Friday, October 3, 2008

Beautiful Accident's

I'm not talking about my daughter either, even though she is beautiful! Ha Ha
I'm referring to something I saw on AOL news, and it was about the accidental discoveries of certain foods. I wish I could have been the one who discovered cheese, or chocolate chip cookies! Ah! The power of Chocolate!

I just never realized that the sandwich had to be invented. I mean it is two pieces of bread, with what ever you desire to put on it. I sure came into this life in the wrong century for food inventions. I admire the early (Foodeologist's), or rather the inventor's of (Heaven)!

All this talk of good food, and recipe's of delicious cookies. MJ needing to be fed, and with my tummy rumbling. I must leave you with some food for thought. I know I have went to the kitchen for a snack, only to find that I'm lacking key ingredients. Being lazy, or what I call adventurous. I combined some strange combinations, and realized that I created something delicious.

What are some of your strange, but scrumptious treats? I don't blame you if want to keep it a secret. If you noticed, I didn't reveal any of my treasures. Arr!

Don't worry my entries will not always be about food. I wish everyone a magnificent day, and to say thank you for stopping by!




Indigo said...

You remind me of Beth and her talk all the time...strange combos...hmmm....jalapeno chips dipped in pineapple cottage cheese. It's half and half healthy. Enough to satisfy your sweet and salty cravings. (Hugs)Indigo

Beth said...

LOL at Indy's comment!

Hmmm. I recently dipped barbecue potato chips in sour cream. Doritos are also good dipped in sour cream. I think I could dip about ANYTHING in sour cream. Ha ha!

I've also found that putting cheese on things makes just about anything delicious. ;)