Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I Wish Him Well

These last few days have been rough for me and my family. I know I say life's what it is sometimes, but can't it be easier on my dad. I have made several trips to the hospital these last couple weeks, and he's usually asleep. When he wakes up it almost seems like he doesn't recognize me. I tell myself that it is from all the medications, and chemo, and radiation treatments. I just never realized how much the human body can take at one time.

He can barley talk, due to his lumps in his throat. You have to believe me this man can talk your head off. Especially about politics, and he hasn't said a word about it in a few weeks.Speaking of politics, on one of the nights of the Democratic Convention, MJ and him watched it together. I wished I could have seen it, but Grandpa told me she sat back quietly, and applauded every time they did! That made grandpa and grandma's night! Just the other day she said Obama, my dad has a sign in the front of his yard. I wished he could have seen it, or I had the video camera.

My father has been in the hospital for over two weeks, and in a different room every couple days. I have been on level 2, level5, and now back to level 2. What brought him back, besides the cancer, was he had mystery fevers that would not go away? At least he is a little better now, but I don't think he will return home soon.

It has been such a tease for my father, he will return home one night, then have to go back for a few days. He even missed my Birthday on Monday, and Lisa even made a cake with Hershey's Whipped Chocolate on it. Lisa, MJ and I celebrated it together. My Birthday wish was, for my Father to get better. I know you aren't supposed to tell anyone your wish, but I hope that anyone reading this will pray for him. Even if you don't believe in a god, please think of a fast recovery for him. I'm a strong believer in positive energy, so at least believe in that!

This time he can't keep food down, even the stuff they pump into him. The good news about today was no vomit yet! We did go see him earlier today, and he was able to goof around with MJ for a few seconds. It hurts me to see him like this, but I take MJ to see him anyways. It makes him smile, and it makes me feel better about the cancer.

I have gotten lost every damn time, and have had to ask so many different people. My daughter MJ and I are starting to get to know everybody there. I do love how she can make all the cancer patients smile, and one gentleman even laughed so hard, he snorted. The doctor's and nurses think she's a doll, and many say "I wish I could take her home with me!" I kid back, and say "You can take her for awhile, but here's my cell phone number. For when you change your mind!" Not one person has offered to take her after that, maybe I shouldn't add the last part. Ha Ha!

I will admit the cafeteria food is awesome, and the people are nice to. I never thought food could taste that good at a hospital. I take that back, because when MJ was born , the cafeteria food was done by actual Chef's. Don't worry I won't get on a big ole food kick, I just wanted to tell people that hell froze over! That hospital food is the bomb!

I'm keeping hope in my heart, and happy thoughts in my head. I'm keeping faith in my father that he can still be Superman. I'm remaining very optimistic about life, and holding my spirituality tight. I believe in love and God, and that together they will heal his pain!

I thank you for reading this, and allowing me to express some of my pain and emotions. Thank you for listening, and for being here for me in our time of need.

I also want to wish you all a wonderful day!

Blessed Be,


Jamie said...

I'm sorry you and your family is having such a rough time at the moment. I know it all too well. I'm sure seeing MJ is a huge lift to his spirit and his day. Kids do that, especially when that kid is your grandchild. I wish him a speedy recovery and will be thinking of him and your family.

Lisa said...

So sorry to hear your dad and your family is going through so much. I will surely add your dad to my Prayer list. Unless a person has been in your shoes I don't think they can comprehend just how difficult and draining cancer can be. Sincerely sending you my best.

Beth said...

Dear Wes, I'm so sad to hear that it's such a rough time for your Dad and for your family. I will keep him and you all in my thoughts and prayers.

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

My prayers and thoughts are with your dad and with you.