Sunday, October 19, 2008


As usual I waited till last minute to get a costume, and they were picked over. I was going to be a drunk Scotsman, after all I am part Scottish. I chose not be that in case of cold weather, and I didn't want a draft up the ole kilt. I thought about being a Spartan cheerleader, but I preferred other Will Ferrell skits. I passed on the Officer Jim Dangle from "Reno 911", for the shorts would be inappropriate for the youngsters. I saw so many funny costumes, but had to dress age appropriate.

After all the several family members would be there, and all the kiddies. I chose "Shaggy" from "Scooby Doo", and my wife was "Daphne". Malayna was a puppy, because right now she is puppy obsessed. Almost every animal is a puppy, and a short time back we would go through a whole list of animals. MJ would name each one, and do their sounds. She was stuck on "Puppy", and would pant like a dog. I tried to find a little "Scooby" or "Scrappy" but could not find one in time for my Dads party today.

The morning started off normal, as normal can be right now! We got up and got her snacks, which is really breakfast. Then her juice, and let her watch her shows. Mom had to get up and go to the Doctors office today, and get some test done. After she was done we would go over to the campgrounds, and go to the costume judging. Mom was running late, so I got her in her costume, and made it over with seconds to spare.

They called for our age group, and I took MJ by her hand, and she carried the sign that read "Beware of Guard puppy". She did so well, and held on to the sign as the judges passed us by. People in the crowd commented on how cute she was, and asked if we could stop for pictures, so we did. I was the only adult dressed up during the day, that was until Lisa showed up. As the judges walked by I couldn't help but think of "Best In Show", I laughed about the film in my head. I noticed MJ was looking at the kids, and smiled and laughed at most of them. Once I ever get around to figuring out all this computer stuff, I will post pictures of us.

Back to the contest, they named off the top three costumes, and she did not get called. Oh well, I didn't think any thing about it. Then the second place girl passed all the kids and stuck her tongue out at all the kids and said "I got second place, Ha Ha!" It truly didn't bother me, but part of me felt for the other kids. When I made my way back to the family, my niece mentioned what the little girl did, and I responded by saying "That it did not matter, that it is about having fun", which we did!

An odd thing happened to me, and it made me laugh! I was standing next to my Step Mother Kay, and she tapped me on the back. So, I turned around and this woman was standing behind me with her hand out. Naturally I shook her hand, and she was complimenting my costume, She was telling me how she had a crush on "Shaggy" growing up, and dated guys who resembled him. I'm standing there with Kay, and she's by her kids, and a man, and she says "I just want to say that you Really look like him." Zoinks, that was awkward!

It shocked me for two reasons, I didn't expect it. The other reason who had the hots for "Shaggy", I mean it's him, and not to forget it's a cartoon!

Thank goodness for the family coming to my rescue, and by the way I have always had a goatee, and wore green shirts. My dad used to kid with me about the resemblance, but he wasn't serious. I just wished I didn't shave my real one a few days ago, I had to keep placing it on my chin. I felt like a cast member on SNL, when the fake mustache would fall or tilt. Those were some of my favorite parts of the show.

When it was about time for the hay rack rides, and the trick er treating Lisa pulls up! (Woo Ho)
Here comes "Daphne, and now I can show the world that "Shaggy and "Daphne" could be a couple, that it wasn't always about "Fred"! MJ was really happy to see her, and I was relieved too! Now I could start video taping some more for my dad, he wasn't able to make it. The Doctors said he couldn't leave the hospital until he could keep food down, and the chemo treatments were treating him kinder!

We got our candy, I mean Mj's Candy! Ha ha
We opted to walk the roads with the stroller, rather than be crammed on the hay rack rides. All went well, and we made it back to the family. Then my Grandparents showed up ,and we visited with them. My Grandfather mentioned that he just saw my father, and that he was doing better.
So, I called him and asked him if we went to Springfield to grab some food, if he would like us to stop. "Would I want you guys to stop by, I've been waiting!"

We were off in the "Mystery Machine" to grab some "Scooby Snacks" and see Pa Pa! After we loaded up her stroller, and got all the things that MJ needed, we made our way to the doors. People already were smiling and staring, and so I put on a show. I took those really long steps that Shaggy takes, and responded with "Zoinks"! A few kids even yelled "Hi Shaggy" and the old men looked at Lisa's Daphne outfit, with her 70's boots. Doctors, Nurses, patients, and visitors enjoyed us being all dressed up.

I always try to make it humorous for all when I go to the hospital, and most importantly my father! The bonus is that the other cancer patients get a kick out of it too. I just don't like hospitals, but I know that there are angels who roam those halls. I praise any one who works in a hospital, even if it is the janitor! I used to be one in a Nursing home, and it was a learning experience!

We made it to the room , and my sister was there. She beat us there, we did stop for snacks. My dad was pleased that we were having a good day, and that we stopped by. The smiles on his face were heartwarming, and the joy in his tone was wonderful. I finally sit down, and he laughed! He stated "That goat under chin, you usually have one, that one his so goofy!" He laughed all through that broken sentence. I almost didn't wear it in, but thought he could enjoy it.

I could dress up every day of the year, if society wouldn't lock me up! It is amazing how costumes, and impressions can brighten up peoples days.

My father felt well enough to walk to the waiting room, and he even picked Malayna up, to show her to his new found friends. I have made friends with many people on the cancer floor, and just about every floor for that matter. We sat in the waiting room, and laughed, talked, and reminisced. Several doctors and nurses stop by to give candy to MJ, and it gave my dad the chance to brag about his little puppy, and his family! After a little while we said good bye, and made it back to the house to change out of our costumes. It had turned colder, so we wanted to be dressed warmer for the Chili cookout.

Arriving back at the campgrounds, we sat by Kay, and talked about what movies we thought were scariest. Watched the Adult costume contest, and ate chili. Played with kids, until somebody came through the crowd with a fake chainsaw, and mask! MJ did not like it ,so I pulled her off to the side. We went over to the playground, and played with Cassie our niece. She was scared too, and I told her don't repeat what I'm about to say to anyone "If that guy tries to scare you or MJ again, I will put that chainsaw somewhere, and it just might hurt!" I got a laugh out of her, and told her was fake, that there was no blade on it. Once again all was peaceful, so we gathered our things, and went over to the bonfire.

It was the biggest bonfire I have ever seen, it had to be at least 20 to 25 feet tall. It was in a safe location, and so were we! Me personally I would never have one that big, and I felt even with volunteer Fire Fighters there, it was too big. Ask me if I thought it was awesome, and I will tell it was a site to see! The kid was getting irritable, and we had been gone all day, we started to get ready to go home. Plus, SNL was on in thirty minutes, and we still had to say goodbye.

We said our goodbye's, and followed each other home. We made it with seven minutes to spare, and the opening was funny! I just don't like the fact that undecided, and uninformed people will vote just because of the show tonight! It is all fun and games, until we have four more years like we have had the last seven! I love elections, but don't understand how anybody can vote for the candidate that entertains them, and not the one who would be best for the world. Enough about politics and a confused nation.

I can say that despite my father not being able to show for his own party, and the stresses in my own life, I had Fun. My family had fun today, and we were able to make strangers feel good. I was able to relax when I got home, and lay with my family until they passed out. Almost finished my S. Brown book, and ate some homemade brownies and chocolate chip cookies.

Before I go, I would like any one who reads this to answer three questions for me please.

What are some of the movies that Scared you?
What is your favorite costume of all time?
What will you be this year?

Thank you all for stopping by my place, and I wish you all a Groovy day!

Best Wishes,


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad that you had a great day. I used to be a clown, and going to nursing homes was always the best, bringing out smiles.

1. Halloween series when they first came out.

2. My clown outfit, it is my true personality.

3. No costumes this year :o)

Beth said...

Wes, I got such a kick out of this entry--partly because of your funny descriptions, and also because it sounds like you had such a fun time in so many ways!

"I would have gotten away with it if it weren't for you darn kids!" LOL

I'm happy that your Dad enjoyed the visit and that you were able to make others laugh and smile. That always makes for a good day, doesn't it?

To answer your questions:

1. The movie that scared me most, and still scares me, is "The Exorcist." As you know, I loves me my horror movies, so it takes a lot to really scare me--I mean deep down scared--now. "The Blair Witch Project" really gave me the creeps, as did "Hostel."

2. My favorite costume was probably in college when I went as a cat, only because of a funny memory. I had made a tail out of leopard print material stuffed with cotton balls. A friend and I were going to different parties, and at one point, I realized my tail was stuck in the car door, so we were driving around town with a tail hanging outside the car!

3. No plans for a costume party this year, but if there were, I'd be Sarah Palin, doncha know! Man, I could have fun with that one, too....

Love ya!

Jamie said...

It sounds like a really great day. I'm really glad to hear that your dad is feeling better. I think about him daily. I'm sure MJ looked adorable. The girl hitting on you is just too funny.
The movie that scared me the most throughout my childhood and quite frankly, into my teen years was Gremlins. I know, it was a cheesy movie but I always imagine them coming out from under my bed and getting me. Any of the American Werewolf in movies still freak me out.
My favorite Halloween outfit (seeing as how I haven't worn one since I was a kid) was a princess costume my grandma spent weeks sewing. It looked so much better than anything you could've found in a store and I told anyone who would listen that my grandma MADE it for me.
I won't be wearing anything this year. My husband is trying to talk me into dressing up the dog since we'll be taking her with us while we trick-or-treat with my daughter. I think she'll freak out and refuse to move though. ;)

Lisa said...

It does sound like a totally groovy day! LOL, the lady with the hots for Shaggy cracked me up.

I think the bonfire would have been neat to see but that IS huge.

You can wear a costume everyday if you want too...I think it would be pretty cool actually. I doubt you'll get locked up, just say you are in a band. ;)

1. I was scared, terrified over "I am Legend" and "Resident Evil".

2. One year I went as Peter Criss and the rest of my buds were the other band members. It was awesome, we really nailed it.

3. I will be me this year and sometimes that is scary enough!! LOL. I don't dress up anymore, the only ones who see me are the animals and Doug (and he already thinks I'm crazy!!).

Glad you father could get to the waiting room and seems to be doing better. I made alot of friends when my mom was going through treatment. I still hear from some of them. It can be a very bonding experience when your loved one is getting treatment..I will never forget how we all had the same "look", fear, sorrow, hope and love all rolled into one expression. I think of your Dad alot and always keep him in my Prayers.