Saturday, August 1, 2009

Dueling Summers

When I started this blog almost a year ago, I was lost. The story of my life it seems, it will be a year on August fourth. I had no followers, eventually one! Her name was Beth, she made me feel good. It started with a picture of an owl, then some simple conversation. I was introduced to some real nice folks and some unique blogs. Those people, those wonderful blogs helped me get through my fathers cancer. Blogging helped me cope with crisis and gave me some sanity.

I wish to thank you all for everything.

This time last year I was mostly alone, except my too busy wife and amazing daughter Malayna Jane. She is my sunshine, our heart song. I loved my wife before I met her, I was convinced even more, when I did. Time passed, we grew a little older. Entering new points in our lives, then we drifted apart. Like most couples, she found happiness with other people. Last summer she tried to leave me behind. If only I would have psychic, or she would have communicated her emotions to me.

I love her more than love itself and will for the remainder of my life. To me Alisa Kay will always be beautiful and amazing. I try to show it daily, but often fail. Still, I know in my heart I love her. I hope she knows I love her, differently, but even more today.

The past is the past, and time shows no mercy. It is to easy to let your heart be muted and your mind be isolated from reason. We must get passed our pain, our personal fears. It can seem like the walls of our spirit can collapse, almost crush us. I emphasis the word seem, we each have a powerful inner strength that can support our soul. Powerful, only if we wish it so. I am blessed to know my Daughter, MJ. Her innocence and pure love, can override most things.

The downside to that love is when we can't do what most families can. We may not get vacations, or financial security. We may never own a new car or our dream house. Make it to the place of paradise, and that is OK. I have hope that our goals will be met one day, that we will find our place in life. Until, then we will bask in the love we share. It may not be perfect, it may not always be sweet. And that's OK!

We have each other in this Mad Mad world.

I feel joy in the happiness of others. I love it when people have dreams come true, simple or large. My concern for those lucky people is that they realize it. I have no doubt they do. Especially the one's who need it the most. One of my many wishes is that a person who has nothing, will win the lottery next time.

In a perfect world, my wishes would come true.

Blog, blog, blog.............. At least it's not other peace entry. :)

Thanks for stopping by my place and have a good weekend.

Loren Wesley Ackerman & Family.


Big Mark 243 said...

Such an honest entry!! I don't think I have as much time in grade as any of your other followers, but I have enjoyed your opinions and what you have shared about yourself.

This young marriage thing is a bigger chunk of life that you may have originally thought it would be, isn't it? I am happy that you and yours have came through the fire that you walked through, and are now on the other side of whatever it was. Hope you can apprieciate it.

I know that not being able to walk that kind of walk with my ex wife, though we were prolly a bit younger than you two, both in age and in maturity, has bothered me a bit. To me, not being able to hang in, has shadowed and dogged me throught my adult life. That is why I put up with what I did with Mookie, to see if we could come out the other end.

It is also why I expect much success with my SFC. She knows that I wished to be something else, and has forgiven me for not being what I could have been. She loves me as I am, and the feeling is mutual. I want to think that you and your lady have that working for the both of you and for your daughter.

Take care and yes indeed, Life is what it is, sometimes!!

Beth said...

I'm glad you have been able to continue on, Wes, both here and at home. Hugs, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Happy blogoversery :o)