Wednesday, October 22, 2008

That's Not Mud McCain/Palin Are Slinging!


We Report:
As of 2:00 A:M this morning a spokesperson for the McCain/Palin campaign said this:

"We at the McCain headquarters wish to apologize for attacking a person character, and for slandering the good name of Barrack Saddam Osama Hitler Hoover Stalin Bush Obama. That we wish to cater not just to the rich, but any one who will vote for us, and believe what we want you to believe."

Reporters yelling and shouting! "If he is so sorry why is he.." "Why has he been saying.."

"Sorry no questions or comments!" "We only wish to apologize to the American people and the Barrack friend of a terrorist Obama campaign. We Wish you all a good day!"

LWIIS Reports:

Reporter No.1 There you have it folks the McCain/Palin people sure know how to say there sorry, and really seem to care about the American people. When I say care about the American people I mean Joe the Plumber!

Reporter No.2
What was the words of wisdom he was saying? I believe he said if we vote for Obama life would go down the crapper! That Obama's words don't float in his bowl, that when he is near McCain/Palin that he smells something very familiar. That it reminds him of his duties at work?

Reporter No.2
Could it be the smell of victory? Could it be he thinks that that the Republican party has a chance to flush the democrats out of their victory, and that he chooses to plunge head first into this election?

Reporter No.1
I really don't have the answer, but can say that he can decide what is best for America, and the working man! That who better than Joe the Plumber! I can say that these times are tough, maybe a little SWIRLY, but we can do it together as Americans! He's right we can smell something familiar with him, and the McCain/Palin campaign.

Reporter No.2
I believe your on to something here, but fail to realize it is the smells of shit being thrown around!

Reporter No.1
Well there you have it folks the McCain/Palin people have given us a wHOLE new meaning to the term mud slinging!


Jamie said...

LOL I think someone is getting goofy from lack of sleep. Ok, so I may be too. Maybe I'll take a stab at that sleep thing. Or maybe at a plant. I promise, I'll play some mozart or something. haha

Lisa said...

LOL, nah, that "ain't" mud!!!

Beth said...

Hahaha--I love all his extra middle names. Why haven't those been reported before?! LOL