Thursday, October 1, 2009

A Road Without Traffic

The Autumn rain falls outside the window, it gently drops. The trees whisper in the slight wind, almost dancing. They dance for the evening, rather the early morning. They softly shake their leaves before they tumble to the ground. I do not hear a car on the quiet road. No coyotes tonight, not even the friendly owl?

Now, our friend a Mourning Dove sings her beautiful songs to the distant train. I've known her since my early years, it has been since Junior High school. We have shared many mornings and many moons. Countless Seasons, she has been there for my soul. For this I thank her daily, after all I will soon be 32 years old.

Birdie has been around for many hardships and may blessings. When I switched from drawing to writing, she was there. When I've had to carry loved ones coffins, she has been there. When Lisa carried MJ, she cooed sweet songs to our fantastic fetus.

MJ greets her like family in the morning, she coos songs right along with her.

Birdie is a blessing to my family, she is a joy to know. Speaking without words, but reaches our hearts.

I write about what I know in my life. What I can feel and see. Right now I hear her singing to me.

My family is a blessing, they keep my spirit in a good place. Creating important adventures, taking me to places I've never been. Wonderful places in my heart, an important destination. My genuine happy place, a location I gladly call home.

Granted I stumble on my emotions, I get stuck in memories muck. There is an expression that suggest that we get our hands dirty or another about our feet getting wet. How about the heart or the mind, they too get dirty.

Our eyes can shine, they too are wet. A smile can raise our cheeks, as easy as sadness can cause leaks. Life provides growth! After all every garden needs rain to become fruitful.

What I'm trying to say is that a Happy place is not constant, we are human beings. We struggle internally with our conscience, then with Humankind. We sleep,eat,work, and play. Wake up, defecate, and simply be.

Life and death have no manuals, still many try to go by the book. I believe people are different, with similar traits. Similar tastes with common thinking. You notice I did not say common sense, for if this was true, the world would be our happy place.

I may seem like I'm blowing all over this web page, I'm merely trying to make a point. Trying to help those who feel like me sometimes.

When time catches up to me, or life seems bittersweet. I notice my surroundings, I listen to my own voice. This morning I heard the soft rain, I smelled the Autumn scents.

The smell of the rain, blew in with the gentle wind. I watched my family sleep peacefully to the sound of Birdies beak.

My mind was clear, it merged with nature. I rolled around in the leaves, I became the air in the wind. Again, residing at a happy place. It puts a smile on my face to sit by a window and hear no traffic. One of the luxuries to living on the outside of a small town.

My advice to those who feel as Blue as I did yesterday, give yourself a quiet moment. If possible block the traffic that congests your mind, that clogs your heart. Try to silence it's noise, try to listen to your joy.

If even for an instant, find your happy place.


Our Birdie sings.
Life dings, it stings.
People, places, and things.
Don't be bound, cut your strings.
Become the wind, or sprout some wings.
After all who knows what tomorrow brings.

Peace & Love
Loren Wesley Ackerman


Big Mark 243 said...

Trying to help those who feel like me sometimes.

I think we all 'feel like me' sometimes as well. There is only one life and this is it. Everything that is in it is as much mine as it is yours.

Love is love, loss is loss. The particulars differ, and that gives off the illusion that it is somehow 'different'.

Different to whom and from what? Those are things only relevant to the individual. I mean, if you lost your money in the stocks and felt it meant losing your life, who is to say that it is any different from any other kind of loss?

After all, it is the individual who is losing, not mine. But what I can do, is go to my place of loss, and speak to them from there. Hopefully something will take and alter their perspective and help them once again become vital.

I think you do a good job, Wes. You do provide a lot of people with something of substance to chew on and digest. I know that I am one of them!! And since I was brought here through someone else, I KNOW that I am not alone@@


Beth said...

I find the sound of the mourning dove one of the most comforting sounds I know. No matter how stressed out I am, or how upset about something, I can't hear that gentle coo without just letting it all go. Hang in there, Wes. Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Our home here in the country is our sanctuary, watching the deer, the turkeys, the chipmunks, and many different birds brings us peace and happiness. I wish the same for you :o)

Indigo said...

Autumn has made a graceful entrance in NY. Life has it's up and downs, it's how we react to those times of sorrow that make or break us.

Sounds like your handling life with a song and skip these days dear friend. (Hugs)Indigo

Rebecca Anne said...

What I really appreciated (along with the beautiful writing) is when you mentioned life is not always happy. I think sometimes people strive to discover that happy only place and it only makes them miserable......
Well done, everything~