Friday, November 28, 2008

Good Morning Sunshine


On this morning I awoke from a restful night. I fell asleep holding my child and wife. I woke early to one of natures delights. The morning hues were dark blue almost black.Light shining through with a lighter blue. A whitish blue and blue gray. Behind the treetops beyond the houses. The sun lit the early sky with a hint of yellow and gold. A faded orange with a brighter orange as the sun rose. I stood outside in the cold morning. I stood outside slightly shivering in a thankful silence. The approaching sun revealed a thin frost on the ground. I was like a shaking statue watching the Fall sky. I waited for the glorious star to punch through the horizon.

I said to myself " I can feel joy overtake me! I can clearly see the Earth and Life's beauty! I feel the thrill of the morning chill."

It was a still quiet outside. As the seconds passed I remain motionless, I stood peacefully at ease. Then suddenly the morning sky turned silver and bright! It was a shame my camera's batteries were dead! No matter, it will play over and over in my head. For in my minds eye, I will remember this day. In my heart I will remember this sky! The rays of the rising sun allowed me to feel alive. Surprisingly refreshed in so many ways. Getting up before Five O' clock and without Coffee?

On this day I think about friends and family. Of all the memories and joys I've known. I can't help but think of those who have passed or moved far away. Happiness mixed with yearning for those I miss. Still my heart and mind is smiling from this morning. I think and thank life for the gift of living. My soul is surrounded with love and peace. I was casually content on this Thanksgiving still shivering in my pajamas.

I heard a soft sound from a short distance. It was the sweet sound of MJ waking. I dashed to greet her, and felt the warmth of the house envelope my body. I then stood over the bed and saw her smiling face. Snuggled next to her mommy under comfy covers. The bed looked more inviting than the Sunrise.

Although their beauty resembled the morning sunset. I stood there silently and noticed their white lights. With layers of hue and a warmth that touches the soul! Then suddenly they were both awake with a smile. We giggled, we laughed. I was reminded a loving laugh outweighs words, or a photograph.

Our baby girls innocence is so sincere and pure. We love her dearly and will love her always! With a love as bright as the sun and endless as the sky. We will love her with tight hugs and soft kisses. She will always be a baby in our minds eye! These are just a a few of the reasons why I was thankful today. I wish to state that my family's love is so bright, that it will warm your heart on the coldest days.

I wish to thank my family for the delicious meal today and for the love, happiness, and memories! Thank you All! :)

Blessed Be,


Big Mark 243 said...

Pretty cool. Sometimes, life IS what it is. Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Your entry brought tears to my eyes. She is one lucky little girl to have parents like you. How wonderful you can take a moment to see what IS important and what really matters.

Beth said...

Wes, I'm so glad that you had such a special day with your girls!

Love, Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

What a way to wake, glad it was so stunning. And laughter only makes it better :o)