Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Your Call

" We have the whole wide world in our hands"
Last night was Earth Hour and my family took part in it. We spend some quality time together by candlelight. I wish more people would do this on a regular basis, because you can really connect with loved ones. (Or yourself by reading a good book or some much needed meditation)

Back to last night, while Lisa relaxed watching "The State" a TV show that was on MTV in the 1990's. It only lasted a couple years, it had a very funny cast! They all went on to do many things, the one that most people know is "Reno 911". (New shows will be on Comedy Central Soon)
She watched by way of my laptop, which was ran on a battery. So, we stuck to our guns and turned off all the lights and didn't turn anything on!

I attempted to read "A Modern Anthology of Modern Poetry" 1938 edition. It has some wonderful works by some of the greatest writers of that time. (Sandburg, Yeats, frost, Masters, Cummings, Eliot, and many others.)

You noticed I said "Attempted"! MJ was fine at first, but wanted to play with the candles. She wanted to hold the book, when I say hold I mean play with it! She just turned 2, I cut her lots of slack. I did manage to get through several pages of the book. I watched her play with toys, and wondered how kids did without electricity? People for that matter!

Can you imagine the kids today doing without their game systems or any thing else that requires power? Today most things rely on batteries, so it wouldn't be too bad for them. How about society in general, would it cope well living like our ancestors of the past?

I myself have gotten used to my microwave and gas stove. I still listen to my (record player) and occasionally watch TV. I'm a very modern person, who likes his shower Hot! I understand that we have methods for centuries, in which we cook, bath, and communicate.
That doesn't mean I can't like modern ways.

How about means of transportation, we have our cars. Back then it was animals for motors and our two feet. We've all heard a relative tell the tale "When I was your age" (Here's where you fill in the blanks with a story you've heard.)

Has anyone noticed that it's easier to find a used condom on the sidewalk, then a Payphone these days? I mean what does that tell you about the world?

Is that a cell phone in your pocket are you just happy to see me?
A world without payphones could be bad, because some cell phones say "No Service" Then what? Your SOL!

Kids today have a cellphone, Ipod, laptop, and a car! They have these things while they are in school and have no job? I had to walk everywhere, listen to the radio, work for what I had, and find a pay phone. (A Pay phone was away to talk dirty)

You could find it sticky and greased up, from someones hands, mouth, and ears. Sometimes find it with a cut cord, or even better with gum on the earpiece.

The good old days, when had our Walkmans. We had to walk to the library and find information. (No google) Listen to our local radio stations and stand in line for hours for concert tickets. Sometimes overnight and brave the weather.
Today is a different way of life, a life filled with Credit Cards and convenience.
We are so accustomed to the way life is currently designed, and for the most part can't complain. Some of the things I mentioned, I truly enjoy! Still I appreciate an easier way of life and cherish good inventions.
Which brings me back to Earth Hour, we don't have to give up our luxuries! There is no need to travel back into the Olden days, we can simply live greener lives. There are technologies that can give us clean power and help our economy. We can live healthier lives while expanding our growth in technology and peaceful relations with each other. We could become less dependant on Old Ideas and other countries. We can lead the way for change and prosperity!

I found it interesting that Lester R Brown's birthday was on March 28, the same night as Earth Hour.
For those of you who don't know who he is, check out the above site for that reason.
Just simply get on the computer and type anything to do with the Environment and I know you will find something to your liking? It is a big world we share and we all have to care about something.
I don't wish to tell people what to do, only ask you to at least look at the facts. To simply take a look at our options and find the truths in your heart.
Without a world, there would be no life.
Without life, there would be no other issue!
We must work together to find answers and help raise awareness concerning OUR planet.

We must ACT NOW!


Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Fear & Loathing Contraceptives

Malayna Jane's Birthday was the other day and went it well! Our baby turned 2 and it caused me to think of her birth. It brought me many memories and stirred many emotions in my heart and soul. It replayed countless moments in my mind, mostly good ones. It reminded me of the day we found out about her.

My heart smiles when I look at her and her mother. I think of that stormy day in March, when she was born. It was at 11:20 am and she weighed 8 pounds & three ounces.

I can remember saying to my wife and family right after birth, that I can't wait to have another one! GOOD THING LISA COULD"T REACH ME and she really didn't hear me! Rookie mistake, I won't say that this time, out loud any ways. In my defense I was caught up in the moment!

If you noticed the picture above his entry, it was a couple days after MJ was born. Enjoy it while it's here. Smile at my attempt to grow my "Earl" mustache. Lisa's not thrilled I put that picture up, she says she looks tired and ugly. I think they both look beautiful and I wouldn't change a thing, maybe I would have shaved my mustache off.

I would like to share some history about our lives, and will try my best not ramble. For those of you who have read my entries I have a habit of jumping around and will try my best not to confuse you.

It was our second trip to Ontario and we were excited! Our last trip we made to my Moms I was sick with a bad case of bronchitis, and got a mystery skin rash on my face? I had it for most of the trip and I looked severely disfigured. It went away when I got home and have no trace of it left, like it never happened? Before we go into the border we stopped at a Diner and we ordered coffee and I got pie. About half way through I discovered some curly hair in the cream? It got stuck in my throat like a familiar scratch. I mentioned to my company, then to the waitress. I said I wanted pie, not hair pie. We all got a big laugh out of it and free coffee.

I have found worse things in my food during my traveling years. Things that I would have won a million dollars for on Fear Factor. That chapter will be called "What the **** is in my dish?"

What I don't understand is when they ask if I want another one? No thanks, I'm good! My stomach going hurt bad enough!

We reached the border with relief and thought we would be at my moms soon. It all seemed simple enough, we would give our identification, and be off. They told us to pull over up ahead and come inside! We did what was asked and we were told us we could wait there until the immigration officer arrived.

To make this long story short we waited for a few hours, my mom almost falling off the chair asleep, my wife tired as well. We decided to go back to the casino and wait. We spent some money and I broke even, we were passing time. The two slept in the car, while I roamed the casino with my notebook and pen.

I was feeling a bit Gonzo, due to my lack of sleep. I could almost hear Hunter's voice telling me something I could not understand. I was mumbling strange things to myself and felt completely worn out.

It was then when I came to room with free coffee and some comfy chairs, so I decided to sit. There was a older man with white hair sitting quietly, reading a newspaper. He spoke to me, "You look tired and worried." I mention our situation and he told me it has happened to many other's. That I had no worries.

We talked for some time and I discovered he was the owner of the Casino, and he mentioned that we were welcome to some rooms for a few hours. "On the house!" I told him we only had another hour or so to return to the border, but thank you kindly. We did get free breakfast though, he was a rare kind of man.

Our return the border was interesting, I had to be interviewed by officers. Asked several questions, and was asked to go into a room alone with a female officer. She told my family that she needed to be alone with me. We entered a room with a cot, and a chair. She basically flirted with me, and asked a couple questions about myself, then my marriage. "Are you in a happy marriage, or just a marriage?"

(The sound of porno music was ringing in my head) "Chicchaa wamp wammp chichaa waaa"

I stayed calm and conveyed my feelings about my wonderful wife and said I just wanted to visit my mom at her house in Canada. That I always wanted to see the beauty of the country and to just relax.

Winked at her with a smile, and said "If I was single and not in love. I would take you up on your interest in me!" She smiled, then released me and allowed us to enter Canada.

That was the last trip and the second one was much easier! We basically passed right through and made good time. I think it was due to my niece Cassie and my sister Melissa taking this trip with us. We seemed more like family and was in a mini van, plus my Mom didn't hand them a gun card for identification by accident this time!

The sunrise was beautiful, filled with bright hue. A sky filled red, orange, yellow, gold,pink, and light blue. We rested up awhile when we arrived and had a good brunch. My Mom is the best old fashioned cook I know, she can make anything from scratch! Her Italian beef is the best I've ever had, once a month I ponder driving 13 hours to taste her cooking! One of these times I just might do it, or I can just wait for her to come back?

Back to the trip, we had a good day, but Lisa was sick. She was loosing wait and vomiting? Another day passed, we were wondering if she ate something bad on the way. Finally we convinced her to go to the hospital. She was down to 100 hundred pounds, and couldn't keep any food down. After a few hours we talked to the doctor about her results, he was acting strange!

He asked me to leave the room, that he needed to talk to Lisa. It was brief, he called us back in. The doctor says, "Congrats, you guys are going to be parents, Aye! But the baby might be outside the uterus, and we might have to remove it?"

We were shocked, happy, then sad! What kind of Doctor says it that way? I mean it was like telling a organ patient "We got your organs you needed, but we might not be able to give them to you!" I was so filled with emotions, I wanted to put him in his place, or the floor!

We waited many hours and she had to hold her pee. Time passed and she asked me to go to my Moms and wait till morning. She wanted go to sleep, I fought for a brief moment, and respected her wishes. It was the longest morning I ever knew, I almost lost my wife, and now our first kid! I prayed like I never prayed before. I cried like I never did before and offered my own life for both of theirs. I was going crazy with worry, until my family calmed me down some.

The morning sun took it's sweat @** time, but it was time for me to go back to the hospital. I hurried my way to her room, but they had moved her. I didn't take me too long to locate my beautiful wife and child. Lisa still hadn't urinated yet, if it was me I would have gone in the bed.

More time passed and they took her to oncology and told me to wait outside. My mind was filled with complete fear, for I knew what oncology meant. I wanted to break down the door, but then what? She was in good hands and if it was cancer, was I supposed to heal her disease.

They came out of the room and I calmly asked her what was going on. She was smiling, and showed me a sonogram. "The heartbeat was strong, and the baby is the size of a bean." I was told everything is fine, she was hydrated now, and the baby is fine. My heart was smiling and I could finally breath. This is the shorter and cleaned up version of our first notice of our little MJ.

(My Stepfather collapsed and passed out during this visit. We had to keep him alive until the ambulance came.) It was a trip that changed all our lives forever!

If you want read the full story, it will be in my memoirs. The title will be called, "Fear & Then Scared Shit less" :)

We had been together since 1999 and only wore a condom twice in almost 8 years. Then we take our trip and discover a pregnancy, we thought one of us had fertility problems?

The baby was conceived with both our cars were in the shop, we were forced to stay home for a while. I can remember we didn't watch a lot of TV or read any books. Cum to think of it we spent most of our time doing exercises.

The odd thing about it all, was a couple weeks before I had a dream my deceased brother Don handed me a baby! Then the night before the trip, Lisa had a little bloating look. She said "I'm crapping and look a little bloated." I kissed her lips and then her belly, saying "Good night Lisa and good night little baby, Sleep good you two!"

Life is funny in a good maddening way sometimes! We live our life a certain way, almost care free. Then it can envelope you in a joyful fear, and give you a blessed happiness. We were scared, like we our now! We have another child on the way, and feel unprepared. The difference between the two is our experience and new found family. I've heard from many people "You can never really afford a kid, so just enjoy the moments!" The advice is true, but I plan to give it 200% this time. We are nervously happy for our family and welcome another member. May life allow my family be blessed with good fortune and well health.

May life be kind and filled with love for all of you as well! May life hold all the needed doors open for everyone of you! Thank you for reading this entry and have a great week!

Good news! My father was told today his cancer is in remission!

I will try to put some more pictures up, or write a good entry about Malayan's Birthday.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Day Did Not Go off Without A Hitch

March 18, 2000

We woke up to an ice storm and guest were driving over an hour to Washington Park. A beautiful little park in Springfield, Illinois, it has a variety of trees. Some older ones dating back to President Lincoln, and a fair share of wildlife. Considering it's in the middle of the city and has high traffic of humans, even in bad weather. Speaking of weather I must get back to our wedding day, we woke to large amounts of ice on the car and roads. Most of the guests were in the ages of 70 and 80 rage, my Grandfather included. I called my relatives to see if they still wanted to attend and agreed that the weather was too bad.

My Mom was late and we were supposed to begin the ceremony, so we stalled the small group. I can't forget to mention how magnificent Lisa looked, she wore a beautiful dark blue dress with flowers on it. Blue? (I'm slightly colored blind, so I will say Royal blue?)It fit her perfectly, and it complimented her bright blue eyes. She held a bouquet of daisy's that she made the night before, and wore her wonderful smile.

I wore a borrowed suit that was slightly too big, and a fresh haircut. A haircut that our gay barber Steven, cut way too short. I watched the video this morning and thought to myself, "It wasn't that bad, but damn how young I look!" We were in our very early twenties! Father time does paint our bodies with his brush and has a tendency put it on thick for some of us. My wife is very lucky she looks more beautiful then she did we met and on our wedding day. She ages like a fine wine, or a classic car that has kept it's original paint. She never believes statements like this, but to me it is true.

We were very lucky my father rented an a back up place, in case the weather was terrible. A wonderful pavilion with good space and good lighting. Use of a kitchen and had a big fireplace, where we stood to get married. We were relieved but a little disappointed, because we had picked a large gazebo by the lagoon. It had an excellent echo effect, where I still love to take MJ to sing and goof off. (We have fun!

I will spare you of most of the details and decided not to show the video for the same reason. I would like to mention that we originally chose September 30, but decided during tax time we should just elope. While we had some extra cash, we would go down to Carbondale, Illinois, and get married at the Garden Of The Gods. A beautiful spot in Shawnee National Forrest, and we would honeymoon in Elizabeth town by the rivers near Kentucky and Illinois border. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast and just enjoy each others company, and maybe go to some vineyards. I had hoped to go see The Cave In Rock, it was where they film some of "How the West Was One" and was used in the manner the movie depicted during the Pioneer days.

Back to my point, our tax returns were lost and the wedding was very soon. (A little piece of advice, don't call an IRS agent a Dick! Even if their first name is Dick, and don't repeat it a handful of times sarcastically) In my defense we had been calling for a couple weeks and with no avail. We couldn't get a straight answer! We found out that we couldn't get a Preacher or anyone else to go to the Garden of the Gods. After calling over 50 people, they all said we had to take mandatory wedding classes. We were going to get married on St. Patrick's Day, but it was on a Friday and we didn't want a judge. We lucked out and was able to get one of my Uncles friends to marry us, but we had to meet with him for a visit first.

He came over to Moms house and met with us. It was all going well. Until he handed us his Bible, he told us to feel the indention's all over it. He told us they were from people biting on it when he released demons. OK, that we didn't expect! But we wanted to get married, the sooner the better, so we chose him anyway.

The closer it got to the day, the worse we felt about not inviting the family, especially the elders. Naturally, we broke down and purchased some invitations for a handful of guest. Then told people we are getting married with or without you. Here is the date, please show up if you wish to. I had already asked Lisa's parents months in advance, I don't think they thought I was serious at the time.

After we said I do, and kissed our kiss. We cut the cake and did some of the traditional stuff. We danced to our song "A kiss to build a dream on", we had a great time with kids. Enjoyed my dads disco dance moves and had made our toast with a glass of wine. (Her family is deeply religious, I mean judgemental) They made comments and used the word alcoholic during the toast, it was a glass of wine to celebrate the day. Like I said I would try to spare you of the details, and please don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining or downing the day, if anything sugar coating the truth.

If anyone wants to read the whole truth an nothing but the truth, then read it in my memoirs. That Chapter will be called: Honey the knife is for the Wedding Cake. :)

We made the best of the day and the weekend for the matter. My advice to anyone who wants the big wedding or have family present, make sure its the ones you love the most, or the ones who love you in return. Invite who you want, do what you want, but make sure you get good gifts. Ha Ha

The day was not what you envision as a child or see in the movies, but It was at the time the proudest moment of my life. It is still in my top 3 and I would do it all over again! I can still feel the love I had for her on that special day and the love I feel for her with every beat of my heart. Lisa is a very amazing woman and an important part of my life. She is like hitting the lottery in my life, only the odds of finding another Lisa are even harder. With MJ, Lisa, and Baby #3 on the way I feel like the luckiest guy around! I just wish that life would get easier for us and we can start living the Better rather than worse. Most of society knows what it is that I'm talking about.

I would like to take the time to thank my wife for 9 years of marriage and the love I have received. The lessons we have shared and the love we have discovered together. I wish to thank her for everything she does for our family. I would also like to say that things are seemingly hard right now, but we will get through life together as a loving family. We will endure life's challenges and grow into stronger and more loving people because of it. Life is what it is sometimes and together we can achieve all the things we want in life, or at least receive the things we will have needed the most!

Here are some words or phrases that only she will know:
"A coke and a smoke"
"I know what you like"
"I feel Good"
"Nervous in the service"
"Wild thing"
"Bit it"
"You taunter"
"Keep em coming Gleep glop"
"Why God Why"
"Things like that there"
"The Bubbles, the bubbles"
The Jolly Red Pig
"No sex in the champagne room"
"Try head first next time"
"Just your feet now, Just your feet now"

Lisa, Thank you and Happy Anniversary!

Thank you all for stopping by and reading this entry and have a good day!

Wes& Family

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Laughy Taffy Time

Here we go......

I don't know what to say or where it will lead. I'm sleep deprived and I like it! I'm loopy with a capital L and feel high like when I took my teenage medicine! Instead I don't have to smoke it, drink it or eat it to feel funny. I've always has sleep issues and have adapted to lack of sleep and always had some strange luck!

When I get tired and loopy, I hear Garth Algar say "It makes me feel kind of funny."
Great now I'm quoting a line from "Wayne's World"! In it's defense there are some funny people in it and some funny lines. But you have to like that sort of thing, I appreciate most humor. From the beginning of man, when all we could do was grunt and laugh and point. Uuuughhaaa!

That's another movie I grew up with was "Caveman" it was hilarious to me and my family. I still quote parts out of that film. And that's no "Ca Ca" if you don't like it I won't tell you to "Zug Zug" yourself. If you haven't seen it, its your loss.

I love all the greats, and then some. I feel if you can't laugh in life then you aren't living. Even if you don't like film, there is all sorts of writers throughout history. If you don't read, then your illiterate. No, there are other ways to get laughs. Just step out your doorway and take a gander on how the world is going, and you find some insane humor in it. I say cry tears of joy and laughter, not just tears of sadness.

I grew up with the Three Stooges, Laurel and Hardy, Bob Hope, Abbott and Costello, The Carol Burnett Show, SNL, Hee Haw, In Living Color, Bill Cosby, The Smothers Brothers, Monty Python, Steve Martin, Richard Pryor, Tracy Ullman, Johnny Carson, and then Letterman.

In my later years: Mr Show, Curb your Enthusiasm, Christopher Guest (and Crew), Stella, and Dawn French. Now I'm hooked on The Office, 30 Rock, and too many comics to mention.

Let me know where you get your comedy!

I have seen some in person and will only name a few. George Carlin, Jerry Seinfeld, and Tommy Chong. A few from The Bob and Tom Show and some unknown comics.

I will say that Carlin was at his best, when he went into the subject of kids and parents I cried and nearly went in my pants. Seinfeld was superb, he was on! Even with the problems with the microphone he made it work. I feel the unexpected things can make it even better. Last but not least Tommy Chong, he was multi-talented. He could do skits, tell jokes, and "whale" on his guitar. He could have been as big as Eric Clapton or Robbie Robertson.

Some of you might be saying Robbie Robertson? He was in the Band the group who used back Bob Dylan. Until they split, and I'm glad! The Band is one of my favorite groups.

I would like to bring up the fact that Late Night With Conan O'Brien recently ended I was reminded of how that show was uniquely funny. Jimmy Fallon is doing a good job at keeping the humor alive, considering that is where David Letterman used to call home as well.You can go to and watch clips and shows if your feeling nostalgic. If you don't like it, check out some other shows. I recently got a new lab top and have been making up for lost time. I've wanted a computer for years now and been having fun with it. Now I have to catch up with my computer knows hows and learn some fancy stuff.

Also Try and Funny or

I'm learning slowly, but "Surely". I had to throw an "Airplane" quote in here somewhere and that's no "Jive"

A little shout out to Beth: You were right about Lasso! (You get 100 LWIIS points :)

Things have been good, we just got our first sonogram picture. We love our little Bean, with it's 2 month heartbeat. If it's a boy we will call him Mr. Bean. "Hhuuummmmmuumnnn"

If it's a girl I'm thinking Dia Ria, so when I'm mad at her I can yell "Dia Ria get your butt in the house now!" It does seem that with all the girls being born into our family, it must run in the genes. (Drums being played)

All we hope for is a healthy baby, and no matter the sex they will always be our second little happy accident. Ha Ha (just in case my children see this)

A message to world's youth:

Condoms are not 100% effective!
I already knew this, but please help me pass along the message "Only 99% effective"


Humor that contains sexual content and sexual situations!

Similarities of war and sex:

Sometimes both need hands on experience.
One side in the conflict can take a good licking.
In the situation that you might be performing your service, you might need a gas mask.
Get naked and a physical workout.
Wear a uniform, just pick a size, color, or style.
(Do something you can't do in the field, wear one that glows in the dark.)
To call someone up for Service and requires a salute.
When in battle and sex there is almost always an explosion or two.
Sex without a condom leads to troop deployments.
Just like a terrorist it only takes one to slip into the border and alter your freedoms.
Just like in war the results can put you in a long lasting deficit.
Just like the troops in a war there is eventually a pull out.

Where do I go from there?

I will say thanks for stopping by and wish you all a splendid day!

Wes (The Loopy Man)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Wes Lassos Stork

Today has been a regular day, I have cleaned the house and played with MJ. I'm getting as much playtime as possible given the fact we are expecting another baby! Lisa is about 6 weeks into pregnancy and already feeling it. I'm trying to do everything to comfort her, but she is sick with a cold as well. We are very excited about it, we always wanted another child. Just not so soon, but we both agreed some time back that we should try not to have an only child. Even if we had to adopt.

It is wonderful to have a sibling or two. I know I had a Brother named Don and still have my sister Melissa. We had loads of fun growing up, we did almost everything together, until we started to have our own friends. We remained very close, but kept our friends separate. I have to be honest I was a tag along with my brother and his friends and they sometimes let me know when I wasn't wanted. I will save those embarrassing stories for another time.

We celebrated Lisa's Birthday on Saturday, and it went OK. I spoiled her with love and appreciation for all that she has done for MJ and I. Except I did open my mouth and upset her with reality, my mistake! I should have just celebrated her special day, but I was able to smooth things over though. At least I think so! I have been told numerous times in my life that "Your a great person when your mouth doesn't mess it up.

Back to my day, I'm waiting for my tires to be replaced and rotated at Sears. (OUCH!)

There a couple things in life I've learned: That you really never own your own land because of property taxes. That most things are never really free even if it says so. (Read the fine print) That we will always have to worry about car maintenance, it will be never ending. (Tires, parts, service, and eventually a new one.) Finally, most people can never really afford kids. (With each kid everything goes up and for less material to make clothing. Shoes, pants, coats, etc.)

Why is it so damn expensive to make infant and kids cloths? They will only wear it for a short time and for way less materials. Why: Because they know that most of us have to buy it, that is you don't go to a consignment shop. Enough about this gripe, we are very happy about the pregnancy.

I wish we hadn't have donated most of our baby stuff the weeks before we found out the good news! (Stupid, stupid, Stupid) I'm smacking my head like Chris Farley Right now!

We are worried like crazy, but happy! Life is a very funny sometimes, it can be an emotional journey. The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful. :)

They just called me about the tires, so now I must motor!

I wish you all a great week!