Monday, November 17, 2008

Hear No, See No, Speak No...

It has been a busy weekend for my wife and I. We have been hauling stuff to the new apartment, and packing. We have managed to find some time to relax and enjoy MJ. She is getting big and I mean fast! Outfits I bought her not even a month ago aren't fitting her. I knew this happened, but not this fast! She will only be 20 months old on the 22ND, and she is already been a tad bit over three feet. I will have to go get her some more outfits for the rest of Fall and Winter.

She is enjoying all the new space, and the echo effect of the apartment. The last few weeks have been entertaining with MJ, she is mimicking just about anything I say or do! At least when other people aren't around, it never fails. If I get her to say certain cute phrases, she will make me a liar almost every time. The downside to it is I really have to watch what I say now. I don't want even a humorous comment about a certain family member to get back to them. I don't curse that often, but do sometimes, so I take extra steps not to use them in front of her. I use words like "Darn it to heck" "Oh fooey" "Fudge it " "Oh Thumper's Mother" she did say that "If you don't have anything nice to say. Don't say any thing at all."

I noticed years ago that kids are like animals, and right now we have a little parrot named MJ. Your children will investigate things constantly, and get into the things they are not supposed to. Kids will test their boundaries, and your patience. You are not really in control, they only allow you to think you are sometimes. I'm not saying I sit a food dish on the floor, or give her a flea bath. I don't have one of those leashes for kids, that I have seen at the parks or the mall.

A leash for children, I knew they existed, but never saw one in use. They are almost like a choke chain, at least that is how some parents use them. I have been half tempted to go put a parent over my knee, and spank them. (Only the good looking ones! HA HA)
No, seriously if you have one, or think that they are good. Please don't treat your kid like a dreaded pet! I think the next time I see a parent with one, I will ask them can your kid do any tricks? Or will they chase this ball if I throw it over there? I wonder what they would say to me if I really did ask them that? All right enough with the rant, I will just stick to talking about our beautiful little devil. :)

(No she is an angel who can act like most adults sometimes)

Malayna is a joy and a motivator at the same time! She can make the most negative days seem a little more optimistic. Still I try not to think about her future, because it unknown like ours. I try not to think too much about time, when it comes to her. I try to just live in the moment, and plan for our future as a family. I can be one of those people who converse with someone about movies, and catch myself thinking "That movie was 20 years ago, Wow!" I have been guilty of listening to music and recalling a concert I went to 15 years ago, and wondering where the time went? It is magnified with a child in the family, or from a kid you used to babysit. So, it is best to to keep focused on the moment, and then look back years later with a smile.

I will admit it is tempting to have her quote parts from certain movies, or have her sing some mature songs. But if I did I wouldn't tell you! (WHISPER WHISPER) We have secretly been quoting Tarantino films, or listening to Lenny Bruce stand ups. Watching the Exorcist and Cheech and Chong movies! :) Ha Ha

We have been just enjoying life for what it is sometimes, and have the most fun that we can in this wonderful world.This weekend was pretty good Lisa, MJ, and I laughed lots. We played games and did some crafts for mom. Ended up watching a couple movies in bed "Cuddly, comfy, and cozy" style.

I hope that you all have good day and even better night!



Beth said...

At 20 months, MJ is over 3-feet tall? I'm 46, and I'm not quite 5-feet.

What the hell...?! Whoops, sorry. What the heck...?!

;) Beth

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Some of my learned exlamations: Fiddlesticks, Jimminy Christmas, Caramba :o)