Thursday, September 17, 2009

Good Conduct Mustn't Be Stealth

I just finished watching the "New York Philharmonic Opening Night Gala Concert" it's 168TH. It Had Soprano Rena Fleming and it was a delight to watch. The very funny Alec Baldwin was interviewing and with much poise.

I bring this up because I love most music, at least one song in each style. To me music is a gift to our souls. I love watching the Symphony Orchestra perform together, with its strings,brass,wood winds, and percussion's. The conductor is indeed the maestro, but if the people preforming know the music, they could be obsolete.

Still, I respect the conductor and feel they keep the Orchestra in harmony.

Have you ever watched the movement of the music, the passion from the people? It is a musical masterpiece to witness. A pleasure to hear the sweet sounds of teamwork.

Maybe one might prefer the strings over the brass, or the percussion. Some might choose the wood winds, no matter your preferred instruments, together they make the orchestra.

Why can't society mimic this artistic beauty? Why does Politics contradict it's true purpose and function in the opposite manner? I would think that our founders would want it to be similar to a Symphony Orchestra.

If you believe in a God above, would he wish us to be more like one?

Instead of playing the strings, both sides pull on them. Pulling so hard that they break during the performance. Our elected civil servants were chosen to play their part, not distort the sound. Beating down the hopes of a desperate society, drowning out the sounds of decency. Instead of beating the drums, they beat each other down, they deny the audience genuine human satisfaction.

We pay taxes, if you will allow me to say our admission. Our ticket to the performance of American life. We pay our whole lives only to witness our elected leaders perform poorly. Working against each other, pulling the fear strings. Manipulating the informational keys, pitting us against each other.

Forgive me if I'm incorrect to state that we deserve respect and consideration. That our Elected President deserves to be treated with patience and respect as well.

We the People deserve the opportunity of a healthier life. I'm talking about affordable health care and a cleaner planet.

With this nonexistent bipartisanship and continual tug of war, we the world will suffer. We have endured many hardships throughout history. The last decade alone has set our future decades back, if we indeed have a future.

I remain optimistic for our children, but will always be a realistic person. Enough with the health care smokescreen, pass it already!

Let us work together as people, as politicians! If we wish to have a future we must move on to the next humane issue. We must focus on the environment, without a healthy one, life is pointless. Jobs are meaningless, unless you want to merely pay the bills. Buy a big fancy house, a car for a road to nowhere. A path to endless desert, a future without hope.

Why can't the Republicans admit they are what they are?

Why can't the Democrat's pass a good bill, when they control most of the legislation?

I'll tell you why, politicians are mostly wolves in sheep's clothing. Say anything to get elected humans, hiding in the cloaks of sheep.

Mankind acts as if they want all that is good. "In the name of God" Christian folks simply wish for gods plan to be true. When human actions prove mankind's truth, that fear is the fire that fuels the pits of hate. Fear prevents good people from accomplishing great things.

Let me ask the moral majority a question! Where were you when Bush was "In Charge"? Where was your protest when United States Soldiers dropped like flies? Where was your outcry when thousands of innocent civilians perished in the desert? (By the way, the War continues on! God's Children still spill innocent blood overseas.)

But here is a group of people shouting about money and a President destroying a great nation.

Where were you when Government stole our countries finances for WAR? It is our right to stand up to the leaders of our country, it is our right to believe what we want.

So, continue on with the fight to deny unfortunate families the chance to afford health care. Go forward with false information and harsh judgement. March on to Washington! Scream at the man who tries, the President who attempts fix the last eight years of greed.

Equal rights doesn't mean that a select few can have their way. It doesn't mean we should decide who gets married or gets a job first. It means we should be color blind, we should not see sex. We should see Mankind for what it is and accept our way of life. We are human, not Gods.

Go ahead and shout it, spread it, print it, and broadcast your deceptions. Spread your distorted interpretations to the masses. I still believe that the majority can see the truth. That we can decide our future, by means of working together.

Most will say I'm wrong, most will say wake the hell up! Guess what I am! I feel that mankind has the capability to preform well together. We can make powerful music together, like an Symphony Orchestra. It will take patience and practice. When we work together we will break a few strings, but we are human.

I have more faith in myself than in Elected officials. Maybe I'm incorrect in my logic, I wish one day that politicians will conduct themselves like in an orchestra.

At the very least, respect the conductor. I mean until they harmonize and play well with each other, or compliment the process. We need a leader to lead, to conduct this country. To compose a sympathetic symphony and with compassion.

With all that is going on in the news.The protests and outburst's, we should work as one. There should be a nation that respects the promise of betterment. Wishes for affordability and well health. I regret to say that we live in a corrupted and stingy fearful world. A life built on manipulation and lies.

I don't blame people for distrusting big business and most government. But see the insanity in the recent uprisings. That goes for all parties, I mean we allowed Government to destroy the World for 8 years. Then came President Obama, a man elected by the people.

This man took over a sinking ship called the United States of America. A Titanic task for any man to bare! History has shown that in crisis panic does not help.

It may seem like we lack sufficient life boats right now, but together we can weld the leaks. When society separates themselves by class it sinks. When worries of money outweigh decency and the well being of the future of our children, life fails.

The time is now to provide affordable health care! We mustn't place bubblegum on the leak. If we continue on the last Presidents course, we will hit more icebergs.

I firmly believe that the musicians do not have to play on a sinking ship. We can all survive, more than just head above water.

Give President Obama a chance to lead us, at least for one term! Bush was handed two terms? Two chances! (I'm still scratching my head)

In the name of Peace and Love let us hear the tune of progress. Allow the country to truly heal from past mistakes. Give us the opportunity to treat the wounds that plague our lives.


Loren Wesley Ackerman


Beth said...

It's astounding to me the way either side just digs in its heels. One side says they won't pass a health care bill if it includes a public option; the other side says they won't pass it if it doesn't include a public option. Sometimes it makes me want to scream!

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I like the music analogy, perhaps they need more practice together. It will be a rocky year or two, but hopefully after the next mid-term elections, we can get some more partisanship.

Big Mark 243 said...

I understand your frustration with the situation in politics, Wes. But it took a long time before man realized that music needed a conductor, to lead the orchestra. It took awhile before man knew that a conductor was needed before he knew how to make music.

Partisanship goes both ways. It isn't only obstruction by the Republicans that is bogging down the government. It wasn't only indifference that allowed for the kind of governance that had us in the trouble we were (are??) in.

Sometimes we have to do our best and let that be enough.