Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Day Did Not Go off Without A Hitch

March 18, 2000

We woke up to an ice storm and guest were driving over an hour to Washington Park. A beautiful little park in Springfield, Illinois, it has a variety of trees. Some older ones dating back to President Lincoln, and a fair share of wildlife. Considering it's in the middle of the city and has high traffic of humans, even in bad weather. Speaking of weather I must get back to our wedding day, we woke to large amounts of ice on the car and roads. Most of the guests were in the ages of 70 and 80 rage, my Grandfather included. I called my relatives to see if they still wanted to attend and agreed that the weather was too bad.

My Mom was late and we were supposed to begin the ceremony, so we stalled the small group. I can't forget to mention how magnificent Lisa looked, she wore a beautiful dark blue dress with flowers on it. Blue? (I'm slightly colored blind, so I will say Royal blue?)It fit her perfectly, and it complimented her bright blue eyes. She held a bouquet of daisy's that she made the night before, and wore her wonderful smile.

I wore a borrowed suit that was slightly too big, and a fresh haircut. A haircut that our gay barber Steven, cut way too short. I watched the video this morning and thought to myself, "It wasn't that bad, but damn how young I look!" We were in our very early twenties! Father time does paint our bodies with his brush and has a tendency put it on thick for some of us. My wife is very lucky she looks more beautiful then she did we met and on our wedding day. She ages like a fine wine, or a classic car that has kept it's original paint. She never believes statements like this, but to me it is true.

We were very lucky my father rented an a back up place, in case the weather was terrible. A wonderful pavilion with good space and good lighting. Use of a kitchen and had a big fireplace, where we stood to get married. We were relieved but a little disappointed, because we had picked a large gazebo by the lagoon. It had an excellent echo effect, where I still love to take MJ to sing and goof off. (We have fun!

I will spare you of most of the details and decided not to show the video for the same reason. I would like to mention that we originally chose September 30, but decided during tax time we should just elope. While we had some extra cash, we would go down to Carbondale, Illinois, and get married at the Garden Of The Gods. A beautiful spot in Shawnee National Forrest, and we would honeymoon in Elizabeth town by the rivers near Kentucky and Illinois border. Stay in a Bed and Breakfast and just enjoy each others company, and maybe go to some vineyards. I had hoped to go see The Cave In Rock, it was where they film some of "How the West Was One" and was used in the manner the movie depicted during the Pioneer days.

Back to my point, our tax returns were lost and the wedding was very soon. (A little piece of advice, don't call an IRS agent a Dick! Even if their first name is Dick, and don't repeat it a handful of times sarcastically) In my defense we had been calling for a couple weeks and with no avail. We couldn't get a straight answer! We found out that we couldn't get a Preacher or anyone else to go to the Garden of the Gods. After calling over 50 people, they all said we had to take mandatory wedding classes. We were going to get married on St. Patrick's Day, but it was on a Friday and we didn't want a judge. We lucked out and was able to get one of my Uncles friends to marry us, but we had to meet with him for a visit first.

He came over to Moms house and met with us. It was all going well. Until he handed us his Bible, he told us to feel the indention's all over it. He told us they were from people biting on it when he released demons. OK, that we didn't expect! But we wanted to get married, the sooner the better, so we chose him anyway.

The closer it got to the day, the worse we felt about not inviting the family, especially the elders. Naturally, we broke down and purchased some invitations for a handful of guest. Then told people we are getting married with or without you. Here is the date, please show up if you wish to. I had already asked Lisa's parents months in advance, I don't think they thought I was serious at the time.

After we said I do, and kissed our kiss. We cut the cake and did some of the traditional stuff. We danced to our song "A kiss to build a dream on", we had a great time with kids. Enjoyed my dads disco dance moves and had made our toast with a glass of wine. (Her family is deeply religious, I mean judgemental) They made comments and used the word alcoholic during the toast, it was a glass of wine to celebrate the day. Like I said I would try to spare you of the details, and please don't get me wrong. I'm not complaining or downing the day, if anything sugar coating the truth.

If anyone wants to read the whole truth an nothing but the truth, then read it in my memoirs. That Chapter will be called: Honey the knife is for the Wedding Cake. :)

We made the best of the day and the weekend for the matter. My advice to anyone who wants the big wedding or have family present, make sure its the ones you love the most, or the ones who love you in return. Invite who you want, do what you want, but make sure you get good gifts. Ha Ha

The day was not what you envision as a child or see in the movies, but It was at the time the proudest moment of my life. It is still in my top 3 and I would do it all over again! I can still feel the love I had for her on that special day and the love I feel for her with every beat of my heart. Lisa is a very amazing woman and an important part of my life. She is like hitting the lottery in my life, only the odds of finding another Lisa are even harder. With MJ, Lisa, and Baby #3 on the way I feel like the luckiest guy around! I just wish that life would get easier for us and we can start living the Better rather than worse. Most of society knows what it is that I'm talking about.

I would like to take the time to thank my wife for 9 years of marriage and the love I have received. The lessons we have shared and the love we have discovered together. I wish to thank her for everything she does for our family. I would also like to say that things are seemingly hard right now, but we will get through life together as a loving family. We will endure life's challenges and grow into stronger and more loving people because of it. Life is what it is sometimes and together we can achieve all the things we want in life, or at least receive the things we will have needed the most!

Here are some words or phrases that only she will know:
"A coke and a smoke"
"I know what you like"
"I feel Good"
"Nervous in the service"
"Wild thing"
"Bit it"
"You taunter"
"Keep em coming Gleep glop"
"Why God Why"
"Things like that there"
"The Bubbles, the bubbles"
The Jolly Red Pig
"No sex in the champagne room"
"Try head first next time"
"Just your feet now, Just your feet now"

Lisa, Thank you and Happy Anniversary!

Thank you all for stopping by and reading this entry and have a good day!

Wes& Family


Big Mark 243 said...

Happy anniversary to you and your bride Wes ...

She ages like a fine wine, or a classic car that has kept it's original paint. never believes statements like this, but to me it is true.

... I have never understood that about women. I mean, I do, but still, I think that when I find 'that one', she will always be as beautiful to me as ever.

Again, happy anniversary! Thanks for giving me a memory to look forward to having!!

Beth said...

Happy anniversary to you and Lisa, Wes, and I wish you many more!

Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hope you had a blessed anniversary, because you certainly are blessed with a wonderful wife and family.

Anonymous said...

Most important: The header photo on this blog is very precious. You look like a proud dad & contented husband.
Ice storm? Well, it is snowing right now, the first day of spring in New Jersey.

Don't call an IRS agent a Dick.

Hmmm. I am pretty outspoken, Wes, but EVEN I never ventured into those waters.

I will laugh a long time just thinking about Honey, the knife is for the wedding cake ;p. HAPPY happy anniversary to you and Lisa.