Thursday, October 2, 2008

Having A Ball

I got up today with the intention of doing something early. It turned out the Direct T.V guy was coming in between 12-4 p.m today, so I made the best of it with my daughter MJ. We went outside and went on a stroller ride around the block. Then we went outside in the yard and played with her Thomas the Tank Engine ball. She loved it when we played catch, and kicked it to each other.

I snapped some pictures on the phone and sent them to Lisa. Then I put the message "Having A Ball" on it. My wife works long hours, and this week even longer hours. So I send pictures with messages to cheer her up. It kind of cheers me up too, but we both miss her so much. Last week I took a picture of MJ in a Pink dress that mom got her. Then recorded the song "Pretty in Pink", and put it with the picture. I know it meant a lot because she loves the movie, and the "Psychedelic Furs".

The Satellite man came, and it was done in no time. Since I had the bags all ready to go, we were off to the races. It's just an expression! I would never take her to the track, not till she's at least 2 year's old!

We set out to a park to play, and then grabbed some num num's. Then we went to the mall to go look for some warmer cloths for her. I grabbed Lisa a warm blue hooded shirt for work. Don't worry I'm not forgetting myself, I went and grabbed a couple Cd's and a movie. Since MJ has been walking, we have become regular "MallRats". I mean everybody who works there knows our names, "And there always glad we came." I have noticed that every time we go, I hear that Weezer song off the film "MallRats". It is usually when MJ is holding my hand, and I have to look down to make sure it's not Susanne! Ha Ha


We went to Family Video and picked up some movies for her, and for Lisa and I. Have you ever wondered when they will change the name from FamilyVideo to Family Movie? I know it's a mind BUGGLESer "DVD killed the Video Store"

We made it home after mom, and we all had supper together. We started the film "Leather heads", while she was still awake. Before it was over they were both asleep. I enjoyed it, but thought it would be funnier. I did appreciate the way they showed Professional Football in the 1920's. It's not as thorough as "Hoosier's", or funny as "Slap Shot' with the Late Great Paul Newman. I don't want to spoil it for people who have not seen it yet, so I will let you be the judge.

"I'm off like a dirty shirt!"

Peace & Love



Beth said...

Hey, I like the new digs! Are you starting to get used to it?

Sounds like you had a great day!


Jamie said...

Found you through Beth and had to send a comment. Noticed on your profile one of your favorite movies is What About Bob? I thought I was the only person out there that loved that movie. To this day I can't hear that Talking Heads song without thinking of that movie. If you're ever feeling adventurous with your little one, you might try finger paints as an intro to arts. ;) Just buy a really, really big piece of paper. At her age, well, you know how long the paint would last on a smaller sized piece of paper.