Sunday, March 29, 2009

It's Your Call

" We have the whole wide world in our hands"
Last night was Earth Hour and my family took part in it. We spend some quality time together by candlelight. I wish more people would do this on a regular basis, because you can really connect with loved ones. (Or yourself by reading a good book or some much needed meditation)

Back to last night, while Lisa relaxed watching "The State" a TV show that was on MTV in the 1990's. It only lasted a couple years, it had a very funny cast! They all went on to do many things, the one that most people know is "Reno 911". (New shows will be on Comedy Central Soon)
She watched by way of my laptop, which was ran on a battery. So, we stuck to our guns and turned off all the lights and didn't turn anything on!

I attempted to read "A Modern Anthology of Modern Poetry" 1938 edition. It has some wonderful works by some of the greatest writers of that time. (Sandburg, Yeats, frost, Masters, Cummings, Eliot, and many others.)

You noticed I said "Attempted"! MJ was fine at first, but wanted to play with the candles. She wanted to hold the book, when I say hold I mean play with it! She just turned 2, I cut her lots of slack. I did manage to get through several pages of the book. I watched her play with toys, and wondered how kids did without electricity? People for that matter!

Can you imagine the kids today doing without their game systems or any thing else that requires power? Today most things rely on batteries, so it wouldn't be too bad for them. How about society in general, would it cope well living like our ancestors of the past?

I myself have gotten used to my microwave and gas stove. I still listen to my (record player) and occasionally watch TV. I'm a very modern person, who likes his shower Hot! I understand that we have methods for centuries, in which we cook, bath, and communicate.
That doesn't mean I can't like modern ways.

How about means of transportation, we have our cars. Back then it was animals for motors and our two feet. We've all heard a relative tell the tale "When I was your age" (Here's where you fill in the blanks with a story you've heard.)

Has anyone noticed that it's easier to find a used condom on the sidewalk, then a Payphone these days? I mean what does that tell you about the world?

Is that a cell phone in your pocket are you just happy to see me?
A world without payphones could be bad, because some cell phones say "No Service" Then what? Your SOL!

Kids today have a cellphone, Ipod, laptop, and a car! They have these things while they are in school and have no job? I had to walk everywhere, listen to the radio, work for what I had, and find a pay phone. (A Pay phone was away to talk dirty)

You could find it sticky and greased up, from someones hands, mouth, and ears. Sometimes find it with a cut cord, or even better with gum on the earpiece.

The good old days, when had our Walkmans. We had to walk to the library and find information. (No google) Listen to our local radio stations and stand in line for hours for concert tickets. Sometimes overnight and brave the weather.
Today is a different way of life, a life filled with Credit Cards and convenience.
We are so accustomed to the way life is currently designed, and for the most part can't complain. Some of the things I mentioned, I truly enjoy! Still I appreciate an easier way of life and cherish good inventions.
Which brings me back to Earth Hour, we don't have to give up our luxuries! There is no need to travel back into the Olden days, we can simply live greener lives. There are technologies that can give us clean power and help our economy. We can live healthier lives while expanding our growth in technology and peaceful relations with each other. We could become less dependant on Old Ideas and other countries. We can lead the way for change and prosperity!

I found it interesting that Lester R Brown's birthday was on March 28, the same night as Earth Hour.
For those of you who don't know who he is, check out the above site for that reason.
Just simply get on the computer and type anything to do with the Environment and I know you will find something to your liking? It is a big world we share and we all have to care about something.
I don't wish to tell people what to do, only ask you to at least look at the facts. To simply take a look at our options and find the truths in your heart.
Without a world, there would be no life.
Without life, there would be no other issue!
We must work together to find answers and help raise awareness concerning OUR planet.

We must ACT NOW!



DB said...

It often amazes me to realize that the great writers and composers of the past were capable of being so prolific and yet working with quill pens, by candlelight, with no conveniences like printers, copiers and indoor plumbing.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

As our lives become more and more complicated, we often find solice in the simple things. That is how we live here at Nutwood, even though we have our computer and big screen TV, we also plant trees, recycle, and reuse everything we can. Good for you for observing the hour.

mortonlake said...

good entry wes.true about pay phones.seem to be things of the mort

Anonymous said...

I took part in EarthHour also but I noticed my neighbors didn't seem to know anything about it judging by the lights :-). I've agreed with a friend to do this for a usually "busy" hour every day....see how long we keep at it, so far so good.

You made me laugh, but your points are very well taken. I've not had a TV for many years & I honestly have people say to me: What do you do at night? As if there is just NOTHING left to do if you aren't watching TV.......~Mary