Thursday, September 24, 2009

Take It Or Leave It.

Summer has turned into Autumn now, the Robins are gone. The leaves have started to fall to earth's floor. The temperature has been in the Eighties in the day and cool at night. The butterflies linger, sticking to the withering flowers. Soon the lucky ones will journey elsewhere in flight. The bee's devour the pollen that remains, the beetles find a way inside our domains.

The seasons are passing, the time is fleeting. We will loose the minutes of the evening daylight with each new day. This process is necessary, our Earths orbit, merely completing a cycle for life.

This time of the year has been troublesome for me, it brings me personal growth. In years past I've let the season defeat my happiness. I've let the memories of my loved ones bring my spirits down like the falling leaves. My mistake was to dwell on their passing, I have not moved on. I've tried to live life for them and not me.

This year will be different, I will enjoy the little things. I will be strong for my family, we will have a happy harvest in memories. I'm looking forward to wearing a costume again. As parents we will be giddy taking MJ out for Halloween. Lisa and I will enjoy some Autumn walks under the changing leaves.

Now that Fall is here, we can pull the sweaters out of the closet. (If we can still fit in them?)

Typically we have more fires for wiener roasting, and marshmallows for Smores. For me there is the Spoon River Scenic Drive, a place where I get my Birthday pickled beets. I could go on about the many positives of the season, but will let you cherish your own.

Feel free to name a few, I will gladly listen to your loves in life.

I was going to write about the Summers passing, about all the things I'll miss. About garden tomatoes and swimming pools. About the evening sky and fireworks. I didn't feel the need, I wish to think about the present. I will look forward to our near future, even when it turns to cold again.

You see Summer is fleeting, like our lives. The difference is the seasons return unlike our youth. If we get stuck in mind fields of our past, time will pass ever so fast. We must not dread change, it arrives like Autumn. There will be rain, there will be wind. Yes, it can blow in all directions.

Before the season turns again we will witness many colors. My advice for those who dwell on age, for the ones who choose not to see the colors. Your heart is not colorblind, only human.

In Autumn the leaves naturally fall, so rake a pile or two. After you make a few, jump in one. Be the kid at heart you know you are, have some fun!

The more I type I realize this entry was more for me, but if it helped you, Great!

I will take this time to thank you for stopping by my place. May Autumn be a Harvest of memories for you as well.

Peace & Love
Loren Wesley Ackerman


amandape said...

love the post! Happy fall to you & your family!

Big Mark 243 said...

Well, thanks for sharing. It reminded me of things that I shouldn't take for granted and for things that need to be put away. There is a new season coming, and I am ready to embrace it!!

Beth said...

I hate to say goodbye to summer, too, but getting through winter makes next spring and summer all the sweeter! Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

The colors bring out smiles and joy, so let autumn begin, and may winter be short.

Tawnya said...

Fall has been my favorite season since I have moved to Michigan. I love the leaves changing and the cooler temps. Summer is good, but I am from Florida where summer is almost like being in Hell. Happy Fall! I think that the main reason I like Fall is that my birthday is in October!

DB said...

Hi Wes. I could speak of Autumn. Autumn is nice, it's colorful and active, with harvests and celebrations. But I'm looking forward to the Winter, I think it's my favorite season now. Most people think of Winter as holidays and end of year festivities. But then it's a time of beginnings. It tells of harsh weather, difficulties and suffering. Comfort is hard to find but oh so appreciated when it is. People come together and find freedom in each other's company. It is the time when dreams are found and shaped for the Spring and Summer of life. The seeds are waiting to be sown, the buds are hiding in the trees and nature is asleep wrapped up in the certainty of Spring. I love Winter. I know, I know. Ask me again in the middle of February and see what I say. But I will probably say the same.

In the meantime, it's Autumn, and may it be a joyful one for you with a lot of new, happy memories being formed.