Thursday, February 26, 2009

Dog Gone It Dream

Where has the time went? I mean it seems like just yesterday when I had not a care in the world. M y main goal was to find an adventure to write about or share with good friends. We would just hop in my Eco line van and head on down the road, without any plans. Sure we had ideas of what our nights would become, but it hardly ever worked out the way we wanted. I grew up in a small town with not many options for fun, so we made the best of it.

We would us usually find our way on the trails of our state parks, our any kind of nature retreat. Don't get me wrong we made our way into the big city sometimes, but that was for Concerts or food. Only a couple of my friends had a car, so most of the time I would haul several people in my van. I had a table, fold out bed and a few seats, and a Television. It never was in tip top shape, but after time my passengers broke almost every chair, door handle etc.

All we needed was some good tunes and laughter, and some teenage medicine? When we our young we do things that we would not do now, even if we could. Not that age really plays into most things, but the wisdom we learn along the way matures our actions. It allows us to see the bigger picture, sure I know that we all will make decisions that will bite us in the anus cheeks. The difference for most of us, is that now we think of other people first. That is what can make it more difficult to be care free.

I feel that one of mankind's greatest flaws is fear, it can almost paralyze a person. Preventing us from taking the chances we took as children. I say children because of two reasons: Firstly, kids are born without fear, and Secondly, most adults still act as teenagers. We can act irresponsible and immature at times and take our emotions out on others, if we realize it or not. I know that I have plenty of things about my character that needs improvement and little quirks that have carried over from my youth.

They say you can't teach a dog new tricks. But I say if you give a dog enough time he will mellow. You can help a dog break bad habits and teach them a trick or two. I suppose it depends on the dog and what a persons definition of new tricks means. I say let the dog be and the dog will be your best friend.

I don't really know where I'm going with this, so I will throw you a bone and stop it with the dog analogies. I would like to pose a question that pertains to dogs, or a related thought.

Has anyone heard the saying that a dog has a cleaner mouth that ours?We have tooth paste and mouthwash, and a dog has only its tongue? How could this be we don't clean our Kibbles and Bits with our mouth? :)

I guess in this entry I am just trying to encourage others to take a chance every once in awhile no matter what our lives have become. What ever little thing we wanted to do as a youngster it's not to late to dream. We should create as much happiness in life as we can for it is Ruff enough without it. Remember I discussed a thing called wisdom, we must know our limitations. My main point here is that the world is unstable and chaotic, and we can achieve a stronger joy if believe in ourselves. We can gain more wisdom about ourselves and others if we (try not) to live in fear.


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Beth said...

Great to hear from you Wes, and I hope all is well. Good advice...if we live in fear, we end up running in place and miss out on so many fun and interesting things!

As for the dog/human mouth question...I don't know that either is cleaner than the other, but the human mouth is teeming with numerous species of bacteria, including anaerobes which can cause nasty infections. (That's why before dental surgery, you usually get preventive antibiotics.) Most of these bacteria just live in there and don't cause any problems.

But a human bite can be just as bad as an animal bite. I wouldn't want to be bit by anything, but I would feel no safer if it were a human bite.

This has been a message from your friendly neighborhood microbiologist.

Hugs, Beth