Monday, October 13, 2008

Riddled With Emotions

Life's what it is sometimes, and then there was the last few days! I am at the crossroads looking in all directions. My heart is aching and my mind is mush. The good news is that spirituality is hugging my heart, and numbness is my strength. My love for life is my pen and earth is my paper. Right now it is hard to write, let alone express my emotions. The love I share for those who love me is strong, as for the ones who did me wrong. I still see the goodness of a soul, but question it's truth. I believe we contribute in the way life presents itself, but can only do so much for others. I will remain strong and true to myself, and take each day as a new beginning!



Beth said...

Wes, it sounds like something bad has happened. I hope all is well, and feel free to email me if you need an ear.

Hugs, Beth

Lisa said...

Staying true to yourself will allow you to sleep well at night. I echo Beth and hope all is well.