Monday, July 20, 2009

Onions In The Rough

When man first picked up a stone or used a fist, there was battle. Battle for simple survival, or individual gains. One does not know for certain, only God.

Throughout history there as been much bloodshed, enough to fill the seven seas. Abundantly so, that it would be a feat for Mosses to part Wars red sea.

I speak from the heart, clearly through the madness. I am a spiritual man, who can see past the fogs of war. Through the smoke and hot flames of hate and greed. My soul is like the wind, it is free. My soul is powerful, cool liquid, dampening the flames at my feet.

Have I served in the Military? No!
Have I been in war? Hell yes! For our existence on Earth is an every day war. Just pick your battle, and choose your weapon. Make sure to choose which one and what to use wisely.

My weapon of choice is my hands, I pick up my pen. To shield me from emotional reality's of this War On Our World. The theft of our children's future and the heist of their promise.

I may not have fought in Military war, but my ancestors have. Some right along General George Washington in the Revolutionary War. Many of my people fought against the Yankees in the Dakotas, the Wasichu (White Man) on their Native lands. Soldiers from the North and the South in the Civil War. Both World Wars and Korea. Then Vietnam, Desert Storm, and the Wars of today.

I often wonder how man can justify death, how death is more respected than life? Think about it, man is honored with a funeral, but not in the every day. Spat in the face, but mourned when the heart no longer beats.

The reasons for grievance seems obsolete. The human heart is powerful, but too often in the wrong place.

In my short life, I've watched our great nation stumble into the pits of desperation. Act like sheep and follow fools to the slaughter. I've heard wise advice echo in mind, like a sharp sound in the mountains. Bouncing of the sides and and escaping into the serenity of this world.

"Think before you speak!"
"Think before you act!"
"Treat others how you wish to be treated!"

Simple suggestions and sound advice. My heart has always told ME to LOVE THE EARTH!

When it comes to war, I do not covey cowardice. As I do not condone it's action. I do believe we should defend ourselves against injustice, we should look WRONG in its ugly face.

My heart wishes that we could find other ways to achieve peace. My mind says that we can, if we work together. My soul speaks loudly, it shouts to the world.

It sincerely says, "WAKE UP PEOPLE!" "STAND UP FOR SOMETHING That is TRUE!"

There are other ways than war, to protect our human freedoms. We must find other means, to obtain resolve.

Yes, sometimes Evil slaughters the innocent. It seemingly conquers the bodies of man, but not our spirit. We continue to advance in peaceful technologies and human kindness. Unfortunately world leaders seek financial superiority. They prefer dominance, instead of assistance. They eventually show their true intent, Mankind is poor and fearful, but not stupid.

In the age of media and reality TV, we should shine the light on the darkness. It's purpose should be to inform and assist the world. Not spread fear and promote hatred. It should not just be murder and mayhem, but it mostly is. It's primary message is "buy into this or buy this."

We our smarter than the wizards that pull the strings, cloaked behind greed's curtain.

It is a shame how man decides which genocide to attack, I mean people to defend. It is a travesty when Governments allow people to be dominated, raped and murdered by evil people. It is an awful way to govern, to protect selected people, and merely for national gains.

Where was the world when Rwanda needed it? Where was the world when Darfur needed it? I could go on and on with this point and can name many more places, but will leave that for you. It is never too late to help those in need, so feel free.

For those of you reading in The United States of America, we have injustice too. We live and breath it, if we like it or not! We allow corporations to poison and deprive our children. Allow them to deny good people human decency and a healthy world. How can corporations get away with genocide? How can they continue to steel hard earned money from average people? The answer is MONEY!

This to applies to the world and it is because of our world leaders. When politicians speak of change, it should not just be coins out of deep pockets. It should not be hate blasted miles away, killing civilians by way of rockets.

I want you to know, I criticize the leaders of our "Free World", not you! Let their actions be the monkey on their back.

I do ask you to please open your ears, eyes, and to speak from your heart as well.

Past world leaders and even most historians believe that every war was fought for a greater good. Usually fought for God and people. To ensure peace and prosperity, for Gods children.

Why is it Man hides behind the Creator, when there is human destruction? Why is it that when a catastrophic event occurs, man question s God? We as man have been handed the tools and given opportunities to defend ourselves against some disasters.

How about Hurricane Katrina, was it more God or Man? It is easier to blame the creator, rather than accept we are human. That our world leaders were more responsible. Many of those people did not have to die that day, but chose to stay put. We have the gift of Free Will and deny its purpose, we sometimes fail to know our time.

It is hard to be alive sometimes, to stay focused. There are more wrongs than rights in this beautiful world. It is our job to stay happy and sane.

What would the innocent say if they could still speak? What would your god say, or the Prince of Peace? What do you say about the way life is today? For just one moment, forget what Jesus would do.

What would you do? More importantly, what will you do?

My question to the world is, what do you say about the idea of Peace and Love?

For right and wrong, we continue to hate our enemy, because they hate us. Human nature has many qualities, like an onion. One can slice it with steal and sharp hunger, layer after layer. Discovering burning tears and more layers, it can be bitter and sweet. Eventually reaching its crisp center and finding the heart of the thing . That is when we find or ourselves no longer in the stew we call life.

We will be in a place where peace and love echo in all hearts. A majestic garden we will grow, we will share the land. There will be no silent slaughters by means of separation.

Until that day, we must protect the land of the living dead. We must plant the seeds of life and hope in out children's future. It is our responsibility to lead them to the path of Peace. To feed them the fruit from the gardens of good. To teach them to harvest hope together! Teach them to be a warrior when needed, but a farmer in life.

Together we can sow the seeds of Love.

Thank you for stopping by and listening to this redundant ramble of mine.

Blessed Be
Loren Wesley Ackerman


Lisa said...

I like your concept of peace and love and wish it upon the earth. My reality though says it will never happen. So long as there are mortal men (& women) with egos, agendas and desires to be powerful, peace and love doesn't stand a chance. They pit man against man continually propogating the hate.
Just my lame opinion on a very eloquently written entry.
Peace to you,

Big Mark 243 said...

Hmmm ... a very interesting ramble there Wes. I don't know what I should say about it, but something won't let me leave without dropping my two cents.

Conflict is a part of the human condition. I don't think that it is something we can get away from it. The great monotheistic dieties have blood somewhere in them and spare me the the hosanna's about how this is about peace and love. Where is there NOT death and murder going on NOW because of a spiritual belief?

I think that war and destruction is a part of man in a way that is far too deep for us to fathom, though we try. Maybe they (who ever they are) will be able to identify genetic predipositions and be able to ...

... wait. They do that now. Silly me.

I don't consider myself an excessively violent person. Because of choices in my life, I have come to where violence is a primary option, either in execution of implication. And then, I have always wondered what is violence? Is it the striking of another person with a fist, or is it the submission of another's will?

Either way, you will be stuck with resentments, and resentments lead to more violence at some later time. One thing that I think gets lost is the impermanace of life, which is why you have the grand celebration at its end. But even that is something that is reserved for those who lived a good life.

To do that, is a form of 'violence'. You go against something, society or a doctrine, and you create something by force of will.

I am rambling a little now myself.

But this onion that is humanit, will always contain the ability to make you weep. For it not to do so, would be as unnatural to me, as the excessive ablity to destroy every living thing on the planet may seem to you.

What I strive to do each and every day, is to be as brotherly as I can to my fellow man, but be wary of the possiblity he may not feel as brotherly towards me.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wonder about that "smarter than the wizards pulling the strings" because if the average person is, and is determined and motivated and DOES SOMETHING, no one would be able to pull those strings in such a different position than we wanted them pulled. There is a lot of talk(and I do not mean your essay here; it is clearly heartfelt)but also a lot of apathy when the person talking has to get to the DOING. ~Mary

DB said...

Wes. I always look forward to readng your journal, but your current gray on green format is impossibe for my eyes.


Bonnie Bonsai said...

Thought provoking. Glad to hear one American who has a depth concerned of his country and people.

If you are familiar with biblical prophecy, you will know what it says about the end time.