Sunday, October 5, 2008

An Early Birthday Gift

My wife and daughter are sleeping like babies, and now I can write! I shall start off with my day of The Spoon River Scenic Drive. I didn't get there as early has I had hoped, time frames disappear into the demands of children! Before MJ, I always TRIED to be punctual. My dad's motto growing up was "Always be at least a half Hour early where ever you go!"

After being Brainwashed, I mean raised under that logic, I have always tried to be early.

You can call it what you want, but it drives me bonkers, not being able to tell anybody the precise arrival time! I know people will understand, and that things will get easier the older she gets. Ha Ha

Life is what it is sometimes, and we must accept life's plan! Being a parent is like a multiple personality disorder! One minute were looking at our kid, and admiring their ability to walk. "Look how cute she is!" The next minute you can find yourself saying "Why must you keep turning the television off?" "Don't run away from me, please come here now!"

I love how she can act up, and then seconds later come give me a hug & kiss. Like I forgot that she just stuck her hand in the VCR, or dug something out of the bathroom garbage. Daddy " I love daddy!" "Hug please!"

It is so damn cute, but I Must Be The Enforcer! What she doesn't know is that I smile, and laugh when I finally hug her. MJ is very well behaved, and tries her best. Considering mom is gone most of the time, and Grandpa Don has been in and out of the hospital.

My father has been diagnosed with cancer, and was put in the hospital due to high fevers. Every time they said he could come home, his fever would spike. He is finally back at home today, but has the machines hooked up to him. I'm not used to seeing my father like this, or be like this.

So, I will cut my daughter a lot of slack. We do the best we can, after all "It's A Mad Mad World" you know! Now I must quote Britney Spears "Oops I did it again" Ha Ha

You may have already noticed that I started my Parental ramblings again! I do apologize for my lack of concentration. I like blame this on my (Waltermittyinitus), or my Multiple Parental Personality Disorder. Shuckey darn, maybe its a bit of both!

I will make this as short as possible! We got in the Blazer, and headed down the road. I took route 29, instead of my usual way through Petersburg, IL. I did it to avoid most of the traffic, I took a left at the four way stop at Mason City. I Cut through Easton, and made it to the road to Havana, IL.

Then we pulled into Dickson Mounds State Museum, and then got out to walk the grounds. I first started going there when I was Malayna's age. Some people in my family ask me why I still go there. They say you've seen everything there is to see.

What they don't realize, is that I go to see the tree's. I go to walk the ground that the Native Americans walked. I go to feel the energies of the earth, and to share this place with my daughter. When I started going with my family, I was about Malayna's age. The trees were dwarfs, and now they are giants.

Our lives are similar to the trees, we start off from seedlings. Then over time our roots grow, connecting to the earth. Arms reaching for the sky, and growing over time. We share our life with others, might it be family or a friend. We connect with them, and share the the time. We grow in countless ways, and share the seasons. Together we dance in the wind, and survive all weather.

I took some pictures, and played with MJ at the Picnic Hill. Then my family met up with us at the the orchard. It was a pleasant surprise to see that my sister Mellisa, Marshal, and our niece Cassie was in the van with my mom. After all the Hello's and How do you Do's, we made our way inside.

I went straight the beets, and grabbed all but two jars! I had to leave a couple for other people. Good thing I did, because my mom and sister wanted one. I then got a few jars of "Apple Butta", Pumpkin butter, apple jelly, strawberry rhubarb jam,bread and butter pickles, and some apple cider. I can't forget the caramel nut clusters, and other candies!

Don't worry some of that was gifts for other people. I always make sure to give enough gifts, so I can get the good stuff for me! Ha Ha

Next we made our way down to the fairgrounds in Lewistown. In years past this was the spot, you could get a wide range of foods. Not only that they had several vendors with tables full of good stuff. I'm talking antiques, books, crafts, pony rides, cool gadgets, coins, all styles of hats, cloths, paintings, and Records! Too much to name, and too much to fit in the car!

This year was different, there were less vendors. Not as many things that I like to get, and no Records! :(

I did manage to snag three home made pies, and if you're wondering the types. They were apple, blackberry, and peach. Mmmmm
After we left the fairgrounds we all went back to Dixon Mounds, and looked around. Took some pictures, and gave hugs.

It's funny how people can be saddened by departures, even if you will see them in a couple days. I think that most of us didn't want the day to end, or the memory to become the past.

I will make a short list of why I loved this year, more than some in the past.

1. I was able to share it with some of my family.

2. Malayna made me smile often.

3. I talked to many good people along the way.

4. The weather was phenomenal!

5. The Bluegrass music!

6. The FOOOOOOOOD! I had a foot long corn dog, hamburgers, fries, a pork chop, kettle corn, honey roasted peanuts, honey roasted almonds.

6. Lemon Shakeups, and Strawberry Shakeups!

7. The scenic drive was breathtaking, and the wildlife was everywhere that day.

I now realize, that were too many good things about the day, and this thing has become the longest thing I've most likely written in a while. On that note I would like say thank you for stopping by, and for taking the time to listen to my ramblings. I wish you all a splendid day!


Mr. Stretchy Pants


Jamie said...

It's funny how much children change our lives once they are born. Suddenly they are the thing we talk about most and can't seem to stop talking about. I'm sure there are times when my non-parent friends think geesh would you just shut up about that kid but then... I'm probably thinking that about their job or gossip. ;) Mine is three and still does that, ooooh I was bad, better go be cute now act. Sometimes it works on me, other times, it doesn't. It's hard not to smile when they do it though as it always seems to come from a place that we as adults, don't understand anymore. (no alterial motives?! how can that be?) I'm glad you had a good day with your family. It sounds like it would've been hard to have a bad day under those conditions. Good family, cute kid, food... I mean really, nothing bad about it. ;)

Beth said...

First of all, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, WES!! Woohooo! (It IS today, right?)

Sounds like you had a fabulous day! OMG, I hope you DID wear your stretchy pants with all that food! Ha ha!

As for your Dad, I hope he gets past this rough patch soon.

Hugs, Beth