Monday, March 1, 2010

The Principles In Politics

It's been politics as usual in Washington D.C. in regards to the unemployment extension and about healthcare. If you've watched the news on television you've heard the brainwash about this country being broken. If the truth was to be spoken, it has been off course for many years now, as far back as the foundation of this country. What I mean is since the beginning elected officials have always said one thing and done another. They have pointed a finger at the opposing side to an issue; they have gathered convenient information for their benefit.

Facts that make a point that helps create the illusion of urgency for the demands of a party, clearly not for the people. Now and then many politicians state that the costs of spending for things like war, bailouts to financial institutions, pay raises, and corporate deals are more worthy compared to lending a hand to us the people.

No matter your side of the scam we call politics you have to possess a heart, not just a brain that lacks common sense. One must possess a brain that is not mostly fueled by fear and greed, only thinking of dollars and cents. I've noticed since I first discovered our political system and its true design that elected leaders merely desire to stay in office, and speak from the wallet. To me this is a crime and a betrayal to humanity, a tactic that most of the baby kissing whores embrace.

Right now we have Jim Bunning talking about spending and how we should find a way to pay for the unemployed to survive on chump change.(This current extension is only for a month)It sounds like Jim Bunning thinks that we can't break this country with issues that would assist the unfortunate.

How can anybody in Washington say they care about spending when they make more than they're worth? When we finance war and continue to help the rich. We continue to help the people who drove our country to the brink of a depression. It's called a recession but how can it only be that. Forget the trivial definitions that concur on the term, forget how this country suffered in "The Great Depression" because if we remember it our current state would not compare.

I've heard hundreds of Americans speak of their personal lives and seen countless stories on television to know that we need compassion and proper action to stop the bleeding. I know many people who struggle to survive daily and will continue to in the near future. I know first hand how hard it is to put food on the table and find a job that fulfills the demands of providing for the family.

We have relied on unemployment benefits and will be affected by the denial of an emergency extension. We have barely gotten by, just enough to breathe and got a few extra things for our two year old daughter. The sad thing is I know many who have not and desperately need the extension.

It's too easy for people who have more than just enough to survive to acknowledge other people's place in life, let alone truly relate. It's easy to say to those who can't find work to flip burgers or pump gas if you care for the family! I say shut the hell up!

Just because inadequate jobs exist that does not mean they will choose you. Just because there are temporary employment agencies that does not mean you will be asked to work full-time anywhere. Because this country lacks sufficient amount of work and the proper pay for its people, it creates an overflow of workers. Therefore employers have piles of applications and resumes to look through, during this process the unemployed wait for sometimes nothing.

If people would take the time to think they could understand the added factors of our great struggle. There are the everyday bills,the costs of family, gas prices, the wear and tear of a vehicle and the human body! Anything extra that all children should have and the expenses that come with parenting will further break what bank that remains.

This country contains a majority that has relied on credit cards to get by, as a tool to deny poverty the power of kicking families to the curb. The negative reality to this strategy is the final result, high interests and even deeper debt. I know this because I've witnessed my family and friends pay dearly for doing so. I will admit I've never used one and most likely never will.

All my years I've wondered why we can provide good healthcare and pay raises for elected leaders but nothing legitimate for the voters. We the people have had no real pay raise in the minimum wage or real improvements to healthcare. Food prices rise and medical costs fluctuate monthly but no permanent assistance for the American taxpayers.

Common sense will show you that wealthy people don't fall into this experience. Yes they pay the high prices but can afford it. What bothers me about wealthy companies, politicians and the very rich is the obvious reactions to paying higher taxes.

What I was told by adults in my youth was "The more you make the more they take." Under that logic the super wealthy should be taxed more! If I as a teenager and as an adult accepted the deductions off my check as the amounts got higher then why can't those who are more privileged agree?

The reason I bring this up is most elected officials earn higher salaries and work closely with wealthy people. They seem to work harder for people who can finance campaigns and allow future opportunities for their families. But when it comes to the average American or underprivileged they talk the talk and rarely walk the walk.

Unless it's that time of the year when we have an election.

What bothers me about the current state of our nation and the continual push and shove amongst our political leaders is the lack of real focus. They discuss the importance of action and about the urgency to work together for the people, yet provide us with no real proof of it.

In the past I've stated that people prefer to point fingers at the White House and it's chief resident, many people fail to recognize it takes all branches of government to get things done. In the political world there must be real action and bipartisanship to allow this beautiful country to flourish, or this country will wither and die.

We the people are what matters the most, they are the civil servants.

Has anybody else noticed the scrutiny that our current President receives from the American people, the Teabaggers, the Republicans, the religious right, Independents, and some Democrats? I know that we have the right to voice our concerns and display opinions when we feel like it. I embrace our rights of freedoms and encourage all people to stand up for their beliefs.

What I don't understand is why now when we no longer have President Bush in office or his administration? We no longer have the designers of the current wars. The countless corrupted people who helped destroy this country with all their criminal activities. I wish to ask those who oppose President Obama where they were when the last President continued to do so much worse?

I can find faults in this President and our current administration but can't help but see the positive differences. After two terms of Bush and his peoples lies, I can easily give President Obama his chance. Well before the 2008 election I could see the slow results of the Bush years, the negative effects caused by his leadership, I could clearly see the real agenda of our elected leaders.

If anybody wishes to blame just the Democrats or solely point the finger at President Obama for all the troubles of today, I say shut the hell up! He may not have been my first choice to lead but since he won the election and agreed to deal with the problems in hand I will continue to support him.

Not because he's a Democrat or that he was just the better choice in 2008. I will support him because he is a President that tries to do the right thing in the political world. What I mean is most political leaders pretend to care about the American people, they pretend to care about the children and their future. They give a speech about compassion and moments later vote to deny Americans human decency.

They moan and groan about what they think is best and how "It's my way or the highway!" This kind of thinking gets us nowhere! This constant non-action will continue to destroy whats left of the political system and only hurt we the people.

Before I end this entry I must again state that we have spent trillions of dollars on unnecessary things,that the U.S. government has spent countless dollars on bogus agendas.

I feel that elected leaders should without question or selfish doubt provide human decency at all times for the people.

I must say to Jim Bunning and those who act like him to "Stop your greedy and heartless actions and sign the unemployment extension already!Stop talking about what this country needs and start doing something! You and all your like minded colleagues should create some decent jobs for the people in this country! If you and your corrupted colleagues can't provide humane opportunities then forfeit your salaries during these tough times! If you can't embrace progress or accomplish positive changes then pack your suitcase. Take your bags of money with you on your way back to your elected states."

If anybody can give me a real reason why my wife should not receive the extension or the rest of this country, feel free! But before you speak realize that I will not accept dollars and cents ideology.

Thank you for taking the time to read this entry and for simply stopping by.

Loren Ackerman & Family

Friday, January 15, 2010

Please Help Haiti!

A couple days ago I was sitting and playing on the computer. When Lisa said to me "Did you here that Haiti had a bad earthquake?" I responded "yes, it happened a couple days ago, many people have been affected by it" She stopped me in my tracks, "Wes! This just happened today!" I was confused! I thought about it for a second, then realized it must have been a bad dream. I saw it on a Yahoo blurb and felt sad when I saw it. I was wondering why nobody else was talking about.

I feel bad for dreaming about it a couple days before, like it was just another story or bad dream. Then to discover the sad reality of this nightmare, that it's very real. I feel many emotions by the earthquake, they change at any given moment. Like aftershocks form my heartache. The main emotion is helplessness. I want to jump into the television and dig them out, to help and hug those children.

We've both watched the news and felt that countries tragedy. Witnessing the cut and debris covered victims expressions. The pain in the faces of a frightened people, the sadness and anguish they feel. Some screaming for family, others digging barehanded in the rubble. My heart aches to see their struggle, it breaks when the media overplays video of the bodies.

I know it's the job of the media to report the situation, but I feel that there should be a line of decency. I have seen a lot of death in my life and had to deal with what follows those affected. I know real loss and still hold the images of lost loved ones, most likely until I die! So, don't think I can't handle the truths of life and death. I just feel the media can focus on the positives and reveal the togetherness within the madness.

I've witnessed and heard many reporters and supporters choke with sadness and also anger. To me this is human, we should feel like this. I will admit I've teared up, but not truly cried yet. Not like with Katrina and countless other disasters that have occurred in history. Not to say that I won't, because I will!

Right now I'm staying strong for the world, spreading the word. Encouraging others to do what they can. I have a FACEBOOK friend his name is Daniel, he is an Army medic. (Just like my Dad was!)

Daniel said, "Alive and Well in Haiti. Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.Will go forth and do great things and save as many as I can get my hands on." Indeed he will! I told him to please be safe and do what you can for all of us that care.

My wife and I feel the same when it comes to tragedy and human suffering. We love life and hope for world peace. I asked my wife how she felt about the situation she replied "I wish that all countries were able to help themselves, so when disaster happens it could be helped and not a have to.I wish all countries had the opportunity to to be prepared and could swiftly respond to the people! But, that's just never going to happen!"

I responded, "Just like world peace!"

I have had other friends point out the history of Haiti and how it was hurting before this quake. Indeed, just like the rest of the world. It is a shame that it takes a disaster to bring people closer. Sadly we have too many people ignoring world issues, treating them as invisible. The world can't ignore Haiti's quake, nor can we turn our cheek.

I have chosen to ignore certain comments by Religious leaders about Haitian sins, to ignore certain Radio and television hosts heartless opinions.

I wish to add that when the earthquake happened many people were injured, killed, and are missing. United nations workers, American civilians, and people from all over the world. May those affected find the peace,love, and support that they require.

Many of my friends have helped raise awareness and donations through word of mouth. By way of text, computer games, and others methods that I will soon mention.

I've heard that relief has been greater than most of our past disasters. They say it is due to modern technology, that it's easier to help others now. This statement rings true, my wife and I have already donated a couple ways. Even by way of text, but it can take weeks to process. So, please take the time to support our brothers and sisters of the world in any way you can.

Life's what it is sometimes! No matter what disaster or cause that calls for human action, together we can create a beautiful tomorrow. In life, in any country there will be sorrow. There will be issues that need helped! All we can do as human beings is to be human and help others when we can. Stay strong and allow our emotions to be powerful and positive. To love one another the best we can and follow the life in our beating hearts.

Here is just a few ways we can help.

Doctors Without Borders
Friends of the World Food Program
International Rescue Committee
Facebook Charity Gift Shop;including:
Water for Haiti from Oxfam
Light a Candle for Haiti from UNICEF
Food for Haiti from CARE
Shelter for Haiti from The American Red Cross
Survival Kit from World Vision
You can buy virtual gifts through Zynga games
You can text "HAITI" to 90999 to donate $10 to American Red Cross relief for Haiti

Feel free to find your own method, but pass it on! :)

Thank you for taking the time to read this! Please remember my words, but more importantly the people of Haiti! Please join me in helping the world to "live as one."

Peace & Love
Loren, Lisa, and Malayna Ackerman