Monday, October 6, 2008

I Won't Grow Up!

May 28, 1999

Supper's done!
Time to come in.
Childhood was fun.
I'm sitting listening to children play.
Just remembering of bubblegum, and games.

The ice cream man and photographs
Waking up on Saturday.
Eating Captain Crunch.
I will never forget childhood laughs.

Wishing for the day.
I would grow up to be a man.
I remember my father saying,
"Enjoy it while you can."
"In every way,
For, your day will come."
In a blink of an eye.

I'm now in my twenties.
There lies a kid inside.
To all the memories, and lessons I've learned!
To the holidays'.
To the days' of summer.

The tables have turned.
I am the teacher,
I am the fool.
We grow with responsibility.
But I will always be a kid.
To experience life and learn.

A toast to childhood!

By: ME

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Beth said...

I'm toasting childhood, too...right...NOW!