Thursday, August 20, 2009

Sundials and Fine Wine

The date is wrong on the photos? It was less than two weeks ago?

The Summer is swiftly turning into another Autumn. The time has been well spent, it may not be like Summers of the past. Maybe we didn't do the things that we wanted, but I'm sure we captured meaningful memories.

It's kind of like a Butterfly collection that we keep free. As they fly we can marvel at their beauty, at the flutter of flight. Landing on the colorful flowers in bloom. Both the butterfly and the flowers may soon be a memory. We mustn't fret, they will return.

Summers sun has not set just yet. The Summer heat will still linger, we will have more.

It is just me or does time gain speed the more aged we become?

Since we must age then let us age like a fine wine. Let the flavor of our lives be sweet. May time be kind, so that we will potent. Each day be a glass that is half full and delicious.

I will spare the first time readers and admit I ramble. Even in metaphors, so I will get to the point already! :)

My Mom returned from Ontario for another visit. It was a typical visit, she enjoyed her grand kids. My Mom tried to see as much family as she could. Then made her way to Savanna, Georgia. That is where my Grandparents reside, her parents. I went there a few years back, it was beautiful.

My daughter Malayna and I was going to go with my family, but could not. My Mom took my sister Melissa with her. My Nieces went as well, it would have been a memorable trip. I'm partly glad we decided not to go. There was some good ole family friction during the trip. I won't get into the details, but will say it was a FAMILY vacation.

They made it to Florida to see my Uncle and went to some beaches. All and all they had a good time. The down side was that MJ barely saw my Mom. We had a couple discussions about quality time and such. So, she stayed a couple extra days to visit with us. I wished I could say it went splendidly, if I did I'd be lying.

We did make it to New Salem State Park. It is only Ten minutes away, and it has a decent playground. We walked the trails and visited the village. It is a replica of the time Abe Lincoln was there. In September they have a Bluegrass festival on the main stage. During the day hundreds of people sit on hay stacks, they pick and grin till dark. It is a good time, if your in the area, check it out.

Some of the photos you will see are from there.

The last two days was OK, we had good visits. I was pleased to see MJ smile with her Grandma Myra. If I could do it over again, I would be more understanding. I would just keep quit, smile more.

I love you Mom and we miss you!

Has anybody ever noticed that most family members are set in their ways. Simple conversation evolves into complex communication. It may be a news story or an opinion, it will be ignored. Why do people want to complain about life, instead of enjoying it?

I try my best to get along with others, even if we don't see eye to eye. I'm friends with all walks of life, even friendly with my enemy. Will I cater to negativity, NO! But I will help those who truly want help. Most of the time, my mind is my worst enemy. My heart is by guide in life and my soul is my best friend. Sometimes the three quarrel, creating an emotional reaction.

Uncertainty engulfs my intuition, so much that its gluttony fills my guts. In the heat of the moment, my common sense is lost. It could be in the gutter, maybe it stands beside my street smarts. Perhaps it is Major brain fart, one that chokes the heart. Thank goodness for our souls ability to recover, to survive in life.

I feel like I've spoke enough from my heart and will move on.

Other than the visit, we have been cooking some good stuff on the grill. Once I've finished my cook book I will share. I will say that I've used lots of garden vegetables! I can't give most of them away, let alone cook them all. I think I will have to can some this year, or buy a dehydrator.

Egg plant,zucchini,squash,tomatoes,cucumbers,sweet corn, and peppers. OH MY!

If you wish to read what I write about the meteor shower. Then check out "A Poet's Travels" it is one of my other blogs. Just go to my profile and click it, or type

I will be writing that poem soon, until then enjoy the poems written.

I can see out my windows that we are going to get hit by another thunderstorm. So, I must cut this short. Before I go, I wish to express my love to the families hit by the tornado nearby.It happened in Williamsville, Ill, it is only a few miles away from us. Some people lost homes and were injured. Businesses were destroyed, the good news, NO DEATHS! (I heard on the TV that is was a tornado or hurricane force winds?)

Speaking of hurricanes, I hope those impacted will be OK.

As I stated we still have the Summers sun, with it the Summer rain. May your remaining days of the season be enriched with love. May they bring you a cool soft breeze and happy memories.

I thank you for stopping by place again.

Feel free to stop by any time my fellow Lifers.

Loren Wesley Ackerman & Family


FrankandMary said...

Time has definitely gained speed now that I am in my 40s. I think watching a little child grow speeds that process up as well.

I look back on things and wish I had been MORE(insert yours here) too, but sometimes we gave a little more than we thought we did. Some of us are our own worst critics. ~Mary

Beth said...

Oh yes, I think time definitely goes faster the older you get. It's amazing...and frightening.

Sounds like a great summer...but it sure went by fast, didn't it?

Hugs, Beth

mortonlake said...

we havent really had a summer over here,it was promised to be hot,but apart from this week and a few days it failed to materialise.take care,mort

Lisa said...

I do believe time passes faster as we age. Kind of scary wondering how fast it will go when I am years older. It sounds to me like you had a good summer.

I loved the butterfly collection you keep free.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Sorry you had a less than uplifting visit, but the park looks awesome :o)

Indigo said...

Most definitely times speeds ahead. My summer has flown by. Of course I'm immersed in my latest project...I'm looking forward to Autumn this year. For once changes are in my favor.

MJ has gotten so much bigger. She's growing up so fast.


Lori said...

Oh time goes SO quickly now. It has been a strange summer, weather-wise, and I do hope that Autumn doesn't come too quickly. I'm glad your mom was able to stay a while to visit, because even if it wasn't a terrific visit, it's good for your daughter to have had that time with her. Hope you guys are doing well.