Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Wake Up Call

My wife called me a little after 5:00 this morning, and said she was in the Hospital! She started work at 2:00 am, and was directing traffic at the plant. Apparently she was walking when she passed out, and hit the gravel road. She said it was like she felt like a robot, and she was shutting down? When I loaded MJ up, and drove to pick her up, the Security guard told me her blood sugar levels spiked? Lisa can't remember much, but said it blood pressure was very bad. She will go into the doctors soon, and we will know more than. She required several stitches, and bit through her lips. She told me on the phone that she was ugly, and that I would not recognize her. She was wrong I saw her beautiful Blue eyes, and Shining soul!

I have tried to tell her that it could have been much worse, and thank goodness for the Hard hat, and Safety glasses! I don't know how , but she should have knocked out most of her teeth and broke her nose, but didn't? I just want to help her out in any way that I can, and will love her always!

Everybody has been sick, and MJ has had the oddest sleep times! She has been going to bed past 3:00 in the morning, and didn't pass out till 4:45 am when Lisa called me! I didn't get much sleep, and will have to do lots of stuff today. Forgive me for my ramblings, and lateness on reading entries.

Her is some good news! My Dad finally got out of the Hospital, and is home right now sleeping in his own bed! I hope it last longer than 2 days this time, and that he is kicking CANCERS ASS!
I will be putting out a few entries in the very near future, when I can find the time.

I wish you all beautiful days and magnificent evenings! :)


Monday, October 27, 2008

A Poet's Travels: I Had It "Made" for a while!

The house still smells like coconut shrimp and mango sauce. A friend from my old job brought me a box to try, and I couldn't say no! I will have to admit it was delicious, and the sauce is what made it even better. The funny thing is less than two years ago, I wouldn't have touched shrimp, or coconut anything! I have loved almost all foods, but did not like either one. I have been eating things with coconut, and shrimp every since my Grandfather in Georgia made me some fried shrimp. I know all about the mercury in fish, so I try to limit myself to eating it all the time.

The moral to my little story is (Don't be afraid to try new things, or food you hated as a kid)
Taste buds change over time, and eating certain things continually, will seemingly burn you out! There are many types of food I could eat all the time, and one is Italian anything!

My old friend Franko, who lived near Chicago owned a wonderful little place. It was a little white church, turned into a restaurant. On the front of the joint said "Bachi" in red letters. (Which is weird for a church restaurant, an Italian friend told me last year that it meant something naughty?) It was on Lockport Street, in the town of Plainsfield, IL.

Franko was Italian, and his place was full blown Italian food. I walked in there one day, and he says to me "Have you had the Pizza yet, No! Then its on the house, and every day that you come in here I want you to try something new, and let me Know what you thinka! And I don't want your money! Mario, don't ever take these two guys money! It's on the house"

Needless to say I went there all the time, and that included the wine list! I still gave great tips, and helped him on some small "Jobs."

I met all the people in his crew, and we HIT it off. "I was part of the Family"

I was working as a salesman in Chicago, and was staying in Hotels. The cheapest hotel I could find was near Plainsfield, and the BEST ITALIAN FOOD EVER was for FREE! I couldn't complain, I was doing alright. I loved many things about this time in my life, and almost worked as a male model, but chickened out. I don't regret it either, has anybody seen "Zoolander" when he's dancing like a monkey! :)I feel that would have been me! I almost got a job as Window washer! The ones who wash the windows on the skyscrapers, I didn't mind the heights, but in the "Windy City!" (Thanks but no Thanks)

Back to the restaurant, I was doing OK, and one day he approaches me, with a BUSINESS proposition. He Offered my friend and I a job, catering his food to business corporations in Chicago. I had the van, he had the food, and all we had to do was get the big food warmers for the van. He said "He Would take care of everything, and that we would make a lot of dough. That it was in our hands, if we wanted in on his BUSINESS." My friend Minor and I , only knew this guy a short while, and he seemed to good to be true! That we would be delivering "Food" to places, and driving around Chicago traffic. We would waltz into big corporations with unopened dishes, and that would be it?

My friend backed out, and I still entertained the Idea, because I try not to judge a book by its cover. That was until I sat and notice things, like all the shops on the street were owned by Italians, and some of his people made numerous trips to the bank?

One day I was sitting and eating at the restaurant, and a beautiful waitress comes by. She smiles at me, and I smile back. Later My friend comes out and says "Do you think she is pretty?" I replied "Yes"

He says to me "That is my niece from Italy, and she would make a good wife! If you want I could introduce you to her, and let you two get acquainted." He calls her over, and walks away. Leaving the two of us alone. She was an amazing girl, but I wanted him to return as soon as possible. He returned a few minutes later, and sensed that I wasn't happy.

I was so shocked, but upfront with him, and said "I mean you and her no disrespect, but I'm kind of trying to work something out with a girl, and I'm not looking for marriage right now! I believe you when you say that she would make a good wife, and I would like to get know her as a friend. Like with you!" He looked as if he was shocked and pleased at the same time.

Then he says to me "I like you! I like your honesty, and the fact that you are a strong individual. I meant you no disrespect, only wanted to offer you the chance to find some happiness, and be a part of my family. I hope this does not get in the way of our business opportunity, or our friendship!"

I told him that everything was fine, and that I appreciated the offer. That there was no disrespect by is invitation, and that I hoped he was alright with that. His niece and I did have dinner that evening, and it was very pleasant. We had the top of the restaurant to ourselves, and laughed and talked for some time. We listened to some amazing Opera music, some of the Rat Pack tunes, and drank some wine. The night lasted longer than I anticipated, and the moment carried over till morning. We both knew that we were not going to see each other again, so we made the best of our time. It was a good night, and a wonderful morning!

After I declined on the business idea, he offered me a job at the the restaurant. Until I figure out what I wanted to do, and got a decent place. Somehow he persuaded this lady that turned me down a month ago to rent this great place! It was above the local Newspaper, and he said he could get me a job there if I wanted it. At this point I was freaked out, and didn't know what to say. I told him I had a family emergency back home, that I would return in a couple days with an answer.

I returned a couple days later, and told him that I appreciated everything he did for me and my friend, that I had to respectively decline. That I was going down south for some sales work, and would call him when I came back into the area. Time passed and life had other crazy plans for me, and I didn't make it back to the area for almost a year.

Franko welcomed me and Minor with open arms "Anything you two guys want it is on the house, and bring the best bottle of whine we got!" After we hate and had a couple bottles, he told me that "The wine we were drinking, we could not get any more, that some of the greatest writers, and Italian artist drank this wine! I can't remember the name of the wine, and didn't get to see a bottle, but it was good and strong! I could tell it was an aged wine. I won't pretend to know a lot about wine, but it was Delicious!

I don't know why things were the way they were, but can say it was fun. I can't tell you everything, for fear of a horses head in my bed, but can say it was an experience that I will always remember!There is more to this story, and I would love to tell you all the details. But I fear I have said too much, and must be a Good Fella, and not rat nobodies out! Ha HA

I can still hear some Italian sayings that echo in the my mind! But one sticks in my head like the cheeses in the lasagna, "Il tempo idenaro" Time is money! I heard him say that one often, to his employee's. Another one I say to my wife and daughter, "Tu are splendido" You are beautiful"

We talked about the last year, and that we loved his friendship and his food! I told him that I would return, and tell all my friends about the place. It was about a couple years later, and I went back with a girlfriend. I went to ask about Franko, and his brother told me he moved to Arizona, and that he was well. I told him to tell him that one of the "two guys"says hello! His brother was kind to me and my date, he gave us a meal on the house. I discovered after all these years, that it was kindness that ran deep in his Family!

So, in memory of my my past, and to all the good people. I raise a glass and say "salute" and "Grazie"

I hope you all "Buona giornate" and "(Milles) Grazie" for stopping by!


Thursday, October 23, 2008

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

I try to stop thinking about all the things that are bothering me, but can't! I try to think of something funny to say, but keep thinking about reality. Life can be very challenging, and full of surprises. We can go to bed with a smile to wake up with a frown, and one moment be on top of the world, only to be knocked down. One thing is constant, I will keep positive about life's plan.

I know that other people have bigger fish to fry than myself, and know I'm not a victim, rather a student in these lessons of life. I have to keep my mind focused on my spiritual growth, and the love I have for others. I can remember in my youth, I was certain that I would be very successful at this point in my life. I was certain I could save those who needed saving, and lead all the people in my life to calm waters. When we are young, we think that we can conquer anything that stands in our way. I read other peoples entries, and see that whatever happened in life, they have strength from their experiences, and a place to call home.

I was and am a dreamer, I still cling to Ideas that I will be something great! That I will be able to help others for a living, whatever that might be? I have always done better helping other people, before myself. In past jobs, and walking down the street people have came up to me for advice. A few times total strangers have shared a small part of life, and looked to me for advice. I would tell them, I don't know you or your life story, but think that you should follow your heart. I will listen to what the problem is, and put my two cents in, but ask myself Why Me? Not that I don't want to, or don't like to help. It scares me that it happens so often , it is like a moth going to a bright flame. I only wish is I did in fact help them, and they were able to feel their good soul inside, like I do when I help them!

Right now my heart is aching, and my mind is uncertain. My soul screams to help people, but whispers to my heart, to help myself first. It is hard for me to get out of bed theses days, because I don't have a sure path. I know I love my family, and myself! I do know that if I could find a career that lets me help others, and make descent money. I could discover my inner peace, and be where I want to be in this troubled world. If money didn't exist, I could be more clear minded. Unfortunately it does, and so do bills. Now that I'm 31 yrs. Old, and have a family I have to think about financial security. I have been trying to do that for a few years now, and seemed to have chosen the wrong jobs. It has never failed, I get the short end of the stick when it comes to keeping that security.

I will not go into great details on the jobs I have had, but say that in some I helped Mentally and Physically challenged people. I loved that job, but realized that the people in charge didn't care about others like I did! I have worked with animals, and found that the powers that be would rather kill than heal. I have worked with churches on distributing food, and the main focus was being selective on who would receive help. I have worked at places like Goodwill, and discovered that items would be placed aside for the bosses, and what was left would be priced too high! I worked at a nursing home as a janitor, and witnessed neglect and abuse. In one occasion, a man was standing with his pants all the way down, begging me to pull them up, before a guided tour would see him. I assisted him , before they could see, and the bad thing was the Director was with them. In this example, the man's son was an assistant coach for the New Orleans Saints at the time. You got to figure he made good money, but placed his father in a home?

Don't get me wrong, I loved the people in all these jobs , but could not stomach the neglect, and could not keep quiet. Resulting in unpleasant departures, and people told me to do my job, and keep quiet. People in my family looked at me with disappointment, rather than pride. I don't regret the ways I handled myself, and would do it all over again. I would just deal with it better, and would have found a way to hold those accountable for their actions. I have discovered people like to sweep things under a rug, or pretend that all is good , when it's not!

I have worked on other jobs where safety was supposed to be number one! When in fact it was the opposite, we did not have the proper equipment, or training. I know this happens all the time, and most people will continue to do the jobs asked. I have been guilty of this too, but have stood up for the other workers, even if they didn't want me to. I can recall a time that we were supposed to go into a tank, and have respirators. It was almost lunch time, so I stated to my coworkers "Lets go have an early lunch, and wait till we get our safety equipment" We started to leave when the "Boss told all of us, if we went to lunch we would not have a job to go back to! Go ahead and take lunch Wes, but don't come back" The rest of the workers went back work, and I went to lunch. I wasn't fired for it, but lost respect for my coworkers, and my job!

I know that there are good jobs out there, and I will find one, but without school? I know that if I want to I can still help others without payment, but have to think of my family. I will still help others, but do it like I always have for free! I lack the proper qualifications to land an amazing job helping others, but would like nothing more than to devote my life to helping people, or animals!

I have said enough about that, probably too much! I don't ask for hand outs, and have never owned a credit card. I have not tried to take more than my own fill, and have followed the belief "If I don't have the money, I don't get it!" Sometimes I have splurged on things like movies, or a CD, when I should have saved it. I'm far from perfect, and know that I could have realized the truth about myself a lot faster! I could have helped myself before I helped others, but still feel good, no matter my place in life. I know that my life was designed, and have slowly accepted my path. I have grown from my mistakes, and from my choices! I have gained information from the school of life, and have graduated on so many levels. I have become stronger than I was as a teenager, and wiser than one too.

I look at our daughter and see I need to locate my path as soon as possible. But at the same time I look at her and see my path. I love taking care of her, and sometimes feel that I can do better. I want her to be happy, and not have to worry like I had to when I was a kid. I want her to be in a position, where she can go to any school she wants, and give her more than love, when the bills come in. I want her to understand that we have to work for what we want in life, and not be discouraged by my lack of financial security. Not be discouraged by my place in this world, and to understand that sometimes we live on principals, not the mighty dollar. It is extremely important for me to find my middle, and get paid for something I love doing. I no longer want to dread a job, and justify it by the paycheck. I will do what ever it takes to provide for my family, but will always long for better. A Better for the ones I love, and the strangers on the the street.

My life as been very hard, and very emotional this year. I wouldn't say harder than others, but more complicated. I have been trying to keep the love and peace in my family, and for myself. I have been juggling my life, and not making much head way. It all comes back to acceptance and strength. I have no regrets about most of my actions, but wish to make them up to others and myself. I want to lead by example, but must first find my present self.

Cancer is starting to eat at my heart, and is spreading to my brain. I have experienced death countless times, but it was usually sudden. My fathers situation is very different, he withers away from cancer and his treatments. The man that stands before me can't even stand! The man that sits before me can barely keep his head up, and shakes from pain. The man who lays before me can't even open his eyes, or talk. The man who sleeps before me can't even hug his children, or weep.

I will remain positive that he will heal from prayer, and from love. I will keep faith in life's plan, and that no matter the outcome. I will still wake up each day with infused knowledge, and keep my head up. When I sleep, I will still keep my dreams alive, and when I'm awake I will try to be strong and true to myself and to others! I will still keep the love for all things flowing in the unpredictable rivers of life. I know that If I fight the current my body will tire, and if I let the current take me, I will be pushed into places that are not my home. I will swim with the water rather then be pushed down another waterfall. I can see a boat by the shore, and will try my damnedest to reach it. When I finally do, I will pick up all the passengers I see!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

That's Not Mud McCain/Palin Are Slinging!


We Report:
As of 2:00 A:M this morning a spokesperson for the McCain/Palin campaign said this:

"We at the McCain headquarters wish to apologize for attacking a person character, and for slandering the good name of Barrack Saddam Osama Hitler Hoover Stalin Bush Obama. That we wish to cater not just to the rich, but any one who will vote for us, and believe what we want you to believe."

Reporters yelling and shouting! "If he is so sorry why is he.." "Why has he been saying.."

"Sorry no questions or comments!" "We only wish to apologize to the American people and the Barrack friend of a terrorist Obama campaign. We Wish you all a good day!"

LWIIS Reports:

Reporter No.1 There you have it folks the McCain/Palin people sure know how to say there sorry, and really seem to care about the American people. When I say care about the American people I mean Joe the Plumber!

Reporter No.2
What was the words of wisdom he was saying? I believe he said if we vote for Obama life would go down the crapper! That Obama's words don't float in his bowl, that when he is near McCain/Palin that he smells something very familiar. That it reminds him of his duties at work?

Reporter No.2
Could it be the smell of victory? Could it be he thinks that that the Republican party has a chance to flush the democrats out of their victory, and that he chooses to plunge head first into this election?

Reporter No.1
I really don't have the answer, but can say that he can decide what is best for America, and the working man! That who better than Joe the Plumber! I can say that these times are tough, maybe a little SWIRLY, but we can do it together as Americans! He's right we can smell something familiar with him, and the McCain/Palin campaign.

Reporter No.2
I believe your on to something here, but fail to realize it is the smells of shit being thrown around!

Reporter No.1
Well there you have it folks the McCain/Palin people have given us a wHOLE new meaning to the term mud slinging!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

South Park & Lakewood Terrace


The empty forest,
The unoccupied tables.
Not a roaring fire in sight!
For me the voices echo eternally,
down the forgotten trails.

To the many faces I've came across,
all the conversations, hopes, and dreams.
Sharing them together.
watching the countless sun rises, and sunsets.

Taking all the good with the bad.
Season after season.
Lost souls united, speaking as one mind.
But as the time passed,
another link of the chain was seemingly broken.

The trails intertwine, they connect.
So, shall the lost souls.
This park that surrounds the Terrace will remain.

One day!
One night!
One year!

We shall all be one again.
From this forgotten friend
I send a message of gladness, sadness, uncertainty,
but most of all Thanks!

I wrote this about a place that brought me peace& love. A place that healed my heart, and help free my soul. This a place that memory will play, until god rings a bell to come home.

I just wanted to share a little piece of my youth, and to think of old friends. I wanted share this with my new friends, and hope you all have a rewarding day! Thanks you all for stopping by, and do me a favor today! :) SMILE! :)


Sunday, October 19, 2008


As usual I waited till last minute to get a costume, and they were picked over. I was going to be a drunk Scotsman, after all I am part Scottish. I chose not be that in case of cold weather, and I didn't want a draft up the ole kilt. I thought about being a Spartan cheerleader, but I preferred other Will Ferrell skits. I passed on the Officer Jim Dangle from "Reno 911", for the shorts would be inappropriate for the youngsters. I saw so many funny costumes, but had to dress age appropriate.

After all the several family members would be there, and all the kiddies. I chose "Shaggy" from "Scooby Doo", and my wife was "Daphne". Malayna was a puppy, because right now she is puppy obsessed. Almost every animal is a puppy, and a short time back we would go through a whole list of animals. MJ would name each one, and do their sounds. She was stuck on "Puppy", and would pant like a dog. I tried to find a little "Scooby" or "Scrappy" but could not find one in time for my Dads party today.

The morning started off normal, as normal can be right now! We got up and got her snacks, which is really breakfast. Then her juice, and let her watch her shows. Mom had to get up and go to the Doctors office today, and get some test done. After she was done we would go over to the campgrounds, and go to the costume judging. Mom was running late, so I got her in her costume, and made it over with seconds to spare.

They called for our age group, and I took MJ by her hand, and she carried the sign that read "Beware of Guard puppy". She did so well, and held on to the sign as the judges passed us by. People in the crowd commented on how cute she was, and asked if we could stop for pictures, so we did. I was the only adult dressed up during the day, that was until Lisa showed up. As the judges walked by I couldn't help but think of "Best In Show", I laughed about the film in my head. I noticed MJ was looking at the kids, and smiled and laughed at most of them. Once I ever get around to figuring out all this computer stuff, I will post pictures of us.

Back to the contest, they named off the top three costumes, and she did not get called. Oh well, I didn't think any thing about it. Then the second place girl passed all the kids and stuck her tongue out at all the kids and said "I got second place, Ha Ha!" It truly didn't bother me, but part of me felt for the other kids. When I made my way back to the family, my niece mentioned what the little girl did, and I responded by saying "That it did not matter, that it is about having fun", which we did!

An odd thing happened to me, and it made me laugh! I was standing next to my Step Mother Kay, and she tapped me on the back. So, I turned around and this woman was standing behind me with her hand out. Naturally I shook her hand, and she was complimenting my costume, She was telling me how she had a crush on "Shaggy" growing up, and dated guys who resembled him. I'm standing there with Kay, and she's by her kids, and a man, and she says "I just want to say that you Really look like him." Zoinks, that was awkward!

It shocked me for two reasons, I didn't expect it. The other reason who had the hots for "Shaggy", I mean it's him, and not to forget it's a cartoon!

Thank goodness for the family coming to my rescue, and by the way I have always had a goatee, and wore green shirts. My dad used to kid with me about the resemblance, but he wasn't serious. I just wished I didn't shave my real one a few days ago, I had to keep placing it on my chin. I felt like a cast member on SNL, when the fake mustache would fall or tilt. Those were some of my favorite parts of the show.

When it was about time for the hay rack rides, and the trick er treating Lisa pulls up! (Woo Ho)
Here comes "Daphne, and now I can show the world that "Shaggy and "Daphne" could be a couple, that it wasn't always about "Fred"! MJ was really happy to see her, and I was relieved too! Now I could start video taping some more for my dad, he wasn't able to make it. The Doctors said he couldn't leave the hospital until he could keep food down, and the chemo treatments were treating him kinder!

We got our candy, I mean Mj's Candy! Ha ha
We opted to walk the roads with the stroller, rather than be crammed on the hay rack rides. All went well, and we made it back to the family. Then my Grandparents showed up ,and we visited with them. My Grandfather mentioned that he just saw my father, and that he was doing better.
So, I called him and asked him if we went to Springfield to grab some food, if he would like us to stop. "Would I want you guys to stop by, I've been waiting!"

We were off in the "Mystery Machine" to grab some "Scooby Snacks" and see Pa Pa! After we loaded up her stroller, and got all the things that MJ needed, we made our way to the doors. People already were smiling and staring, and so I put on a show. I took those really long steps that Shaggy takes, and responded with "Zoinks"! A few kids even yelled "Hi Shaggy" and the old men looked at Lisa's Daphne outfit, with her 70's boots. Doctors, Nurses, patients, and visitors enjoyed us being all dressed up.

I always try to make it humorous for all when I go to the hospital, and most importantly my father! The bonus is that the other cancer patients get a kick out of it too. I just don't like hospitals, but I know that there are angels who roam those halls. I praise any one who works in a hospital, even if it is the janitor! I used to be one in a Nursing home, and it was a learning experience!

We made it to the room , and my sister was there. She beat us there, we did stop for snacks. My dad was pleased that we were having a good day, and that we stopped by. The smiles on his face were heartwarming, and the joy in his tone was wonderful. I finally sit down, and he laughed! He stated "That goat under chin, you usually have one, that one his so goofy!" He laughed all through that broken sentence. I almost didn't wear it in, but thought he could enjoy it.

I could dress up every day of the year, if society wouldn't lock me up! It is amazing how costumes, and impressions can brighten up peoples days.

My father felt well enough to walk to the waiting room, and he even picked Malayna up, to show her to his new found friends. I have made friends with many people on the cancer floor, and just about every floor for that matter. We sat in the waiting room, and laughed, talked, and reminisced. Several doctors and nurses stop by to give candy to MJ, and it gave my dad the chance to brag about his little puppy, and his family! After a little while we said good bye, and made it back to the house to change out of our costumes. It had turned colder, so we wanted to be dressed warmer for the Chili cookout.

Arriving back at the campgrounds, we sat by Kay, and talked about what movies we thought were scariest. Watched the Adult costume contest, and ate chili. Played with kids, until somebody came through the crowd with a fake chainsaw, and mask! MJ did not like it ,so I pulled her off to the side. We went over to the playground, and played with Cassie our niece. She was scared too, and I told her don't repeat what I'm about to say to anyone "If that guy tries to scare you or MJ again, I will put that chainsaw somewhere, and it just might hurt!" I got a laugh out of her, and told her was fake, that there was no blade on it. Once again all was peaceful, so we gathered our things, and went over to the bonfire.

It was the biggest bonfire I have ever seen, it had to be at least 20 to 25 feet tall. It was in a safe location, and so were we! Me personally I would never have one that big, and I felt even with volunteer Fire Fighters there, it was too big. Ask me if I thought it was awesome, and I will tell it was a site to see! The kid was getting irritable, and we had been gone all day, we started to get ready to go home. Plus, SNL was on in thirty minutes, and we still had to say goodbye.

We said our goodbye's, and followed each other home. We made it with seven minutes to spare, and the opening was funny! I just don't like the fact that undecided, and uninformed people will vote just because of the show tonight! It is all fun and games, until we have four more years like we have had the last seven! I love elections, but don't understand how anybody can vote for the candidate that entertains them, and not the one who would be best for the world. Enough about politics and a confused nation.

I can say that despite my father not being able to show for his own party, and the stresses in my own life, I had Fun. My family had fun today, and we were able to make strangers feel good. I was able to relax when I got home, and lay with my family until they passed out. Almost finished my S. Brown book, and ate some homemade brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

Before I go, I would like any one who reads this to answer three questions for me please.

What are some of the movies that Scared you?
What is your favorite costume of all time?
What will you be this year?

Thank you all for stopping by my place, and I wish you all a Groovy day!

Best Wishes,

Friday, October 17, 2008

I Paint A Picture With Broken Crayons

I wish to write about what is on my mind , but can't right now. So, I write about some instances where I encountered racism first hand. I should say bigotry toward mankind, and myself. When I was under two years old, I witnessed some neighbors yelling the N word. They were yelling at our neighbors to our left. I know people say you can't remember things that young , but I do! It is really hard to block out hate like that. I was playing with my brother outside in front of the green house, when a fight erupted. My father told us to go inside, and to go get a snack. I know you thinking is there more to this story, but at my age just that little bit was enough for me to be introduced to racism.

After all, Pekin, Illinois high school mascot used to be the "Pekin Chinks" I think until the late 60's. I won't judge the town today, but in recent years past, people who were different didn't stick around long enough to see the truth. I can recall another time when we got rained out from detasselling, and we sat at the park until our rides showed up. This nice car comes barreling through the parking lot, throwing gravel all over cars. We didn't think anything about it, and kept playing cards. About ten minutes later, a Police officer comes over to talk to my brother Don, Scott, and me.

I forgot to mention Scott was from Guam, and looked different! Any ways, the Cop says "You boys been throwing rocks at cars?"

We respond "No Sir"

"That ain't what I heard, I heard a gentleman saw you throw rocks at his car" My brother looks at me with his don't say a word face. Then the cop yells to Scott "Get up boy! Your coming to the station with me!" That was all I could take so I said "Look I know the law and we didn't do anything, and you can't do a thing to us!" My brother gave me a you should of shut up face.

The next thing you know "He's going to haul us all to the station". I couldn't resist the urge to make the point again, and to state that he was being a racist! He told me if I said another word, he'd put the cuffs on me, and I said a few more words. To make this long story short, I was handcuffed, I have always had trouble with racist people. Even if they wore a badge, it made no difference who you were. We ended up in the cell for a few hours, and was released without charges. My Older brother gave the face that said you should have listened to me. Maybe so, but I would do it the same way all over again!

Years later, when I was about 17 yrs. old, I was working on a job. We were doing all the work on top of grain bins, I was a millwright. It had rained one day, so we decided to go get an early lunch. We were in this tiny town I will call "Somewhere, Illinois" and we walk in this little restaurant. I sit down with the crew, and take my coat and hat off. Suddenly the whole place stopped eating, and the workers stopped working. They were staring at our table, they were staring at me. I didn't think anything about my long hair passed my waist, and waited for our table to be served.

Less than a minute later, a bunch of "Deliverance" looking men came over to me and surrounded me. I was working with my brother Don, who was about to get up from the table, and so was the rest of the crew. When Mike our boss said "Just sit down boy's, we are here to get some food!

When one of the men looked at me, and got in my face and said "Look at the faggot, an his pretty faggot hair!" I start to feel anger rising inside me, and I looked at my brother, and he's giving me the let's kick there ass face.

When a couple police officers walk in, and ask the owner if there is a problem? The owner shouts"NO, ain't no problem here, these boys were just leaving!" So, my boss Mike tells us all to get in the truck, and we went several miles away to eat lunch that day. This was in the late Nineties when this occurred. All I kept thinking was about that seen in "Easy Rider", and wanted to get the hell out of that town. I wished I could tell you the name, so you could avoid it, but I blocked it out.

I will be honest there are too many to mention, and will recall them some other time. I would like to bring up one last incident. I was working a Door to Door job selling floor cleaner, and we went up and down this country. It is a really long story, so I will get to the nitty gritty here.

Wait a minute, I can't forget to mention a little of the night before. We were staying in a Hotel near London, Ohio, and I was talking to my mom. I was using a phone card, and venting some complaints about the job. I was telling her it felt like they were brainwashing me , and wouldn't let us leave our group. Not even to eat a different joint. The card quit on the part about letting us leave.....

It was couple days later, and I'm eating potato soup, while hang out with a friend. After I was done eating, I made my way to the Hotel, when I noticed several cops there. One of my friends comes my way and says "Wes, they are looking for you! I don't know what they want, but they checked every room. Even the bosses suite, and he is mad!" My friend kept walking by me, when two cops come up to me, and say "Is your name Wes?" I shook my head yes, and asked what the problem was?

They filled me in on all the details, apparently my mom called my Uncle Paul telling him I was kidnapped, and held captive by a cult. They had been searching the whole state for me the last couple days. I guess I should have got another phone card! Ha Ha

Now back to the story I'm in Akron, Ohio, where I was waiting at the bus station. The company I was working for failed to tell me about the eight hour wait. It wouldn't have been as bad if I wasn't the only white guy there. I had three suit cases, and my stereo to carry around, I'm not saying I was worried about a theft, but mentioning for the sheer pain in the butt! I would have to say I sat there reading a book for a couple hours, and I noticed a kid messing with the video games. It had to of went on for about an hour, so I went over and put a couple bucks in change on the machine. I said "Hear you go kid, play a couple games to pass the time." The kid replied "Thank you"

I didn't think much about it, and tried to make my way back to my seat. That's when all hell broke loose! I'd say about twenty people got up, and started swinging and screaming! "How dare you give money to my kid, and what makes you think" When an elderly man pulls me out the door, and says "What were you thinking, and why did you do a stupid thing like that? You should know better than to do that!"

Meanwhile a couple good Samaritan's are holding people back. The man says "You'd best stay out here for a while , and let it settle down! I will watch your stuff." I had a some time to think about what had just happened. I couldn't believe that people that I have been standing up for my whole life, treated me like that. I was appalled that black people were just as racist as the white people who harassed my black friends. They were just as racist as the police who picked on me and my friends.

Ask me if I regret it, and will say no I don't! It showed me that all people are racist, but with every color there are other's like me. Believe me when I say there are too many stories to tell, and that I can't accept ignorance, and bigotry. It pains my heart and soul that RACISM is alive and well, in this world! That people won't vote for someone because of their color, or their sex. The poetic part to this election, is that we will have Black President, or a Woman for Vice President.

If only Erin Brockovich or Caroline Kennedy were running on a ticket. If only Bill Cosby or Danny Glover were a choice.

We have to look at it like this, we will be done with the Bush years, and the people who advised him on his mistakes.

I just pray that we get someone who actually cares about the environment, humanity, and our human rights!

Peace&Love to All


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Burning Question

With the recent forest fires that are burning as I type, it reminds of the need for environmental education. When I say education I speak of the children, and to the people who care about their future! I grew up wanting to change the world, and fix all the Earth's problems. My father gave some sound advice when I was a teenager, he said "Son I know that you want to rid the world of destruction, but realize the truth. Most people don't care like you and I , so do want you want. I suggest is that you do your part, and first focus on your own backyard!"

It took me many years to understand his words, and to accept them. I do see the logic, because if everyone took care of their own back yard , we wouldn't leave as big a mess for the children of the future! I still aspire to create positive change for the world, and have worked for the Sierra Club a couple years ago. I was able to get enough petitions signed to save the Giant Red woods in California. At least I think we saved them, between the fires and the greed's hands. I just haven't had the heart to see if the specific Sequoias were saved.

For year's now, I have insanely laughed at some people's Ideas about life, What I mean is I have heard the expressions, and seen it on bumper stickers. "I support Life" "Choose Life" Don't get me wrong, I am all for babies being born. I just think that the Earth is Life, and without it there would be no life! So, when I hear politicians ,or civilian's quote that, a question comes to mind. I want to ask them why they don't believe in fighting for the environment?

A little side note, I believe in a woman's choice, but believe that there are better choices then that! Like adoption, or having family that would take on the responsibility. Until the person who wasn't ready, was ready! I know I'm not a women , or know what it is like to have to face that decision. But I have had family members go through what I think would be the toughest of all decisions! I just take a look at MJ, and think I could never do that, or think about all the parents who can't have children. Enough said, and now let the judging begin!

I used to get so upset about society's lack of compassion for the Earth. I never gave up hope, but would get discouraged. Let me tell a couple situations, that have inspired me to continue with the hope that has never left me.

One day I was at a park in Pekin, Illinois, sitting eating lunch. I watched the garbage be thrown down to the ground like rain. I saw at least ten people toss it on the ground, rather than walk fifteen steps to the can. I was disgusted at this point, and thought about picking it all up. When a mother and a young boy walked by, and the mom threw hers down too! It just about put me in a frenzy, but then I heard the the boy say "Mom don't throw trash down, take it to the trash can, or recycle it! We need to save the planet, and stop all the polluting!" She picked it up, and put it where it belonged. (Even though landfill space is scarce, and contaminating!)

Another time I was feeling down about the lack of concern and effort. From the poeple that I knew, and from the world. I was driving down the road to go eagle watch at a Lake near Topeka, Illinois. When I witnessed a man with no arms picking up trash out of the ditches. The man had no arms, and he was doing his part to clean up the earth. He was using his feet, and doing quite well. I was so impressed the next time I saw him, I introduced myself. Later we both picked up trash together!

Before I go, I would like to state that this man I will call "Jimmy", did almost everything that I could do. He got his own groceries, and even drove his own modified car. He has inspired me to never give up on the fight for the Earth! He taught me to try, and overcome life's "little" problems. It has been a few years now since his passing, but his strength and compassion is something that society needs to remember. I know I will!

I wish to thank all the people who taught me the importance of conservation, and the need to educate others. I wish to thank the people who do their part, and the ones who tend to this garden we call earth. I will leave you all with this message I have been saying for years now, and it is mainly for those who are selective on the life they support.

"For the sake of the children,

Earth Spirit

Monday, October 13, 2008

Riddled With Emotions

Life's what it is sometimes, and then there was the last few days! I am at the crossroads looking in all directions. My heart is aching and my mind is mush. The good news is that spirituality is hugging my heart, and numbness is my strength. My love for life is my pen and earth is my paper. Right now it is hard to write, let alone express my emotions. The love I share for those who love me is strong, as for the ones who did me wrong. I still see the goodness of a soul, but question it's truth. I believe we contribute in the way life presents itself, but can only do so much for others. I will remain strong and true to myself, and take each day as a new beginning!


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Love Rested In My Arms Tonight

As I type she is falling asleep in my arms, something MJ rarely does anymore. I cherish this moment, when she is still small enough to fit in my arms. Her blue eyes gazing at me with unconditional love. The way she looks at me will forever be in my heart and mind. Right now I'm taking a mental picture, that will remain in my soul.

I can see that she just fell into her slumber, but will continue to type with one finger for a little while longer. I'm amazed at a child's take on life, it seems so simple. Yet very complex, every second they learn something new, things that we take for granted. They look at everything in wonderment, unless it scares the poop out of them. Don't get me wrong as adults we still learn something new everyday, and we have eyes filled with wonderment.

The difference is we no longer see joy in almost everything, we have done did that, now let's move on! We get bored too easy, our attention spans can be like a small child's. We lose focus on mundane tasks, for we are thinking too much. Unlike a child, who doesn't think before they act sometimes. I mean think about, we are all born without fear, but when we mature over time we remember the pain. We remember regret, heartache, and mistakes. It is good that sometimes we learn from or mistakes, and other times it seems too late.

What I'm getting at is after each time we feel negative emotions, we hold back on our actions. I believe that fear should mean go! We should not cower by life handing us lemons, or by our lemon stained hands. We as a society make lemonade all the time, we are human. What I like to do is make lemon shake ups, screw the lemonade. I realize from my own life that overcoming fear, is easier said than done. In most cases it takes years to master the art of confidence. The actions of self help, or to simply laugh in the face of diversity.

Laughter can be the best medicine, and joy the best emotion in life. We all live separate lives, but link together as a chain. Look at these journals for example, people connecting from all over the world. A society becoming a cyber family, and people from all backgrounds conversing about many wonderful things. Sharing memories and current events. Driving our thoughts onto the "Information Super Highway", and for the most part I've seen no real cyber rage!

I would like to say that the people I have looked in on, and commented to are very special people! Don't worry I'm not going to get all "Stuart Smalley" on you, but would like you all to know that I feel blessed to have come across this path some call blogging. I feel blessed to finally be reading other peoples Art, yes to me it is Art! I don't care if you're reading a grocery list, and talking about nothing. To me it is Art, and there is no other way for me to call it. I feel blessed to be able to write again, and have others read it. (Aren't you glad I didn't say "Art" again!) Oops

I would like to take the time to mention Nutwood Junction, my Pal Beth has been an inspiration to write, and to let myself be free. Free enough to express the humor that has been "locked away, with crazy aunt in the attic." Ha ha

I bring her up, because for the longest time she was my only responder. She would set um up, and I would knock um down. (Vice verse)
I would like to let other people know that with the way my life is right now, I'll try my best to get to know you!

Before I forget, I would like to thank you for stopping by, and wishing my father and my family well! I wished I could say that he is getting better, but his fevers returned with his chills. The cause seems to from the experimental chemo treatments? We will find out more tomorrow, and hopefully my father will feel a little better. I have a super busy day, and am contemplating what to do first.

Sometimes I wish I could do what Michael Keaton's character did in "Multiplicity", but you can see how it turned out for him. "She touched" the over cloned one as well! I love that movie!
I'm already living the role in "Mr. Mom", minus a kid or too. I don't complain about it, at least not that often. Ha ha

I really feel for parent's who raise children by themselves, and wish them Lot's of hugs. I wish them the best of luck, and pray that they can take time to enjoy themselves! I mean I have to decompress and journal at odd hours. It is all good, for I am a partial insomniac. I've been one since the age of five, and with each year it got worse.

The only real cure was working myself to exhaustion, and pretty much passing out when I got home. I do miss working, and being a part of a team. I don't miss the bull of a boss telling me to do things backwards, and coworker gossip. I bring this up mainly because I received a letter in the mail saying I have an interview soon. It is the same line of work as my father and wife, a Construction Laborer. It is good money, but long hours! It is an apprenticeship program, therefore you can't refuse work, or skip anything. You have to go to classes, and meetings, no matter what!

I mainly signed up to make my dad happy, and to maybe make some real good money. But after seeing what the job has been doing to our family, and the way MJ is expressing sadness. I feel, now is not the best time to start such a demanding, and time consuming job. That maybe I should take an office job, or something that will allow me to be here for my daughter more. A job that won't have the word mandatory attached to it, in case I have to miss days due to my fathers illness. Maybe I'm wrong, all I know is I would like to get back to work, or go back to school.

I would like to say that my wife and I were able to lay together watching some of our favorite shows tonight. It was so awesome to be able to hold her, and laugh at "The Office", and SNL on Thursday! I made every second count, and didn't let anything get in the way of our love.

I had MJ locked away in the basement with "Sloth" and they were eating "Baby Ruth's" Ha ha

I held Lisa till she fell asleep in my arms, or about the time ER came on. I switched it back in forth to My Chicago Bulls preseason game against Dallas. They made a late comeback, and missed a shot that could put them within 2 points. The Mavericks made a three-pointer, and that was all she wrote.

I would have to say it was wonderful night, and say that I was blessed to have both of my loves fall asleep in my arms.

"Scrambled eggs all over my face. What is a boy to do. Good night, everybody."


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Wish Him Well

These last few days have been rough for me and my family. I know I say life's what it is sometimes, but can't it be easier on my dad. I have made several trips to the hospital these last couple weeks, and he's usually asleep. When he wakes up it almost seems like he doesn't recognize me. I tell myself that it is from all the medications, and chemo, and radiation treatments. I just never realized how much the human body can take at one time.

He can barley talk, due to his lumps in his throat. You have to believe me this man can talk your head off. Especially about politics, and he hasn't said a word about it in a few weeks.Speaking of politics, on one of the nights of the Democratic Convention, MJ and him watched it together. I wished I could have seen it, but Grandpa told me she sat back quietly, and applauded every time they did! That made grandpa and grandma's night! Just the other day she said Obama, my dad has a sign in the front of his yard. I wished he could have seen it, or I had the video camera.

My father has been in the hospital for over two weeks, and in a different room every couple days. I have been on level 2, level5, and now back to level 2. What brought him back, besides the cancer, was he had mystery fevers that would not go away? At least he is a little better now, but I don't think he will return home soon.

It has been such a tease for my father, he will return home one night, then have to go back for a few days. He even missed my Birthday on Monday, and Lisa even made a cake with Hershey's Whipped Chocolate on it. Lisa, MJ and I celebrated it together. My Birthday wish was, for my Father to get better. I know you aren't supposed to tell anyone your wish, but I hope that anyone reading this will pray for him. Even if you don't believe in a god, please think of a fast recovery for him. I'm a strong believer in positive energy, so at least believe in that!

This time he can't keep food down, even the stuff they pump into him. The good news about today was no vomit yet! We did go see him earlier today, and he was able to goof around with MJ for a few seconds. It hurts me to see him like this, but I take MJ to see him anyways. It makes him smile, and it makes me feel better about the cancer.

I have gotten lost every damn time, and have had to ask so many different people. My daughter MJ and I are starting to get to know everybody there. I do love how she can make all the cancer patients smile, and one gentleman even laughed so hard, he snorted. The doctor's and nurses think she's a doll, and many say "I wish I could take her home with me!" I kid back, and say "You can take her for awhile, but here's my cell phone number. For when you change your mind!" Not one person has offered to take her after that, maybe I shouldn't add the last part. Ha Ha!

I will admit the cafeteria food is awesome, and the people are nice to. I never thought food could taste that good at a hospital. I take that back, because when MJ was born , the cafeteria food was done by actual Chef's. Don't worry I won't get on a big ole food kick, I just wanted to tell people that hell froze over! That hospital food is the bomb!

I'm keeping hope in my heart, and happy thoughts in my head. I'm keeping faith in my father that he can still be Superman. I'm remaining very optimistic about life, and holding my spirituality tight. I believe in love and God, and that together they will heal his pain!

I thank you for reading this, and allowing me to express some of my pain and emotions. Thank you for listening, and for being here for me in our time of need.

I also want to wish you all a wonderful day!

Blessed Be,

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A Poet's Travels

In my youth, I loved to travel. I would snap at the chance to go somewhere new. I was reading "On the Road" at the time, and I realized I would like to give that a try. I loved the way Jack Kerouac was able to be so free, and the style of his writing. You have to consider that he wrote that in 1951, and didn't publish till 1957. I was a teenager in the 1990's, and wished I could go to places that have been long lost. I did manage to follow some of his footprints down the old Route 66, and I still travel on it often. The parts in Illinois that is, I don't get around much any more.

I was more like a mix between Jim Morrison and "Charlie Mackenzie" Aka Mike Myers from "So I married an Axe Murderer" "I like the night life. I like to boogie."

I'm still fascinated with the Idea to just get in the car, or take a train to travel this country. I still crave the smells of dinky little dinner's, and stories you here about the town you arrived in. I don't miss the prejudice, from being an outsider. You see, when I did my travels I had long hair down past my waist. I then learned that this country was an "Easy Rider" world we lived in. I said in my my profile, that I was once a Jack of All Trades. Meaning I took any job that allowed me to travel, so I could get paid too.

The down side to that was, I worked more than I played. The plus was that I did get to see big cities, and little unknown towns. The kinds that would remind you of "The Last Picture Show"and some that that reminded me of Mayberry. I was in Chicago years back, I was wearing a suit playing my harmonica on the sidewalk. Waiting for a friend to come outside to meet me, when people started throwing money in my hat that I had set o the ground. So, I kept playing and by the time I was done, I had enough to pay for lunch for both of us. (True story)

I lived near Chicago for a little while, and I loved it. Mainly because I didn't have to drive in it everyday. I mean if you gave an inch, they would take it! A little piece of advice, Don't ask anybody directions at gas stations, or any stores in general. They will send you in the Ghetto, even if you're having car problems. Don't try to look at a map, without paying for it! "You must buy!" "No pay" "No stay!" "Get out now, I call the cops!" Please Don't drink coffee and drive without a good lid, before you go to the office. Beep, Beep, and Beep in Beep Beep!

That was not the sound of a car horn, it was the words flying out of my mouth that day. That's right, all the advice I just mentioned happened to my friend Minor and I. In the same morning at that, we did manage to get to work on time. Don't get me wrong I love Chicago, and the delicious foods. I don't remember the street, but it was a restaurant here, and a suit store there, up and down that street. I loved the mixed cultures, and the Blues Music! I could go onand on about Chicago. I could ramble on about my travels forever, but I will spare you for now.

Trust me, when I say some of my stories are crazy like a dream. The kind of events, like if there was no other witnesses, I wouldn't believe they happened myself. I will save some of those for later, and leave you with a poem I wrote in a Cyber Cafe In Chicago, IL. It was so cool for a small town Illinois boy to see. I mean they had hand chairs, bean bag chairs, in all different colors. Fresh desserts, and wonderful coffee. I attempted to publish this poem in a European Poetry contest, and somehow goofed it up. It never made it into publication.

Spring of 1998

I'm a chameleon
adapting to my environment.
Perhaps a lizard
shedding my old skin.
Wiping away my grin.
Ridding away my personal sins.
Changing with the seasons and the winds.
Shedding my friends.
Changing calendars
Again and again!
Traveling to distant places.
A stranger in a strange land.
Sometimes it seems
It is only me that understands,
the world's demands.
I will not feed the furnaces of hate.
By having two faces.
By staying within same realm's.
The same places.
No, for I'm a chameleon.
Blending in.
Occasionally a snake.
Shedding my old skin.
Keeping my grin.
Slithering with my own personal sins.


Monday, October 6, 2008

Life's Graduations

June of 1997

When I took my first step.
Learned to tie my shoes.
Acknowledged death for the first time,
I wept!
I still look for my parents' support, but now I must choose.
In are youth, in who would we confide?
Who would we depend upon?
Reality check, now I must decide.
Little league days have been long gone
Society doesn't see our innocence any more.
Why is it people take more than their own fill?
How I'm curious, at what the future has in store!
For example: How will I pay for this bill?
Childhood memories are not lost.
I will continue to focus on the present, on how to succeed.
I will stop at nothing, at all cost.
It is good to realize my life's deed.
I have figured out the way.
It is to accomplish, what I've set out to do.
To restore hope into another day.
Most importantly, to belong to something that is true.

By Wes

I Won't Grow Up!

May 28, 1999

Supper's done!
Time to come in.
Childhood was fun.
I'm sitting listening to children play.
Just remembering of bubblegum, and games.

The ice cream man and photographs
Waking up on Saturday.
Eating Captain Crunch.
I will never forget childhood laughs.

Wishing for the day.
I would grow up to be a man.
I remember my father saying,
"Enjoy it while you can."
"In every way,
For, your day will come."
In a blink of an eye.

I'm now in my twenties.
There lies a kid inside.
To all the memories, and lessons I've learned!
To the holidays'.
To the days' of summer.

The tables have turned.
I am the teacher,
I am the fool.
We grow with responsibility.
But I will always be a kid.
To experience life and learn.

A toast to childhood!

By: ME

Sunday, October 5, 2008

An Early Birthday Gift

My wife and daughter are sleeping like babies, and now I can write! I shall start off with my day of The Spoon River Scenic Drive. I didn't get there as early has I had hoped, time frames disappear into the demands of children! Before MJ, I always TRIED to be punctual. My dad's motto growing up was "Always be at least a half Hour early where ever you go!"

After being Brainwashed, I mean raised under that logic, I have always tried to be early.

You can call it what you want, but it drives me bonkers, not being able to tell anybody the precise arrival time! I know people will understand, and that things will get easier the older she gets. Ha Ha

Life is what it is sometimes, and we must accept life's plan! Being a parent is like a multiple personality disorder! One minute were looking at our kid, and admiring their ability to walk. "Look how cute she is!" The next minute you can find yourself saying "Why must you keep turning the television off?" "Don't run away from me, please come here now!"

I love how she can act up, and then seconds later come give me a hug & kiss. Like I forgot that she just stuck her hand in the VCR, or dug something out of the bathroom garbage. Daddy " I love daddy!" "Hug please!"

It is so damn cute, but I Must Be The Enforcer! What she doesn't know is that I smile, and laugh when I finally hug her. MJ is very well behaved, and tries her best. Considering mom is gone most of the time, and Grandpa Don has been in and out of the hospital.

My father has been diagnosed with cancer, and was put in the hospital due to high fevers. Every time they said he could come home, his fever would spike. He is finally back at home today, but has the machines hooked up to him. I'm not used to seeing my father like this, or be like this.

So, I will cut my daughter a lot of slack. We do the best we can, after all "It's A Mad Mad World" you know! Now I must quote Britney Spears "Oops I did it again" Ha Ha

You may have already noticed that I started my Parental ramblings again! I do apologize for my lack of concentration. I like blame this on my (Waltermittyinitus), or my Multiple Parental Personality Disorder. Shuckey darn, maybe its a bit of both!

I will make this as short as possible! We got in the Blazer, and headed down the road. I took route 29, instead of my usual way through Petersburg, IL. I did it to avoid most of the traffic, I took a left at the four way stop at Mason City. I Cut through Easton, and made it to the road to Havana, IL.

Then we pulled into Dickson Mounds State Museum, and then got out to walk the grounds. I first started going there when I was Malayna's age. Some people in my family ask me why I still go there. They say you've seen everything there is to see.

What they don't realize, is that I go to see the tree's. I go to walk the ground that the Native Americans walked. I go to feel the energies of the earth, and to share this place with my daughter. When I started going with my family, I was about Malayna's age. The trees were dwarfs, and now they are giants.

Our lives are similar to the trees, we start off from seedlings. Then over time our roots grow, connecting to the earth. Arms reaching for the sky, and growing over time. We share our life with others, might it be family or a friend. We connect with them, and share the the time. We grow in countless ways, and share the seasons. Together we dance in the wind, and survive all weather.

I took some pictures, and played with MJ at the Picnic Hill. Then my family met up with us at the the orchard. It was a pleasant surprise to see that my sister Mellisa, Marshal, and our niece Cassie was in the van with my mom. After all the Hello's and How do you Do's, we made our way inside.

I went straight the beets, and grabbed all but two jars! I had to leave a couple for other people. Good thing I did, because my mom and sister wanted one. I then got a few jars of "Apple Butta", Pumpkin butter, apple jelly, strawberry rhubarb jam,bread and butter pickles, and some apple cider. I can't forget the caramel nut clusters, and other candies!

Don't worry some of that was gifts for other people. I always make sure to give enough gifts, so I can get the good stuff for me! Ha Ha

Next we made our way down to the fairgrounds in Lewistown. In years past this was the spot, you could get a wide range of foods. Not only that they had several vendors with tables full of good stuff. I'm talking antiques, books, crafts, pony rides, cool gadgets, coins, all styles of hats, cloths, paintings, and Records! Too much to name, and too much to fit in the car!

This year was different, there were less vendors. Not as many things that I like to get, and no Records! :(

I did manage to snag three home made pies, and if you're wondering the types. They were apple, blackberry, and peach. Mmmmm
After we left the fairgrounds we all went back to Dixon Mounds, and looked around. Took some pictures, and gave hugs.

It's funny how people can be saddened by departures, even if you will see them in a couple days. I think that most of us didn't want the day to end, or the memory to become the past.

I will make a short list of why I loved this year, more than some in the past.

1. I was able to share it with some of my family.

2. Malayna made me smile often.

3. I talked to many good people along the way.

4. The weather was phenomenal!

5. The Bluegrass music!

6. The FOOOOOOOOD! I had a foot long corn dog, hamburgers, fries, a pork chop, kettle corn, honey roasted peanuts, honey roasted almonds.

6. Lemon Shakeups, and Strawberry Shakeups!

7. The scenic drive was breathtaking, and the wildlife was everywhere that day.

I now realize, that were too many good things about the day, and this thing has become the longest thing I've most likely written in a while. On that note I would like say thank you for stopping by, and for taking the time to listen to my ramblings. I wish you all a splendid day!


Mr. Stretchy Pants

Saturday, October 4, 2008

It's Late or Is It Early?

All I know at this point, is that it is 3:00 a.m my time. I have to get up very soon, and pick my mom up for The Spoon River Scenic Drive. I had made an entry over at AOL (Curses) I said the A word!

All kidding aside, if any one wants to know what my plan's are for today. Please check out "Life Is What It Is Sometimes" I haven't switched my entries over here yet.

The only difference is my Beautiful wife can't make it! Lisa has to go to work today, and she will get up in less than two hours. I hope I get to see her off this morning, because I love seeing her amazing blue eyes in the morning. "It's the best part of waking Up"

LISA you will be in our hearts and minds today! I will just imagine your smile, and your snort when you laugh so hard. If your lucky I might bring you back something. Ha ha

I'm very excited about today, for I get to spend it with my Mom and daughter. I can remember going as a small child with my family, and having fun. It has been about a decade since my Mom and I went. She has lived in Thunder Bay, Ontario for years now. The good news is that we three will enjoy our day, but the bad news is I have to share my Pickled Beets!

A little note to self: Don't forget to wear my strecthy pants!

I wish everyone an AMAZING weekend, and wish to say THANKS again for stopping by!

Bless you and your day,


Friday, October 3, 2008

Beautiful Accident's

I'm not talking about my daughter either, even though she is beautiful! Ha Ha
I'm referring to something I saw on AOL news, and it was about the accidental discoveries of certain foods. I wish I could have been the one who discovered cheese, or chocolate chip cookies! Ah! The power of Chocolate!

I just never realized that the sandwich had to be invented. I mean it is two pieces of bread, with what ever you desire to put on it. I sure came into this life in the wrong century for food inventions. I admire the early (Foodeologist's), or rather the inventor's of (Heaven)!

All this talk of good food, and recipe's of delicious cookies. MJ needing to be fed, and with my tummy rumbling. I must leave you with some food for thought. I know I have went to the kitchen for a snack, only to find that I'm lacking key ingredients. Being lazy, or what I call adventurous. I combined some strange combinations, and realized that I created something delicious.

What are some of your strange, but scrumptious treats? I don't blame you if want to keep it a secret. If you noticed, I didn't reveal any of my treasures. Arr!

Don't worry my entries will not always be about food. I wish everyone a magnificent day, and to say thank you for stopping by!



Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey!

Good morning!

It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood, and the hummingbird's are eating, and the sun is shining. I don't really have any plans for today, but feel compelled to go out and enjoy the day. Will I go out and change the world, or simply get dressed? I better get dressed first, before I go into world to do anything. Right!

I hope to find someone in need of some assistance on my path today, paying it forward is my addiction! Never fear, Super Dad is here!

I'm excited for the fact that if my dad feels better today, he will return home from the hospital soon. He has cancer, and had been put in due to a mysterious fever for over a week now. I know we have missed him, and he has to be sick of the hospital by now.

I don't know what MJ and I will do today. I do know that I don't know! First I must get us both dressed, and fed first. Then get our things loaded up in the car, and pick out some Cd's. We might take a little rode trip to somewhere new. The problem with her being only a year and half is there aren't too many places we can fully enjoy together. Plus I try to spare other's from the joys of an unpredictable infant.

For example if I take her to a movie, we would be ran out, or tared and feathered. If we go to an Art museum, people would not be able to take in the art. Go to an Antique shop she would most likely break something expensive. I can go to some stores, if I keep her in the stroller. Well you get the idea, most places aren't accommodating for us. She likes to do things she is not supposed to do, and touches things that are too dangerous.

I bet she would like to take a tour at a scissor factory, or a garbage dump. But that's where parenting skills come into play, or is it plain common sense? I can see it now, MJ running with a pair of scissors trough a dump. Sticking used contraceptives, and broken glass in her mouth! Yuck!! Wait a minute I think that was at a park we went to a little while back. (Don't worry she didn't put either one of those things in her mouth!)

I'm proud to be a father, and cherish every moment with her! I just wish there more things that we could do together. I don't think it is too early to expose her to the arts, or to take her to a ballgame. I choose to respect other's, who got to these events to escape the madness of their lives. I think too MUNCH about peace, and don't wish to add more paint to THEir Scream.

Like I said we will just go out and do something new today. We Will enjoy the day no matter what we do. I mean she gets excited at plastic bottle, or a fart! She is a baby, so as long we are both doing something safe. We should create some good laughs, and memories today.

"Here comes the Sun"

Blessed Be

Wes & Malayna Jane

Having A Ball

I got up today with the intention of doing something early. It turned out the Direct T.V guy was coming in between 12-4 p.m today, so I made the best of it with my daughter MJ. We went outside and went on a stroller ride around the block. Then we went outside in the yard and played with her Thomas the Tank Engine ball. She loved it when we played catch, and kicked it to each other.

I snapped some pictures on the phone and sent them to Lisa. Then I put the message "Having A Ball" on it. My wife works long hours, and this week even longer hours. So I send pictures with messages to cheer her up. It kind of cheers me up too, but we both miss her so much. Last week I took a picture of MJ in a Pink dress that mom got her. Then recorded the song "Pretty in Pink", and put it with the picture. I know it meant a lot because she loves the movie, and the "Psychedelic Furs".

The Satellite man came, and it was done in no time. Since I had the bags all ready to go, we were off to the races. It's just an expression! I would never take her to the track, not till she's at least 2 year's old!

We set out to a park to play, and then grabbed some num num's. Then we went to the mall to go look for some warmer cloths for her. I grabbed Lisa a warm blue hooded shirt for work. Don't worry I'm not forgetting myself, I went and grabbed a couple Cd's and a movie. Since MJ has been walking, we have become regular "MallRats". I mean everybody who works there knows our names, "And there always glad we came." I have noticed that every time we go, I hear that Weezer song off the film "MallRats". It is usually when MJ is holding my hand, and I have to look down to make sure it's not Susanne! Ha Ha


We went to Family Video and picked up some movies for her, and for Lisa and I. Have you ever wondered when they will change the name from FamilyVideo to Family Movie? I know it's a mind BUGGLESer "DVD killed the Video Store"

We made it home after mom, and we all had supper together. We started the film "Leather heads", while she was still awake. Before it was over they were both asleep. I enjoyed it, but thought it would be funnier. I did appreciate the way they showed Professional Football in the 1920's. It's not as thorough as "Hoosier's", or funny as "Slap Shot' with the Late Great Paul Newman. I don't want to spoil it for people who have not seen it yet, so I will let you be the judge.

"I'm off like a dirty shirt!"

Peace & Love