Saturday, October 24, 2009

Smell My Feet

Halloween approaches, the leaves fall to the ground. Children and adults prepare for the celebration. Costumes hanging on a hook, the routes planned ahead. Minds on the prize, the sweet treasures. Buckets and bags empty, they scream to be filled.

Tick tock goes the clock.
The days fall away with the children's anticipation.
The night draws near, tick tock.

Parents are excited from the mixed emotions. Some of us still dress up and others dread the front door. Since we now have a 2 year old daughter we go out in the dark, we go trick or treating. Plus, I have an excuse to dress up, more of a reason to enjoy Halloween.

I too feel the anxieties of the evening, the hassles of the hunt. Kids have a tendency to pop out like ghouls in front of my car. I understand that children hold a one track mind, CANDY!

The catch 22 of the modern times, we must protect the children. Therefore more parents are present, unlike the simple freedoms we had as kids.

Don't think I'm suggesting to let the candy zombies roam free! (Candy, we want candy!)

I see the difference from my youth and today's, we had much longer chains. My parents were there, but kept a safe distance. We had the opportunity to run house to house, without a parent trying to catch their breath.

Yes, there has always been a boogeyman. There has always been danger around a dark corner. Today we have programs that require monsters to register in American neighborhoods. Parents today watch the news, we know of Amber Alerts.

We as individuals know the world is full of wrongs. It holds some truly scary humans, but also contains responsible people. It is very simple, when we take the kids out this Halloween, do it right.

Teach them to be safe, to look both ways before crossing a road.
To protect themselves and others around them.
Don't leave behind friends or family in a mad rush to grab the chocolate gold. Explain the importance of not talking to strangers.
The simple truths about the people they might know.
To stay in a group and to tell a guardian when something is strange.

Watch the children enjoy the night with our loving eyes. Listen to the excitement in their voice, imagine the smiles behind the disguise.

We were all kids once, leaves crunched under our shoes, we too braved the unpredictable weather. We made our way to the porch with a light, the doors of fright and delight.

Our youth still screams "Trick or Treat" despite are age. Some of us still enjoy trying to decide what clever costume to where. Which prank to pull or person to scare.

Once we reach a certain age we realize that we can buy our own candy. As much as we want, it's just not the same though. I don't sit in my recliner and eat candy and later think what did I wear. (Unless I leave a stain)

Whatever version or reason behind "Hallows Eve" it has transformed into something. If you think about it, this holiday is about fun, there is no pressure of the perfect gift. It's not just about love or religion really.

It's to share candy, dress up, to simply have fun!

Being a parent, a grandparent, a guardian, it is a different joy. We get witness the beauty of innocence, the variety of costumes. The contentment of the children after there done.

"Oh this one is my favorite."
"I'll trade you this one for that one."
"No way! You got one of those!"

We get to say to the kids, "Don't eat any until I've checked it first!" :)

Even though most kids sneak a piece or two. I did! I knew my parents would take out some of my favorite candy. Because it didn't look right?

That's strange, because when I looked it over the packaging was fine?

That is why I've enjoyed MJ being very young. We love to take a few pictures of her, and help her eat her candy. :)

She was a monkey her first year, a puppy last year. This year we let her pick out her own costume. MJ picked one off a kids show she watches, I will give you a hint.

It's yellow and has a funny tail.

Don't worry I will post some pictures of her on Halloween night.

This time of the year holds memories from our past, it allows us to share them with others. To be a kid, to feel the season. It leads us to tomorrows happiness, so that they too become wonderful memories.

After reading this entry feel free to share any memory that comes to your mind.

I just have one wish for those who celebrate this holiday, please be safe and have fun!

Thanks for stopping by.

Loren Wesley Ackerman


Adirondackcountrygal said...

When I was growing up, we lived far out in the country and only went to a few neighbors houses. It was still alot of fun however. Today, I still live way out in the country, but I bring my kids into town to trick or treat! We have our favorite places to go and really enjoy the night!

Bucko (a.k.a., Ken) said...

I remember the years of using a pillowcase to carry all the loot. It certainly has changed, lots of reasons to worry. But I think kids still enjoy it as much because it is the only way the know. Hope you have a fun time on Halloween. We are to much country and get no visitors.

Anonymous said...

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