Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bakey!

Good morning!

It's another beautiful day in the neighborhood, and the hummingbird's are eating, and the sun is shining. I don't really have any plans for today, but feel compelled to go out and enjoy the day. Will I go out and change the world, or simply get dressed? I better get dressed first, before I go into world to do anything. Right!

I hope to find someone in need of some assistance on my path today, paying it forward is my addiction! Never fear, Super Dad is here!

I'm excited for the fact that if my dad feels better today, he will return home from the hospital soon. He has cancer, and had been put in due to a mysterious fever for over a week now. I know we have missed him, and he has to be sick of the hospital by now.

I don't know what MJ and I will do today. I do know that I don't know! First I must get us both dressed, and fed first. Then get our things loaded up in the car, and pick out some Cd's. We might take a little rode trip to somewhere new. The problem with her being only a year and half is there aren't too many places we can fully enjoy together. Plus I try to spare other's from the joys of an unpredictable infant.

For example if I take her to a movie, we would be ran out, or tared and feathered. If we go to an Art museum, people would not be able to take in the art. Go to an Antique shop she would most likely break something expensive. I can go to some stores, if I keep her in the stroller. Well you get the idea, most places aren't accommodating for us. She likes to do things she is not supposed to do, and touches things that are too dangerous.

I bet she would like to take a tour at a scissor factory, or a garbage dump. But that's where parenting skills come into play, or is it plain common sense? I can see it now, MJ running with a pair of scissors trough a dump. Sticking used contraceptives, and broken glass in her mouth! Yuck!! Wait a minute I think that was at a park we went to a little while back. (Don't worry she didn't put either one of those things in her mouth!)

I'm proud to be a father, and cherish every moment with her! I just wish there more things that we could do together. I don't think it is too early to expose her to the arts, or to take her to a ballgame. I choose to respect other's, who got to these events to escape the madness of their lives. I think too MUNCH about peace, and don't wish to add more paint to THEir Scream.

Like I said we will just go out and do something new today. We Will enjoy the day no matter what we do. I mean she gets excited at plastic bottle, or a fart! She is a baby, so as long we are both doing something safe. We should create some good laughs, and memories today.

"Here comes the Sun"

Blessed Be

Wes & Malayna Jane


Beth said...

Munch...I get it! Ha ha!

Before you know it, MJ will be big enough that she WILL enjoy going to a game and things like that! Then you'll probably feel bad that she's growing up so quickly! ;)

Enjoy your day--I hope you scare up something fun!


Indigo said...

I found you through Beth's journal, she's a riot of a friend. Depends on where you are with the coming Autumn you could always visit a pumpkin farm or rake a bunch of leaves for you and MJ to dive into. Just make sure your not sticky from candy or something first...umm how did you know I was speaking from experience (winks). See you around the blogsphere. (Hugs)Indigo