Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Fourteen Steps and A Baby

The last few days I have been moving stuff back and forth. Getting all the things in order for our move to the new place. Dealing with the Electric, Gas, Water, Garbage, and Cable company. Getting the address switched and discussing some repairs with the Landlord. Cleaning the place and shuffling the furniture around the boxes. Weeding out the items that are no longer suitable, now that we are parents of a very curious and mobile child.

I used to want to be an Antique dealer, or do the EBay thing. I have a wide range of collectibles, paintings to several types of glass ware. Most of the glassware is going, but I don't want to give away thousands of dollars in stuff. Especially, when I need some cash with the holidays coming up. When we need so muchfor the Apartment and for our future. A few years back I donated several old books from the 17oo's and some Glass items, that valued to over 10,000 dollars. I just don't have the time right now to separate, and look up the current values in this weakening economic market. It is hard enough just getting the many things done for this move, MJ requires lots of attention! It is mostly just me doing all these things while I'm watching her. Lisa is working like a dog, and getting little sleep right now. She is stressed about the money, and there is talk of a Lay off after the holidays? I will remain positive and hope for the best.

Tomorrow I have to wait for the Gas man, from 12:00 to 4:00? There goes most of my day just waiting, I might try to put some shelves together? Lisa and I put one together last night, it would have only taken about twenty minutes. Twenty minutes turned into over an hour, MJ was trying to help! It was so damn cute to see her grab a tool and try to assist us. Still, she is too young and would not play with her toys. She would not watch a movie or eat snacks. MJ wanted to help her Mom and Dad! :)

I have been trying to catch up on laundry and keep packing boxes. It just seems like I'm fighting the current right now, but the place is shaping up! It has and will take Baby steps! I realized (I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF)! I could name all the nick knack stuff to the Antiques, but I have been collecting Sports cards, Autographs, Comics, etc. I have been lugging these things around since I was 5 yrs. old and sometimes I feel like I no longer need them.

I also have the responsibility of holding onto family keepsakes for most of the family. I proudly keep what is left of my Brother Don's stuff, until his Daughter Emily Jaye gets old enough to care for them properly. I love my niece, but until she moves out of her Moms, I will hold onto it!

I came to a decision (NO MATTER HOW OLD OR COOL SOMETHING IS I WILL NOT TAKE IT FROM FAMILY) right now! Unless, it is one of my Grandpas Grandfather Clocks. :)

I have loved those since I was very little, and can remember marveling at them for long periods of time. Trust me when I say I could go on about the items in hand, but I will leave it with the memory of the clocks. I do thank you for listening to that little rant about material items. (Mostly Crap)

The funny thing is just before we found out about MJ, we decided we would go out into the world and help people. We would put everything in storage, or sell it for the finances to travel the world. What was left we would donate to families that needed things, and the Antiques to Museums. It sounded great, and one day we will continue with the plan. We must wait till MJ says "Mom and Dad I want to go help people too" or she grows up.

I will always look back on the day I found out about Lisa's pregnancy as one of the greatest days of my life. It goes along with the day MJ was born. Right next to the day I married Lisa, and the day I gave her my telephone number. There are so many good memories to mention as I sit and write them on the computer. So, I will stop before they flood this screen like they have my heart and soul. It is a good flood, the kind that wets the river of my soul. It is the kind of emotions that I will undoubtedly cling to when the sky's are gray. They are my sunshine in my human mind, and my warmth inside my heart.

I'm one of those people who appreciate the little things, but also accept reality too quickly. Over time I have become a realistic dreamer, but still dream of pulling a "Ben Stein". For the people who don't know who he is, don't loose sleep and give yourself red eye. In my opinion he is true Jack Of All Trades, he was a speech writer, Author, Actor, and Game show host. I know I have forgotten other accomplishments, but would like to leave you with one his lines "Bueller, Bueller"

I know with life I will have to take it one step at a time, and do one goal at a time. Especially now that I'm a father and a Husband. I'm sure people feel this way who are not, I think it is just motivation mixed with urgency, and a little confusion. I would like to add a quote by Dr. Leo Marvin's book and Bob Wylie reaction "Baby Steps, Baby Steps"
Quote from "What About Bob" Ha Ha ;)

I have no Idea what I am typing right now, it is though my fingers and mind are working together. While I just sit here and stare at the keyboard, so bare with this cluttered ramble. I just wanted to say a simple Hello, and to keep some people posted on my last couple days. I'm so sick of the steps to the apartment already, there is only FOURTEEN, but lately it feels like more! It would not be so bad, but I must lug MJ in one arm and a small box in another! (I mean lovingly carry her in my arm) while I carry a small box.

I get more things done when she naps, or goes to bed. MJ has been having some sleep issues, she has not been going to bed very early. The earliest the last couple weeks was tonight, it was about 1:30 this morning? I do love how she went to bed tonight, she came into the computer room all wobbly. She mumbled something and gave me a hug. I hugged her tight in return, and softly said "I love you little girl, now please go into your bedroom and go to sleep." Malayna Jane went into her room, and went to sleep. But not before I sneezed a few times and she said Bless you, and went to sleep.

I love it when she says Bless you, or uses manners in general. I always told people that my children would be well mannered above all things. If they were the rest would come easy and I would be truly happy to see them act as I was as a child. I'm so proud of her theses last few days, and of her mother. They have been putting up with me zigzagging all over the place. Putting up with me all jacked on coffee and talking at super speed.

I just want to have it all done on time, and have most of it done before Turkey day! I know now that it is an unlikely task to complete without much help, so I will go a little easier on my self. (Who needs exercise machines when you got stairs, countless heavy boxes, and heavy furniture?)

I thank you for stopping by my place and wish you all a Wonderful Day today! :)




Jamie said...

Ugh, I so hate waiting on the utility company's. (or any company really) Most of the time, we're told some where between 8am and noon. Do I seem like an 8am person? I end up getting up at 8am every time and they don't get here till noon or even 1pm. I wonder if they ever show up anywhere before noon. Moving in general sucks but I already told you I feel for you on the steps. And there must be something in the air with these kids. Jasmine was asleep by midnight tonight.... only to wake up two hours later completely awake and super pissed that I turned off Harry Potter. After fighting for an hour, I just let her finish the damn movie. ;) Don't you wish you could hold onto those moments in your past a little longer as they're happening. Most of them, at the time you don't realize how special they will be to you till it's all over. (like giving your wife your telephone number for the first time) I try and remember those moments at times when I want to beat my husband over the head with something. ;) Makes me want to hug him, rather than hit him... occasionally. Hope you got some rest in between MJ going to sleep and waking up for another long day.

Big Mark 243 said...

This was a pretty cool read!

amandape said...

You are a LIBRA . I am married to a Libra. He too is a jack of all trades, always helping people, and he helped me discover what this world was all about. Sometimes I get confused and a little selfish, but he is right there to remind me that those little things are just little things, and I began to realize just how great we really have it.
I would not be who i am today with out him. When we first met, he told me how he loved the nostalgia of carnivals and festivals. He explained to me the beauty I never noticed before. At that point, I knew i was never letting him go.

Beth said...

Sounds like a crazy-busy time! I hope all goes well with the move and you all can settle down and enjoy the holidays. Hang in there, Wes!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Would hate to see you get rid of some things that have value, especially as you are on this new journey. Have you considered a storage unit and spring garage sale?

best casinos online said...

WOW! Crazy-busy huh? Good for you. Have fun!

~Rebecca Anne~ said...

Thank you for dropping by my journal and giving me a piece of your thoughts....and to answer your question, yes I dream in writing. I daydream I'm writing, and typically can't make my mind stop......

You sound very busy and like you're surrounded by every changing life. Hopefully things get settled for you soon, until then, enjoy the little one and I hope you and your family had a beautiful Thanksgiving Day.