Sunday, June 21, 2009

Those Aren't Balloons

SUMMER has arrived with a warm smile and burning handshake.

Summer has brought many gifts in countless Summer's of our pasts. From our childhood, when we loved our School breaks. Getting together with family and friend's, to enjoy the moments. I can remember the thrills of a nice cool swimming hole, a pool if you were lucky. When we were kids we had a sprinkler, later a Slip and Slide. The water felt so relieving on the body after a scorching Summer day.

Once when we were kids, when we were very young we had a water balloon fight with the neighborhood kids. We ran out of balloons, so my Brother Don and I told our friends, we had some more at home! We then rushed home went to our Dad's dresser drawer. We found his colored balloons, we ran to the spicket to fill them up. Made our way back for the fight with these long multicolored balloons. We tossed them, the damn things wouldn't break. My Brother, our friends, and I were kept tossing them. NOTHING!

Some time later, one of our friends parents passed by in disbelief. Grabbed their son and left in a hurry. Later on that evening, our parents had called us into the living room. They told us that they needed to talk to us. They weren't mad, they weren't HARD on us, but told us to please stay out of our father's dresser drawers! I was too young to understand what we had done at the time, but know now our Dad could have been a real DICK to us.

It has been one hot Mother lately!

Our Air conditioner does not work, I'm trying to get the Landlord to fix it. I can't reach him, but will deal with problem, one way or another. If I have to fix it myself? It doesn't bother me as much as my wife, I grew up without the luxury. Now that I have traveled a little further in the sands of time, I miss the wonderful cool air. I dread going to the market, any place with the magic cooling contraption. When I finish my tasks in hand, I must drag my keester back o the hot house.

The sweat drips down your face and into your eyes. You know that salty sting that causes your eyes to burn. Have you ever noticed people tend to be more pleasant when comfortable, I must get this problem solved quickly! Thank goodness for ceiling fans, for fans in general. Nuff said!

I cooked on the grill tonight, I cooked some mesquite chicken breasts. I sat in a chair on the deck, and listened to The Band. They are one of my favorite groups, I love most of their songs. I have a 6 disk set, called A Musical History. Five Cd's and a DVD, it came as a book, describing the History of the band. I purchased it last year at FYE, before they closed their doors. I only paid Twenty bucks for it, it was originally over $100. It was a steal, but I was sad to see my store close down. At Least we got quite a few things and bottom dollar prices before that dreadful day.

The Band (If you don't know who they are please check them out!)

We played with MJ and watched SNL this last night. MJ passed out a little earlier than usual, so Lisa and I took advantage of the night. We laid on a cool sheet, with fans on full blast. Held each other tight for a while. I enjoy these times, no kid begging for constant attention. Getting jealous when I simply Hug Mommy.

Don't get me wrong we love our time with MJ, but miss the moments when it was just us sometimes. If we wanted we could lay in bed all day on a weekend, those days have become a different happiness now.

Now we do what we can, when we can. I've noticed that when you have kid, you look over your shoulder like a spy. Always on the lookout for other agents, whats that sound? Was it her? Could she be watching? Is she listening to us right now? Hurry cum quick! (Double OHHH OHHH Seeevvveeeeen!) :)

It's her!

Minnie Me!

We must stop her before she discovers our deed. Ha Ha!

After our catching up, we then watched a BBC show we own called "The Vicar of Dibley" It is a show starring Dawn French, and written by the writer who did "Notting Hill" and "Four Weddings and a Funeral". I like this show better, you have to see it to know what I mean.

Speaking of Weddings, I went to an old friends wedding last weekend. It went well, but we took MJ. I wanted to take her so people could meet her and my wife. It had been TEN years, since I'd seen some of my friends. It was a great ceremony, and it was nice to say hello to everyone. The time went by too quickly! MJ was a handful and my good friends were in the wedding party. I wished I had more time to talk, more time to be me.


Like I said it was OK, but a Three and a half year old boy kissed MJ! That's right he kissed my 2 year old daughter on the face. Good thing I didn't see it, Lisa told me about it. I know it's innocent and kind of cute. They hung out most of the wedding, they colored together and what not.

I did bump in to his father later, so I innocently TOLD on him. The boy denied it, but eventually confessed his sins to his father. We joked about it, and discussed our children. Still I couldn't shake that fear parents have about teenage children. I know I have many years to go, before the boy knocks on our front door. I pity the poor fellow, he doesn't know whats coming.

I have thought about it, It could go a few ways. I could put up a front and hope I don't push her into the arms of another? But I could be a good Father, a friend to our daughter. Keep the lines of honesty open, and she will trust me to trust her. HA HA That rarely happens! I promise to be a good father, but will keep my eyes open. I was a nice young man as well, we may be nice but be a boy as well.

I think I will play it out to be his friend, show interest in him. Find out what I need to know, and allow MJ to think I reeeaallllly like him. That way I can still be in good graces with her. When he calls and asks if she is there, "Say no, neither is my wife! If you know what I mean! Why don't you stop by more often?" Ha Ha Maybe that will scare a few of those nice boys away from our front door.

No, I think I will just clean my shotgun while we discuss the dance. Suggest he be a gentleman and bring her home at a descent time. I could sharpen a knife, like my father In Law did for me.

I'm just joking around about the whole idea of her future. I know we will all do just fine.

Back to the wedding, it was not what I wanted it to be. It may not have been the blast from the past that we all would like create. Still I will remember that very special day. I will keep all my friends in my heart and memories.

To Zak and Brandi, may your years be blessed with great happiness!

Yet again, my entry has become very long. So, now I must try to cut this short.

(If anybody has a Summer memory that makes their heart smile, please feel free to share it!)

I want all parents to know that every day is your day, so celebrate it wisely. I know I will try to do the same. I will try to raise my child to be the best person they would like to be.

I also want to wish All Men a Happy Fathers day, even if you have no kid. Because there is at least one person looking up to you right now. Somebody who sees you as a great father figure.

I wish you all a great day today and a kind week. Thank you all for stopping by my place, the door is always open. Even if sometimes I act as if I want to be a hermit. I know your there!

Before I end this entry I would Like to wish My Grandpa Boker a Happy Birthday on this wonderful Sunday.

Happy Fathers Day Dad! I'm glad you were able to fight your way to another Fathers day.



Big Mark 243 said...

Don't get me wrong we love our time with MJ, but miss the moments when it was just us sometimes. If we wanted we could lay in bed all day on a weekend, those days have become a different happiness now.

I liked that sentiment ... for some reason, it really hung in my mind.

Two years ago, I had the TALK with KT ... it was very interesting. She had told me that she learned about 'that stuff' in a class, and that her step dad talked with her about it as well.

So I told her that Mom had told ME to talk to you about it, and that meant whether you felt comfortable or not, that is what WE were going to do!

It went very well. I spoke to her as honestly about it as I dared. It wasn't bad.

Could not tell you what going back to see old friends at a wedding would be like ... I don't think there is anyone from my past who are single that I would want to go be a part of their celebration ... and those who I would have hung with, are already married and I missed that.

Have I told you that I thought you had it good??

Anywho, everything you do, is a balloon. I am sure that you endeared yourself even more to your parents with that little discovery!

Happy Father's Day.

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

Happy Fathers Day to you and your dad :o)

mortonlake said...

thanks for the comment mort

DB said...

There are always surprises involved in raising a daughter, especially a teen age daughter, or so I have been told.

Anyone who doesn't know The Band, there's no hope for them. I'm a classical music fanatic and even I know The Band. I used to play them on the radio.