agendas. I'm not saying we allow any more leaders to write blank checks, but make sure it is spent for the greater good. Not just on vacationing politicians, on people who bicker over everything. Getting pay raises to do nothing and spend their careers denying the people a fair shake.

Has any body told us where the trillions of dollars that the Bush Administration spent really went? To protect our freedom, for the war. Then why did it take so long for the troops to receive proper equipment and supplies? Where did all the money that those contractors received go? Where did all the gold that was found in the war go?

How much money did the oil companies make off us hard working Americans, when we supported our troops? How much money did the major Corporations receive from the Bush administration? How much money did the Air Lines get wen bush was president? How much money did the Bush administration gain from their decisions?

I merely bring these questions up, because I'm sick of hearing people talk about Presidential spending. When in the past it was not even a worry for the controlling majority, or the Bush Supporters. It was not a concern to the people who gained from destruction of this once beautiful land of the free.

If all people can do is spread hate and negativity, then shut the hell up. Get a life, find a real reason to dislike a person. I have always said "I can at least find one good thing about every person." Think about it, even the worst people have at least taught a lesson or two.

We must love our fellow man, but that does not mean we have to agree. I have always looked at life in terms of Right or Wrong! I may not have always been in the right, but have known my wrongs.

I suggest we try our best to keep our heads above the manure.
My motto is: If there's manure, then lets put into the garden.

Why I say this is, after time we will share the bounties of our labor. Together we will sow the seeds of hope. We will harvest the love that provides the promise of our children's future.

Once again, I thank you for stopping by my place. In the year I have been blogging on the computer, I have met some amazing people. We have all shared moments that have changed our lives. Might it be a birth or a surgery, an election. A personal triumph or a tragedy, we were there. I know that many people have stopped knocking on my cyber door, and that's OK.

I will keep you in my heart always, I will be here for you when you need me. Just drop me a line and I will respond. I know I have not been knocking on many doors myself, I feel like a stranger these days. Every since I've joined Face Book, I've neglected my friends. Not because I'm lazy, or that I don't care. It's just life's what it is sometimes and I'm lost right now.

When I started to blog, my wish was to teach, not preach! I fear my heart has altered my speech, my mind has left me in breach. My broken sentences and dyslexic writing has allowed academic minds to drift away. I decided to do it anyway, I overcame my fear of rejection from others.

I would be a liar, if I were to say I don't care. Because I love you all for who you are, even if you became just a memory to me.

I'm struggling to be myself, the weight is bearing down. I'm just looking for a place that I can lay my head. I sincerely require realities paradise, not just a farm, A Mob,a job, or a huge bank account in cyberland.

I have some GREAT IDEAS to SHARE with ANYBODY WHO CARES. They are ideas that will require friends, and together we will all prosper. I will give you a hint, it involves a computer.

Ramble, ramble, ramble, Thanks!

Loren Wesley Ackerman & Family

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dueling Summers

When I started this blog almost a year ago, I was lost. The story of my life it seems, it will be a year on August fourth. I had no followers, eventually one! Her name was Beth, she made me feel good. It started with a picture of an owl, then some simple conversation. I was introduced to some real nice folks and some unique blogs. Those people, those wonderful blogs helped me get through my fathers cancer. Blogging helped me cope with crisis and gave me some sanity.

I wish to thank you all for everything.

This time last year I was mostly alone, except my too busy wife and amazing daughter Malayna Jane. She is my sunshine, our heart song. I loved my wife before I met her, I was convinced even more, when I did. Time passed, we grew a little older. Entering new points in our lives, then we drifted apart. Like most couples, she found happiness with other people. Last summer she tried to leave me behind. If only I would have psychic, or she would have communicated her emotions to me.

I love her more than love itself and will for the remainder of my life. To me Alisa Kay will always be beautiful and amazing. I try to show it daily, but often fail. Still, I know in my heart I love her. I hope she knows I love her, differently, but even more today.

The past is the past, and time shows no mercy. It is to easy to let your heart be muted and your mind be isolated from reason. We must get passed our pain, our personal fears. It can seem like the walls of our spirit can collapse, almost crush us. I emphasis the word seem, we each have a powerful inner strength that can support our soul. Powerful, only if we wish it so. I am blessed to know my Daughter, MJ. Her innocence and pure love, can override most things.

The downside to that love is when we can't do what most families can. We may not get vacations, or financial security. We may never own a new car or our dream house. Make it to the place of paradise, and that is OK. I have hope that our goals will be met one day, that we will find our place in life. Until, then we will bask in the love we share. It may not be perfect, it may not always be sweet. And that's OK!

We have each other in this Mad Mad world.

I feel joy in the happiness of others. I love it when people have dreams come true, simple or large. My concern for those lucky people is that they realize it. I have no doubt they do. Especially the one's who need it the most. One of my many wishes is that a person who has nothing, will win the lottery next time.

In a perfect world, my wishes would come true.

Blog, blog, blog.............. At least it's not other peace entry. :)

Thanks for stopping by my place and have a good weekend.

Loren Wesley Ackerman & Family.