Tuesday, October 14, 2008

A Burning Question

With the recent forest fires that are burning as I type, it reminds of the need for environmental education. When I say education I speak of the children, and to the people who care about their future! I grew up wanting to change the world, and fix all the Earth's problems. My father gave some sound advice when I was a teenager, he said "Son I know that you want to rid the world of destruction, but realize the truth. Most people don't care like you and I , so do want you want. I suggest is that you do your part, and first focus on your own backyard!"

It took me many years to understand his words, and to accept them. I do see the logic, because if everyone took care of their own back yard , we wouldn't leave as big a mess for the children of the future! I still aspire to create positive change for the world, and have worked for the Sierra Club a couple years ago. I was able to get enough petitions signed to save the Giant Red woods in California. At least I think we saved them, between the fires and the greed's hands. I just haven't had the heart to see if the specific Sequoias were saved.

For year's now, I have insanely laughed at some people's Ideas about life, What I mean is I have heard the expressions, and seen it on bumper stickers. "I support Life" "Choose Life" Don't get me wrong, I am all for babies being born. I just think that the Earth is Life, and without it there would be no life! So, when I hear politicians ,or civilian's quote that, a question comes to mind. I want to ask them why they don't believe in fighting for the environment?

A little side note, I believe in a woman's choice, but believe that there are better choices then that! Like adoption, or having family that would take on the responsibility. Until the person who wasn't ready, was ready! I know I'm not a women , or know what it is like to have to face that decision. But I have had family members go through what I think would be the toughest of all decisions! I just take a look at MJ, and think I could never do that, or think about all the parents who can't have children. Enough said, and now let the judging begin!

I used to get so upset about society's lack of compassion for the Earth. I never gave up hope, but would get discouraged. Let me tell a couple situations, that have inspired me to continue with the hope that has never left me.

One day I was at a park in Pekin, Illinois, sitting eating lunch. I watched the garbage be thrown down to the ground like rain. I saw at least ten people toss it on the ground, rather than walk fifteen steps to the can. I was disgusted at this point, and thought about picking it all up. When a mother and a young boy walked by, and the mom threw hers down too! It just about put me in a frenzy, but then I heard the the boy say "Mom don't throw trash down, take it to the trash can, or recycle it! We need to save the planet, and stop all the polluting!" She picked it up, and put it where it belonged. (Even though landfill space is scarce, and contaminating!)

Another time I was feeling down about the lack of concern and effort. From the poeple that I knew, and from the world. I was driving down the road to go eagle watch at a Lake near Topeka, Illinois. When I witnessed a man with no arms picking up trash out of the ditches. The man had no arms, and he was doing his part to clean up the earth. He was using his feet, and doing quite well. I was so impressed the next time I saw him, I introduced myself. Later we both picked up trash together!

Before I go, I would like to state that this man I will call "Jimmy", did almost everything that I could do. He got his own groceries, and even drove his own modified car. He has inspired me to never give up on the fight for the Earth! He taught me to try, and overcome life's "little" problems. It has been a few years now since his passing, but his strength and compassion is something that society needs to remember. I know I will!

I wish to thank all the people who taught me the importance of conservation, and the need to educate others. I wish to thank the people who do their part, and the ones who tend to this garden we call earth. I will leave you all with this message I have been saying for years now, and it is mainly for those who are selective on the life they support.

"For the sake of the children,

Earth Spirit


Lisa said...

I am in total agreement with you on this issue. I'm known to often say how sad God must be at what we have done to his beautiful planet. It breaks my heart to see oil spills, chemical spills and to hear our wonderful Chesapeake Bay is so polluted there are beaches you can't even enjoy any longer. My friends call me a tree hugger and I get all the crap from those who just don't get it. The only way to teach the young generation how beautiful the earth is will be to get them out of the house and in to nature. I am shocked at how many kids have never even been in a woods or know what type of life depends on it for survival. We don't need more shopping malls, we need conservation. Wonderful entry you've done.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I have been a supporter of Nature Conservancy for more than 20 years. We recycle more than we throw out, I hear you Wes :o)

Beth said...

As you know, I am completely appalled at the lack of respect that so many show to our environment. We just cannot continue at this horrible pace of pollution.

Great entry, Wes.


Jamie said...

I agree and then I agree again. ;) I was trying to email you in response to your comments but, alas, you haven't posted one. Like Ken and Beth, we recycle more than we toss. In our county, they pick up the recycling just like the trash so it maks it a bit easier than taking it somewhere and gives us a little more incentive to do it.
The pizza was actually really good. I could've eaten two. ;)
We haven't gotten to the penis yet. I may have to get on that or bringing home this baby will be... an education for her. Mommy, what's that THING. ;))) They're so much fun when they say things that embarrass OTHER people. There was one occasion where I was in a very crowded but silent store and I leaned down to say something to Jasmine and she very loudly said Mommy your breath STINKS. (I had just had a coffee) You could hear giggles from several isles over. I'm sure my face was red but it happened again the other day and I just shrugged it off. My embarrassment levels must be going down since having a kid. ;) Just wait, MJ will be REALLY talking soon. hehe

Jamie said...

I meant, you don't have an email listed on your blogger profile so there's no way to email you in response to a comment so I have to post a comment on one of your entries in response. Silly sleep deprived man. ;) I appreciate your comments on the kitties. I have a bunch of scrapbooking stuff for cats and dogs that I plan to use for all my fosters. I take many pictures of each of the animals that I take in so that I have several to choose from when I finally get around to getting the scrapbook started. You know how it is, when you have so many come through your door, you start forgetting who was who unless you have pictures and documents to remind you.