Friday, June 26, 2009

The Living Daylight

I was going to write the other day, I had some stuff to report? I can't remember much of it this morning, too much on the mind. Between MJ constantly testing me and my imperfect marriage, It's hard to think, let alone write. I love them both with my heart and my soul, that is why my statement is not a complaint. It is the truth about my life, the way it is now. In my youth, I wrote endlessly about everything. It was like breathing, my hands would not stop. My brain could not shut off, my soul swallowed the paper.

It was my canvas to paint a portrait, one that I could place in the walls of my heart. I still feel this inside me, it beats in the chambers of my emotional being. I hope that makes sense, I was trying to keep the flow. But every few seconds, MJ needs something! Lisa will be back from classes soon! I do love the fact that people need me, I'm happy to help. I usually write in the very early morning, when my brain is mush. A time when nobody is awake to stop my flow.

Right now she is testing me, patting me on the back. Grabbing everything that is a NO NO! Smiling her beautiful smile as she does these things. I can't help but smile or laugh at it all. MJ is my daily thought, she is my every second everything. I am her Father, her Mr. MOM. It is a hectic pleasure, a wonderful duty, to watch over her. I will remember these times forever, one day soon she will be grown up.

I will enjoy the good with the bad, the ugly with her beauty. I encourage her to behave, but raising a child is a real test. She taps the keys on this laptop, she stands too close to the Magic box. (TV) Here of late she screams "Wes, Wes, WEEESSSSSS!" I want to say "I'm Dad", but enjoy just being Wes.

I deserve no medal, people have kids all the time. People raise family's often, with more than one child! I can hear those people pulling hair out right now and pretending to use the Bathroom. Knock, knock, "what are you doing?" Nothing I'm going to the bathroom, I will play in a minute! Frantically typing in their modern office, tap, tap, tap. I'm almost done!

I do know that I was thinking about the violence In Iran. I think it is tragic to see the footage of the beatings. Why can't humanity wake up and simply love thy neighbor?

I was feeling the joy for those people who passed, the one's who will now feel no pain. All the human problems will be no more, they will be at peace now. Ed, Farrah, and Mike, so long. Thank you for the lessons you taught us all. Lastly, thank you for your Art! We will miss you! Our love goes out to your families and friends.

I have been catching up with people on Face book, and it feels refreshing. I miss talking to some people, but they already have enough friends. That is why I keep my numbers down here and on facebook. The computer god's created Email, you can at least drop a line. I know I try to, but feel that not everybody does the same. "Treat other people how you want to be treated" that is one my favorite quotes.

Good weather and short time denies good company, this I know from experience. Still, I wish to say hello to all who cares. My heart is always open, feel free to stop by anytime.

The thing about this technology world, with mostly computers and texts. Words don't always convert, like face to face. If you have a question, just ask me what I mean. If I offend you more than compliment you, then please stop following me.

I was going to try to make my blog more news worthy. Help it be more popular, but I write here for me! I write from my heart more than my mind. If I used my brain more, this entry would be scary. Some people faces would melt, your brain would explode from truth. I report the truth and only the truth! There are plenty of people who do that already, that is why I just talk.

Too much most of the time! The subjects of my life matter to me I do enjoy getting up in the morning and spending time with Malayna Jane. Even though she tests me, I love it! Life is a test, one big challenge. Even so, I love it!. I live for it! I enjoy the people who talk to me, the conversation is gold to me.

I will try to write more later.

I thank you all for stopping by, more importantly for taking the time to listen.

May your day be filled with life, may it be touched by love.

Wes Ackerman


mortonlake said...

great entry mort

Anonymous said...

Rest assured, Wes, she will be tested you for many, many more years, and some of it you will love, some, not so much :-0. ~Mary

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I enjoy reading of your life. Thanks for being you Wes :o)

Lisa said...

I can't imagine what it must be like to be responsible for molding another human. I know how I would like to mold another peron but I don't know that I would have been very good at it. You seem to have found a balance, even through the will pass with flying colors no doubt. She is a lucky little girl to have such a thoughtful daddy.