Monday, October 6, 2008

Life's Graduations

June of 1997

When I took my first step.
Learned to tie my shoes.
Acknowledged death for the first time,
I wept!
I still look for my parents' support, but now I must choose.
In are youth, in who would we confide?
Who would we depend upon?
Reality check, now I must decide.
Little league days have been long gone
Society doesn't see our innocence any more.
Why is it people take more than their own fill?
How I'm curious, at what the future has in store!
For example: How will I pay for this bill?
Childhood memories are not lost.
I will continue to focus on the present, on how to succeed.
I will stop at nothing, at all cost.
It is good to realize my life's deed.
I have figured out the way.
It is to accomplish, what I've set out to do.
To restore hope into another day.
Most importantly, to belong to something that is true.

By Wes


Beth said...

I like it, Wes.


Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Hey Wes, this is Bucko, the other half of Beth. I have added myself as a follower :o)