Thursday, February 12, 2009


It has been some time since my last entry and want to wish you all a Happy New Year! I don't have much time, so I will make this very short. I hope everybody is doing well, I have not been able to stop at your places since Christmas. I have been mainly doing the Mr. Mom thing and enjoying the winter months with MJ, and rarely seeing my wife. Sometimes I feel like a single parent, but we have Sundays together do some family stuff. I try to step aside , so that they can make up for lost time.

I will try to make V-Day as special as I can, considering I have always been the Romantic one. Some years back, we were eating at a restaurant, and A Barber Shop quartet was there too. I convinced them to surprise my wife and sing a couple songs while we ate. I have always done something and didn't realize that in the future I would have to out do myself each time. So, to all the lovers that think that you can keep up with your self in the romance department. (Good Luck) I have wrote books of poetry, several songs, and planned a many romantic occasions.

My advice is to take it slow, for I have Valentines Day, her Birthday, and our Anniversary to achieve greatness. All in less than a months time, each one more special than the next, and MJ has a Birthday right after our Anniversary. These are my busy times and it is my pleasure to make the ones I love feel special.

I have a hard time swallowing being parents with my wife sometimes. It seems that when we have a moment, MJ has they are getting intimate Radar! It never fails the moment we feel warm and toasty, she comes a running in. She jumps in the middle and wants all our love. I don't mind that she loves us, but crave brief moments to remember our youthful passions. Life's what it is sometimes, and must adapt to our lifestyles. Still, for anybody who thinks that people can remain the same after parenthood, I have some advice! (Laughter that you can't hear) Wake up! Or wear a condom! What gets me through it is that one day in about sixteen years we will be able to just simply lay in bed quietly together, and hold each other and fall asleep.

I'm just kidding around for the most part, I feel blessed to have a family! To have a wonderful wife and Beautiful daughter in my life.

The catch this year is her 30Th Birthday, and she is not happy about it at all! No matter what I say or do, so if anybody has a suggestion concerning her Big 30. Please let me know! I have never pretended to know people, let alone woman! If I did my life would be a hell of a lot easier. I'm a simple man who has always had high expectations on myself, and have struggled with it. I know all will turn out fine in the end, but still I want to help her cope.

I would like to let people know that MJ is getting bigger, and will turn 2 in March. She is finally getting some long hair, but the bad news is I don't know how to prepare a girls hair. Braids, curls, and the works! I will be like Michael Keaton in "Multiplicity", when he sends her to get her pictures done for dance. Ha Ha (I love that movie)

Her vocabulary has multiplied and I really have too shelter her from the storm of worldly profanities. We play, we dance, we sing, and we learn something new together every day. If only she wasn't as stubborn as me sometimes, we would make more progress in her life. If I could curb her jealousy of my affection toward her Mom, our late nights would be easier. I'm not complaining, only venting, seeking a little advice. MJ is a doll but sometimes can require my full attention seemingly at most times. It is my pleasure to be her loving father, and I will do everything I can for her and her future.

I said this entry would short, so I must go! I thank you for stopping by my place and listening to this ramble. I will be posting some more stuff in the near future. About 2 months worth of writings, but I will try to keep them shorter next time. I wish you all a blessed week and a Happy Valentine's Day.




Indigo said...

Nice to see you around stranger you've been missed. Understandable though, kids grow up way too fast.

As for Valentine's Day...not so much. I really don't like the day and the expectations that are put on it. Paul and I treat it like any other day and we're happy with it that way. (Hugs)Indigo

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Glad to see you again. Glad that things are going OK, if not a little lonely on the wife front, but full on the daughter front. A few roses and a giant hershey kiss is the norm for me.

Beth said...

Wes, it's so great to see a post from you! We missed you!

Wishing a very happy birthday to Lisa. I hope she doesn't feel bad about turning 30. I can honestly say that the best is yet to come!! I am so much happier now than I was at 30.

Hope to hear more soon!

Hugs, Beth