Saturday, August 29, 2009

Get Your Popcorn, Right here!

With all that is going on in the world, we continue. As I press the keys, I listen to the coyotes howl and an owl hoot outside my windows.

I try to keep my thoughts organized, or in my head.

Most of us try to move forward and make the best of life, others choose to be careless.I know many people who don't have a mind of their own, they follow the leader. As if most of the so called leaders know what to do, let alone lead.

What I'm referring to is political leaders, news leaders, the decision makes. The ones who decided and decide what we should believe today. The corporate scoundrels of our lives.

Take Fox News, they claim to be the most watched? Maybe they are and maybe the sheep zombies follow. I know a good number of people who swear it's the complete truth.

When I know other wise, for example they call the media a "Liberal Media"? Why is it called that when for almost a decade it was manipulated by the last administration?

For those who don't believe me or don't remember, come on over to my house. We can watch thousands of hours of news footage. From all news networks, local to the major network's. I'll pop the popcorn, while your head explode from the truth.

It will be like that scene in "Clockwork Orange" but without the straps and eye braces.

You might ask me why, or how thousands of hours. It's simple, I put a tape in when I left the house. This went on for years, because I needed research for an Idea. It became so crazy from the ever changing facts and misinformation. That I halted my project, the TV was an insane asylum.

Does anybody remember the terror alert, Jessica Lynch, the kid arrested for a Peace shirt? Senator Daschle's comment that made him go away. Howard Dean's scream or what the Administration did for eight years?

I could write a song that even Billy Joel would be proud, so I will leave it to your memories.

I possess tapes from the 2000 debates to the Obama administration.
So, I feel I can safely say I know more than most people. You see I combined Newspapers, magazines, all news channels,and some words from politicians themselves.

Nothing added up, other than it was a waste of my time. The good thing is I can use the news for over a decade to back my thoughts up. My mouth at the very least, so bring it!

Then I have common sense and don't follow the sheep headers of the world. My own family are sheep because of Fox news. If I've been one, it's been a black sheep.

Bush supporters complain about life now, they bash Obama and the Democrats. When they had Reagan,Bush Sr., and G.W. Bush. Way to go America! To be fair We must point the finger at democrats too. They allowed it to happen, even if control was lacking.

I watched some news about Ted Kennedy on all channels the other day. Yes, CNN and some other channels praised him. They recalled the good things that he did, but brought up the question of health care. Asking if his death will effect it's fate, and some people responded. Fox News seemed heartless with coverage. Host and guest attacked politely, raising few good facts. Giraldo spoke the kindest words of what I watched, (Mr. Sandman} himself thought decent of the man! In the background, Bill O looked angry about hearing it on his show.

I support it and feel it is needed for our country. Most of us pay taxes and slave our lives away. Our friends and families pay taxes and the government has put it where they wanted. Things like war and for personal gains.

My thought is why not? A major illness or an injury can destroy a family. It could take years to pay it off, because employers have not truly cared. Pharmaceutical companies and Hospitals haven't cared. If they did, then why so much debt? Other countries use it and it works.

"Waiting in line like the Post Office."
At least people who need care will finally get it.

I don't believe the American people don't want this. There are more poor than rich, there are more sick than healthy. It's the powers that be, that manipulate the system, persuade the sheep.

Politicians say they cared about Ted Kennedy and that they are sad for his passing. Then go on to say that there must be a compromise with health care. They say they care about the American people and just don't want break the country.

What the hell are they talking about? What did the last President do and what did they do to stop it?

Nothing! They gave themselves pay raises and helped scare the hell out of the country. Misinformation and fear tactics is what they spoke about. They attacked people who spoke against the war. They took out anybody who got it the way, so they could get their way.

Don't believe me, the popcorn's popping.

Even democrats contributed to the lies and helped spread the fear.

It is the victors who write in the History books. It is the winners who alter our lives. The true losers of the political game are the people. We the people continue to struggle unhealthy and hungry. While they get the best health care and we pay for their good lives.

In regards to Ted Kennedy, he did some good things for the world.He helped shape some good Ideas, but he was FLAWED.

Politicians can do wonderful things for the world. But, spend most of their time bickering. Blaming one's party, when it's Mankind that represents it.

I'm sick of people saying that they care about the man. Then go on to say they hope that this togetherness will carry over. That each side wants to make a difference for the people, but does nothing about it. They will have their vacation that we pay for. They will continue to live a high life, while many suffer.

It should have been a done deal already!

Now, we mourn a good leader's death and the Parties will cry. Most of them for their own mortality, not his passing. They will spend the time golfing and fine dining until they go back to work. Meanwhile, the majority of the country struggles to provide healthy meals for family.

Some say that if people want it bad enough, they will get it. Then what about the unhealthy, can they work to pay for medical bills if sick? Can the children live healthy lives if both parents work? It's another double edged sword, kids don't have the family support they need. They won't have the guidance or good health mentally.

Even when parents work, the bills don't get paid. Fine, get two jobs, feed kids junk food, and never be home.

It's a recipe for disaster!

Free health care will help ease the burdens of the American family.

I feel I've touched lightly on the reality of the American life. I rambled enough without much facts. You see this entry would take a decade to educate the general public with facts.

The sad thing is that most of we the people was living it, but not watching it. "Watch what they do, not what they say."

Back to the sheep, we must be individuals, not meat. If something is true, if something is right, then you support it. I know we have the right to our own opinions, and it's our leaders who decide. So, here's your chance to be herders. It's time to demand that our civil sheep move forward.

For the sake of the future and our children, please speak your own minds. Please listen to your own heart and souls voice. It is not too late in life to be free.

If you can't see the logic in my words,or remember the misinformation. Bring the deepest popcorn bowl you can find over to my couch. The popcorn is ready!

Are you?

Before I end this entry I would like to send my love to the Kennedy family and his friends. I wish to give a hug to those who mourn the loss of Senator Edward Kennedy.

The man may no longer be in body, but his life's dreams and accomplishments will linger.

For those who mourn please remember it is to celebrate his life, not to swim in tears of sorrow. My heart will cry, yet my soul will smile.He feels no pain, he is now healthy. He is no longer a sheep, and no longer human.

Ted Kennedy is now free.

Loren Wesley Ackerman & Family


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Don't pop any for me because I agree with you. So many sheep only get their information from the talking heads, and do not take the time to do their own research. Have to admit I am not a fan of faux news. This last election cycle has firmly planted me in the Independent column after being a registered Republican for more than 25 years.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you have a great weekend :o)

Beth said...

You know I'm with you on this, too. As I've written before, I believe we have a moral obligation to care for our citizens. I told Ken last night that I hope they name this bill after Sen. Kennedy, and then ram it through.

Enjoy your weekend, Wes! Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you have a great weekend :o)

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you have a great weekend :o)

Lisa said...

I'm sure having all of the video IS amazing to go back & watch the events again. I would think in reviewing these you can almost see the events falling in to their place - thus bringing on the next event. It's so interesting to me you have all this on tape.

DB said...

Wes, I finally figured out how to read your journal. I highlight the words and they come out white.

All your points are very good ones. There's one person on the Google journals who calls them "sheeple" and that's a good term. There are people who are masters at manipulating public thought, because they know most people don't think for themselves. As a liberal I don't consider the media liberal. I consider them baffled most of the time. Or else it's news by emotion.

It is easy to see how empty the anti-health care argument is by the remarks that they make. The ignorance is appallubg. The insurance companies are applauding. The aweful thing is to watch people out stomping on their own rights.

I am one who is ill with no health insurance and no money to pay for cure or treatment. I can't afford popcorn, but I'd like to invite some of those sheeple over her to see how I live and why.


Lisa said...

You had a lot of very helpful points in this entry!! Thank you for sharing. I especially liked the part about the parents having to work two jobs, the kids at home raising themselves and having to eat junkfood. So true. Recipe for utter disaster!!